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Crime Roundup: Man Charged with Squatting in Vacant Apartment

by Dave Emke January 10, 2017 at 10:15 am 10 Comments

Hassen SemirPolice this weekend removed a man they say was unlawfully staying in a vacant apartment in Reston.

Hassen Semir, 42, was taken out of the apartment in the 1900 block of Reston Metro Plaza on Sunday afternoon. An employee had notified police Semir “did not have the right to be there.” Semir was taken into custody without incident, charged with unlawful entry and transferred to the Adult Detention Center.

Fairfax County Police’s Reston District also reported a commercial burglary last Tuesday in the 12000 block of Market Street, in Reston Town Center. An employee said someone had broken in the previous night and had taken property. According to police, officers “were able to develop suspect information and the case is being actively investigated.”

Additional Reston Station reports shared by FCPD in the past week:


12400 block of Sunrise Valley Drive, golf cart from business

8900 block of Victoria Road, wallet from residence

1800 block of Michael Faraday Drive, license plates from vehicle

13300 block of Hunger Ford Place, tools from vehicle

11800 block of Sunrise Valley Drive, beer from business

12100 block of Sunset Hills Road, merchandise from business

1800 block of Wiehle Avenue, merchandise from business


None reported

FCPD also reported the alleged assault of a woman at a Herndon gas station and an armed robbery at the Chipotle on Sunset Hills Road, both of which were reported Monday by Reston Now.

  • Mike M

    Shouldn’t we all take a “newcomer” into our home? Why are the police harassing this poor man? Where is his “sanctuary?”

    • Frank

      and you know he is a “newcomer” how?

      • Mike M

        I apologize in advance for both my education and experience and my command of the obvious, unfettered by leftist doctrine. Would you care to bet on Ethiopia as a source of origin?

        • Mike M.

          You mean you saw his skin color and his name, that’s why you have made this assumption.

          • Mike M


          • Greg

            Do you have a mini-me? Or an unwelcome imposter masquerading as you with a period?

          • Mike M

            I have a lot of fans, Greg. They sometimes act out in their own special ways. Some reevaluate their [email protected] ways. Others take it a little further.

  • Patrick Ohara

    ((((Crickets chirping!)))))……LMAO!

  • “W/o inci(dent

    Some people prefer institutional settings. Like you should know…

    • Truth Serum

      5x more space avail than homeless people


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