Number of Downloads of ParkRTC App Surpasses 42,000

by Dave Emke January 11, 2017 at 4:00 pm 31 Comments

Orange parking garage, Reston Town Center

While public response to paid parking at Reston Town Center remains decidedly negative, the number of people who have downloaded the ParkRTC app continues to grow.

Rob Weinhold, a spokesperson for Town Center owner Boston Properties, reports that more than 42,000 downloads of the app have been made as of Wednesday morning. That number is up significantly from 28,000 on Jan. 3, the day paid parking went into effect.

Parking in the Town Center had been free since it opened in 1990. Since the paid-parking initiative began last week, it now costs $2 per hour in parking garages and $3 per hour on the street. Parking in garages is free on weekends; street parking is free on Sunday only.

Visitors who do not wish to use the app can use pay stations at the entrances to each garage.

In the week since paid parking began, at least one business — The Bike Lane — has publicly announced its intention to leave the Town Center.

In addition to concerns over the cost of parking itself, dissenters have brought up questions about privacy and app security. Town Center officials have responded to those queries, saying the app is perfectly safe to use.

  • Noah Parkfree, RTC

    …and this is the number of actual people NOT using it to park and not bringing in the same business anymore. This was last Thursday at 7:30pm, ghost town!

    Way to kill RTC and the spirit of what Reston. So far ..Cosi, Bebe, Capital One, Dandilion Patch, Salon Nordique gone..next Bike Lane and Origins and PR Racing I’m sure. Keep up the good work Boston properties!


    • Adrian Havill

      A Tuesday night Bowtie movie club just announced a move to AMC Herndon. They say too much of a hassle even though BT validates.

    • Why do you bother?

      Some of those businesses were gone long before this latest stunt. I expect the trend to continue, and I’m frankly surprised by how many people acquiesced to being assimilated.

  • cRAzy

    …or so says BoPro’s flack. Why should we believe this crap?

    • Sally Snidley

      Maybe TM can do a detailed analysis, then we’ll have something we can believe; or not.

  • Scout

    Drove thru RTC this afternoon. Tons of available parking on streets and in garages ?????

  • Robin Carol

    I do not support paid parking in Reston, but nothing will change that at this point. I would like to see it tweaked however. Many travel to Reston Town Center to spend the day or afternoon or evening. It was designed to attract people who would walk around and enjoy all there is to do.

    Merchants and restaurant validations should be good for all parking garages and street parking. Why do you have to park in the Orange Garage, for example, if you want to go to Jacksons for dinner and want to get your parking validated. Why couldn’t you have parked in Purple, shopped at various shops or gone to the skating rink and then decided to stay for dinner at Jacksons. The way it’s set up is ridiculous!

    • Generic User

      Why do you think nothing will change? Tell Gandhi that (little known fact, he opposed paid parking as well). If we protest with our absence from RTC, BP will have to take notice when they start losing money from clients leaving. I know I am not going back until they modify the policy to something like 3 hours free and I am not downloading that stupid app.

    • Generic User

      Why do you think nothing will change? Tell Gandhi that (little known fact, he opposed paid parking as well). If we protest with our absence from RTC, BP will have to take notice when they start losing money from clients leaving. I know I am not going back until they modify the policy to something like 3 hours free and I am not downloading that stupid app.

  • Ted wells

    Went by there during lunch…. there were a lot of people parked in the garage don’t think there a as money people upset but this like the people on this side like to think.

    • Scout

      I went by RTC around 12 noon and there were tons of spaces available – quick math – over 1000 – and could have had any space on any of the streets in RTC – drove through again around 4:30 – if you had dropped an airplane load of bowling balls you wouldn’t have hit a soul.

      • Ted wells

        Doubt it, you just have sour grapes.

        • fatwolf

          Wow, a Boston Properties troll

        • Joe Heflin

          I drove through Town Center last night and saw an interesting sight: a person talking on a cell phone outside of their car next to a sign with a phone number to call for parking. A block away, another person outside of another car talking on a cell phone next to a parking sign. My guess is that they, too, were calling the Park RTC phone number.

          I soon parked and called the number where I met the RoboCall. Five or six questions into it I hung up, got back into my car and drove elsewhere for dinner.

          • Cameron West

            Cool story bro, you don’t wanna pay to park, but will drive farther costing more in gas, eventually?

        • Adrian Havill

          Rob Weinhold, is that you?

          • Sarah

            Went bye rtc again and guess what?…. People had parked and paid, it’s not going away

          • Adrian Havill

            How many? Numbers?

  • 30yearsinreston

    Never going to pay
    I don’t miss going to RTC

  • restonista

    Wonder how many people were FORCED to download the app because they work there…

  • LakeNewportLady

    Is this similar to how Pied Piper increased their downloads??

  • Chuck Morningwood

    Meh. Still boycotting RTC. In fact, drove right past it to OTB this afternoon for lunch.

  • Reston resident

    My family ate at Panera tonight and originally we were headed to RTC and then I remembered it would require paid parking so we dined at the Elden Street location. I do feel badly for all the establishment at RTC.

  • Edward Calvert

    More fake news. But that’s a nice new sparkly parking sign !!

  • JGriff

    I attended a corporate meeting in Reston that brings in people from all over the country. Normally everyone would head to RTC in the evening for dinner, movies, drinks. This time, I had to tell everyone that there is paid parking and it is so complicated I could not explain how to pay to park. Everyone went elsewhere.
    It’s not fair to expect visitors to our area to learn a bizarre complicated system to park.

  • JBW

    Not paying. Ever.

    • AnnS

      And not downloading their incredibly stupid app. Ever.

  • John Pinkman

    What ever the real motivation was to charge for parking, the real measure of how well or how poor this policy is will be seen in the positive or negative bounce in store leases.

  • Arielle in NoVA

    I’d be surprised if 4200 actual individual people had downloaded the app, let alone 42,000.

  • RTCResident

    I live in RTC and the decrease in cars/pedestrians has been noticeable, although some decline may be due to time of year. My office is nearby and we used to have happy hour at RTC 1-2 times per month. Now they will all be held further down at Joes or in Herndon. As someone who enjoys the bike/running groups, I am really disappointed in how this is turning out. I’ll be moving when my lease is up.

  • Anonymous

    I work in RTC & during my lunch breaks I’d walk around and ask people who look frustrated on their phones if they needed help. I feel bad for these people. Especially older seniors. I would ask them, “Are you trying to download the app?” with frustration they replied, “Yes, this is insane! I not doing this and I’m never coming here again!” So many were from out of town too. Some contractors refuse to come to RTC because of the parking. At times they are required to stay for hrs. Guests of people who are living in RTC will have to pay to visit family & friends. Does that make sense BP? Boston properties did not think this thru. People will leave in droves & I hope it hits BP right where it hurts. Your greed is showing.


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