Tennis Court Upgrades Could Cost Nearly $800,000

by Dave Emke February 6, 2017 at 1:30 pm 13 Comments

Tennis court upgrades, a proposed agenda item for the February meeting of the Reston Association Board of Directors, could cost nearly $800,000.

Garrett Skinner, RA’s director of capital projects, will bring the item before the RA’s Board Operations Committee at their meeting tonight. The BOC reviews and sets agenda items for the Board of Directors.

According to information provided in the agenda packet for tonight’s BOC meeting:

“During its December 15, 2016 meeting, Vice President [Michael] Sanio noted that tennis amenities are in need of improvement and requested that the board consider developing cost estimates for improvements including lighting, bathroom access and drinking fountains. The attached lighting and bathroom access cost estimates are based historical data and submitted costs from contractors. Costs for water fountains are rough estimates based on extrapolated estimates from Fairfax Water and unit cost estimation for construction. More concrete estimates will need to be developed based on design criteria needed for each location.”

Reston has 13 tennis facilities, six of which are lighted. The proposal has prioritized the five most in need of improved bathroom access; four most in need of improved water fountains; and four most in need of improved lighting, concurrent with planned court renovations.

The Shadowood facility (2201 Springwood Drive) is listed as Priority 1 for each category.

The cost estimates show improved lighting could cost a total of $624,000. The upgrades to water fountains and bathrooms could cost $108,000 and about $50,000, respectively.

Tennis court upgrade estimates, February 2017

Skinner will also give an update to the BOC on the status of the Central Services facility renovation. Scheduled to cost about $1.6 million, the project was put on hold last year pending review of the Tetra/Lake House purchase.

Pending BOC approval, the items will be placed on the agenda of the Feb. 23 meeting of the Board of Directors.

Graph via Reston Association

  • cRAzy

    $156K for each set of lighted courts???? You must be kidding. And has anyone asked the people around these courts whether they want them lighted???? The Lake Newport homeowners controlled the hours at the Lake House, so why shouldn’t the tennis court neighbors control the hours on the tennis courts, including lighting???

    Oh, yes, and I thought the RA Board just approved a budget for this year two months ago. What emergency makes these improvements needed NOW???

    Why not put them in a proposal for next year’s budget so we can actually see the $35 per household they will add to our assessment fees???

    This RA Board and senior RA staff don’t have a clue about spending other people’s money.

    • jak15969

      Reston Association specifically hired Garrett Skinner as the director of capital projects because projects that were approved and funded were not getting completed. He’s simply doing his job of taking the approved projects, providing better updates on the dollar amounts for implementing them, and making them actually happen.

      • 30yearsinreston

        He is a useless bureacrat padding his own job
        A ‘director’ with 2 staff is a joke
        He’s a mediocre project manager

        • Fred

          Wow get over yourself.

    • 30yearsinreston

      Yes they are good at spending others money

  • Tired of the spending

    Interesting that VP Mr. Sanio is proposing this improvement since his family are active in the tennis community. The RA Board members need to be stopped from spending money recklessly and at the expense of the RA members. This improvement is not a need but rather just a want for a select few.

    • 30yearsinreston

      This is business as usual for RA
      Just like the Lake White Elephant

  • SueEm

    Water fountains? Everyone brings water bottles with them nowadays. It’s not the 1950’s.

  • ◯‍◯‍◯‍◯‍◯

    The 2020 summer olympics will now be held in reston. Most of the athletic village has already undergone construction, the natural pools have been dredged, and….

    ,,, is the board taking LSD again?

  • Guilty until proven innocent

    If we had a properly running and functioning RA board we would have the same amenities minus the pony barn, minus the lake hut, minus the glossy magazine, minus the exorbitant lawyer fees – all other factors being equal – our fees would be $350 not $700. On top of that we could even offer better services throu unionized labour and a pension plan.

    Instead we are catering to the inner circle of Reston who is who, realtors developers and insiders. Any self respecting CEO under similar circumstances would have stepped down or offered to work for $1 per year, this is where most people believe the law is no longer on their side.

    My guess, the newly elected board will do little if anything to change things because its inconvenient and because there is no real oversight, but also because only 1 in 5 residents max has time to educate themselves about these matters.

  • David Nassau

    Where is the pressing need for lighting? (Bathrooms I kind of understand. No one wants to use the woods.) The RA needs to be more careful with our money, especially after the Lake House fiasco and the ParkRTC disaster.

  • Mike M

    Careful. This local tennis mafia is shameless. Always has been. I, for one, don’t feel the need to subsidize the tennis players. Let them join a club on their own dime.

  • Dodge

    Absolutely ridiculous that the board would consider proposing an $800,000 project while being investigated why previous project costs have run so high. At this rate the tennis courts will probably cost 2.5x higher as well, and then we can tack on an additional $45,000 to investigate this cost overrun too. I understand that they asked for this discussion back in December, but it would take some significant hubris to accept this proposal now.


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