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National ‘Noon’ Out Brings Together Police, Community

by Karen Goff August 2, 2016 at 2:00 pm 2 Comments

National Night Out, the annual nationwide event where police and the community come together in the spirit of cooperation and friendship, kicked off in Reston mid-day on Tuesday.

The Hunters Woods Neighborhood Coalition and Reston Community Center Hunters Woods hosted Fairfax County Police officers, Fire and Rescue personnel, as well as neighborhood kids and residents of the Hunters Woods Fellowship House for a few hours of games, food and getting to know one another.

Later on Tuesday, police officers will visit Reston neighborhoods, where residents are encouraged to stay outside and get to know their neighbors.

“National Night Out send a message to criminals that crime is not welcome here,” said Reston District Station Crime Prevention Officer Katy Defoe.

Added Capt. Ron Manzo of the Reston District Station:

“National Night Out has special meaning. It gives us an opportunity to meet up, reach out and be engaged with the community. I have always been about community engagement.”

  • Mike M

    Question of the day: Do cops who wear reflective sunglasses really understand their role in the community and demonstrate respect for the common citizen? Then again, maybe these guys are all firefighters which shouldn’t surprise me.

  • John Higgins

    It amuses me that otherwise intelligent people can be so shallow as to make judgments based on eyewear style. Referencing the photos in this article, the two pairs of reflective lens are worn by firefighters, others wearing sunglasses are police officers or civilians. If it helps to tell them apart: when there is a life-threatening or dangerous situation, the ones running toward it are firefighters or police, those running away are civilians.


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