CoreSite Will Spend $60 Million for Reston Data Center Space

by Karen Goff August 17, 2016 at 10:00 am 21 Comments

12369 Sunrise Technology ParkData center provider CoreSite has entered into a deal to purchase four office buildings on Sunrise Valley Drive near the Fairfax County Parkway.

CoreSite announced last week it will spend $60 million to acquire the 22-acre Sunrise Technology Park in the 12300 block of Sunrise Valley Drive, the Washington Business Journal reported.

Sunrise Technology Park, currently owned by Brookfield Office Properties, is a complex of four low-rise office buildings, totaling 315,000 square feet.

CoreSite says it could build more than 660,000 square feet of new data center capacity across the parcel. It currently has about 400,000 square feet of space in Reston.

CoreSite said in a release it expects to spend $90 million more on the first phase of the new development. Initial work will include the conversion of one 48,000-square-foot building into a data center, and the construction of two, 92,000-square-foot buildings — one data center shell, and one structure to house “centralized infrastructure.”

After the deal closes in December, CoreSite expects to start construction during summer 2017. It estimates it may spend as much as $500 million building out the site over many years and multiple phases.

“This planned expansion to our Reston campus is designed to meaningfully scale our colocation offering in the important Northern Virginia market, leveraging off of the installed network-and-cloud capabilities already deployed at the campus,” CoreSite president and CEO Tom Ray said in a statement.

  • jak12543

    That seems like a waste for space that is going to be pretty close to the new Metro stops and is so close to Fairfax County Parkway.

  • Mike M

    I like office park utilization that doesn’t bring much additional traffic!
    But data centers can be ugly.

    • compactdisqus

      But they don’t have to be…it’s all in the designer of the building…you can even put faux windows over the brick walls if you want to!

      • Mike M

        I agree there is ugly, then really ugly. It’s a choice. But have you ever seen good looking faux windows, or faux anything?

        • compactdisqus

          Anything is possible!…It just takes imagination (and RA approval!)

          • Greg

            Does RA / DRB have jurisdiction there?

          • compactdisqus

            no idea..

          • compactdisqus

            no idea.

          • 30yearsinreston

            They are everywhere

        • Greg

          Remember when these two buildings were green-glass enclosed SCIFs? Not a window there, but when they were being built there were neon fluorescent tubes installed behind the glass skin to give the impression of interior light. I guess they all burned out or were turned off at some point.


          • vdiv

            Were these the former NRO bunkers? Wonder what this new data center is going to store…

          • Greg


  • Dodge

    Man, this comment section can complain about anything!

    • jak12543

      Take a drive out along Nokes between 28 and Cascades Parkway where a bunch of the other data centers are. It’s just a dead zone once you get past Dulles Town Center.

      So instead of a fairly stable little office complex where hundreds of people work, we’ll now windowless box sitting along the road there that has maybe a dozen?

      It’s seems a waste of a location that’s less than a mile from both the new RTC Metro stop and the new Herndon Monroe stop.

      • Dodge

        Well as someone who works with datacenters I just see jobs. As a cyclist I see a reduction in traffic. As someone who uses the internet I see progress, and the economy which will locally move us forward with engineering jobs and the manufacturing of the internet. This is the value of our tech corridor, quiet information factories. Also, as a side note, people need to access datacenters very quickly, so having it located on the toll road/highway makes it more valuable, which in the end brings in more tax value.

        • jak12543

          I don’t visit data centers directly anymore (thanks AWS!) but I have been in them enough to know that most of the time they aren’t a bustling thriving engine of local commerce. It’s a box with a bunch of racks of servers in them. It’s not really a neighbor it’s a forced labor camp for servers (ha).

          I used to bike to work by that intersection every day though and know that it did contribute to traffic but that’s the point of the Metro. To make getting there without a car an easier option. Just seems like having a data center that is metro accessible seems a bit unnecessary and squandering the millions of dollars we’re spending to improve access to this specific space (since any new space that is developed like that will likely remain in it’s current configuration for at least another decade or two).

        • Flimflam

          Yes, a couple dozen jobs rather than the current couple hundred jobs of the office buildings. Reduced traffic? Well why don’t we put a bread factory at the Metro? That’ll only have a few dozen trucks a day! This is great news for Corsite, as they’re buying relatively cheap office land adjacent to their current facility along the major fiber along Sunrise Valley Drive.

          But it makes little sense for our $5 billion+ investment in Metro to place huge empty warehouses next to it. We want vibrant, active neighborhoods not a fenced off warehouse full of servers. Plus, these huge new data centers are going to be right next to a residential neighborhood. The existing office buildings are 1 or 2 stories. I’m sure the data center will be much taller, at least 50 feet, probably more.

        • 30yearsinreston

          Total rubbish
          You must sweep the foyer

  • Guest

    Data center shells can be ugly. Windowless walls, huge HVAC units. However, “centralized infrastructure” means administrative offices for both this on site data center and other locations. So, yes, higher density office space close to the Metro.

  • Greg

    Here’s the other CoreSite location in Reston (at the old Tandem Computers location). Other than the ugly HVAC cooling towers and the partial black fence, it’s not bad, and hasn’t changed much from when Tandem was there.


  • 30yearsinreston

    Another architectural masterpiece aka bunker
    They are like weeds


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