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Comstock Purchasing Sunset Hills Professional Center

by Karen Goff October 10, 2016 at 2:45 pm 26 Comments

Sunset Hills Professional Park

Comstock is in the final stages of purchasing the Sunset Hills Professional Park to add to its mixed-use square footage near Wiehle-Reston East.

Sunset Hills Professional Park is a one-story office condo complex at Sunset Hills Road and Wiehle Avenue. The complex was built in 1981 and is mostly home to doctors, dentists and other medical services.

Construction is not expected to begin for three to four years as the project moves through the Fairfax County approval process. The tenants will be able to rent back during that time, a Comstock spokeswoman said.

The professional park is adjacent to both Comstock’s Reston Station mixed-use development as well as the under-construction Aperture Apartments from Bozzuto.

“This will enable us to further develop our grid of streets and pedestrian pathways to Reston Station,” said Comstock’s Maggie Parker.

The plans, now in the design phase, will include ground floor retail, a wide boulevard with trees, residential and office, she said.

“This is the beginning of the real consolidation of the Reston Station neighborhood, which will go from Plaza America to Michael Faraday Drive,” said Parker.

  • Why do you bother?

    Translation: More density + current road system = more gridlock.

    Not everyone can use mass transit – it doesn’t go everywhere.

    • It is a changing world..no need to wish for Jamestown in the 1600s. Reston is destined to change and the building around the metro will provide enormous tax resources and few expenditures by the county. And, by the way, everyone knew this was coming.

      • Why do you bother?

        …which in no way negates my comment.

        • meyerweb

          But the facts do.

          • Why do you bother?

            You just agreed with my comment, so how do the facts negate it?

          • meyerweb

            Sorry, confused you with another poster.

          • Why do you bother?

            ‘s okay!

      • Mike M

        I saw no reference to Jamestown.

        Reston is not “destined” to change into Tysons. That is simply the preference of those with influence over the decision-makers.

        Current Restonians are unlikely to benefit. The tax scenario you describe is used by developers everywhere. But it never seems to work out. More development always means higher taxes.

      • Arielle in NoVA

        Interesting – your Reston Now profile has a link to a Wade Gilley URL – a realtor. So, you profit directly from Reston development?

      • Scott H

        We do not need “Enormous Tax Resources”
        The County already collects $4 BILLION a year in “Tax Resources.”
        The County simply needs to spend less. Govt is not always (or mostly) the answer.

        • Fairfax County like Arlington and Alexandria and others here are totally the product of federal spending. So tax and live is the whole deal here.

          • Scott H

            If FFX is the “product of Federal Spending” why do we need a new enormous tax influx?
            Answer: we don’t. The Pols want it because controlling an ever-growing amount of cash taken from residents gives them power, and ultimately makes them wealthy.

      • meyerweb

        LOL. Developers and politicians always understate the costs associated with development. If high density development were so cost efficient our large cities would be paradises of low taxes, instead of the highest tax areas in the country.

      • One Really

        Even Jamestown hasn’t this much change in 408 years. Reston is what 40+. The metro is just an extension cord of DC. There is no true mass transit in Reston to handle this type of development. Families in and around Reston rely on cars. I don’t see this changing in the next 50 years.
        I have no issue with the change. Build the infrastructure first before building a 21st century development on mid 20th roads.

    • Scott H

      “Not everyone can use mass transit – it doesn’t go everywhere.”

      Or even most places.
      The BoS is going to turn Reston into a giant Fairfax City to get their greedy politician hands on more tax money to control. (Always follow the money).

      I moved to Reston from the Annandale/7 Corners area 15 years ago to get away from the constant traffic congestion, even at 2pm on a Sunday.
      If Reston is going to remain even moderately livable, roads crossing 267 need to become a priority. Reston Pkwy and Wiehle already suck and development continues adding density at a rapid pace. Proffers from the developers need to accelerate the following improvements sooner than potentially being considered.
      – Town Center Pkwy underpass (to coincide w/ Station opening & growth at RTC, RTC West, etc)
      – Soapstone overpass to coincide w/ development on the Southside of 267
      – Hunter Mill traffic circles

      Packing Millions of new square feet at these stations and funneling all the traffic to Wiehle and Reston Pkwy will become a persistent nightmare that makes traversing Reston North/South in under 30 minutes almost impossible.

      • Guest

        Did you really think this kind of thing was not going to happen once the metro arrived?

        Are there really people out there who ever thought (or still think), “great, we have metro stops, but nothing else is going to change about Reston!”

        More development, more high rises, and yes, more traffic, are a totally predictable and (I would argue) intended effect of bringing the metro to Reston.

        • Scott H

          Of course development was inevitable and I am not against development. I WAS against the silver line as suburban rail is not financially sustainable w/o taxpayer subsidies, but that is another story.

          While development around metro was and is inevitable, what is not inevitable is approving all growth for the sake of growth and greed on the part of the county BoS.

          Reston’s infrastructure, crossing 267, is already beyond capacity. The county plopping millions of sq ft of development adjacent to 267 w/o improving infrastructure is unforgivable.
          If a developer is going to build, proffers and/or hyper-localized special tax districts should be created to pay for the requisite infrastructure improvements.
          The politicians’ greed for tax revenue to enhance their influence and power at the expense of constituents is heinous.
          Wise up sir. Demand better from the people you elect. They are only looking out for themselves.

          • Why do you bother?

            What is also not acceptable is this area’s NO MORE ROADS mentality. It’s absurd.

  • New Reston

    Wonderful news! Hope they fast track the approvals and get started sooner than three to four years from now.

    • EliteinReston

      I agree, and I say that as one whose dentist is in Sunset Hills Professional Center, which allows me to leave the dentist chair and walk over to catch the train to work. This proposed, sensible redevelopment of Sunset Hills means jobs, housing, retail options and more Metro riders to support the Silver Line. It does beg a question whether Comstock will redo its inadequate, hazardous kiss and ride lot at the Wiehle station to support the additional development. By the way, for all the criticism I and others have leveled at Boston Properties for charging a parking fee at Reston Town Center, we should keep in mind that parking is not free on weekdays at the Wiehle station either. If you want to patronize the shops and eateries there, including whatever replaces the Sunset Hills Professional Center, it will cost you a parking fee as well. So if we want to eat at Founding Farmers when it opens, for example, we start with the $4.85 parking fee before we ever order anything.

      • Why do you bother?

        How nice for you. My job is miles from a metro station.

        • EliteinReston

          We have one car, so we car-pool. My wife drops me off at the dentist twice a year; otherwise, she drops me off at the Wiehle station every day. My office is 22 miles from Reston in downtown Washington. My door-to-door commute usually is around 70-75 minutes each way, often longer.

          • Why do you bother?

            Again, not relevant. Your job is accessible by Metro. Mine – and those of a huge percentage of the population – is not.

  • Scott H

    “This is the beginning of the real consolidation of the Reston Station
    neighborhood, which will go from Plaza America to Michael Faraday
    Drive,” said Parker.

    That’s a 0.9 mile stretch. So basically every <5 story building along Sunset Hills Road will be "consolidated" into high-density structures. Better build the Soapstone overpass ASAP.

  • Guest

    Baby picture! Here’s the center under construction in July 1981, courtesy of the GMU archive (and a view without it, from March 1970).

    They grow up so fast.


    • One Really

      Great find! Thank you for the post.
      I have spent so many days and hours in the back corner (Farrell Pediatrics) with sick kids.


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