Treasures Can Be Found During Appraisal Roadshow in Reston

by Dave Emke March 6, 2017 at 1:30 pm 3 Comments

Have a family heirloom, piece of art or an antique you think might be worth a fortune?

Reston Association’s biannual “Appraisal Roadshow,” a chance to uncover treasures already in your possession, is scheduled for Tuesday. Ashleigh Soloff, RA community events supervisor, said the event is always well-attended and there have been some big finds in the past.

“We had one woman who had a piece of jewelry estimated at $10,000,” Soloff said.

Experts from Peenstra Appraisals and Gouterman & Associates will examine items for authenticity and value during the “fun, educational and rewarding forum,” Soloff said. The event, for people 55 and over, will take place from 10 a.m. to noon Tuesday at Reston Association headquarters (12001 Sunrise Valley Drive). Cost to participate is $10.

For more information, email Soloff at [email protected].

Photos of previous Appraisal Roadshow event courtesy Reston Association

  • tattler

    I have this old Reston Town Center just lyin’ around here collecting dust. Don’t reckon I, or anyone else, will ever use it again so I might as well see what it’s worth. Might be able to get a dollar or two for it.

  • Jon May

    I would like to know why this event discriminates against people under age 55.

    • Moon Lotus

      Good catch!

      Anyways I am under 55 and have some items for review and would like to see others as well.

      Last I heard a R.E.Simon bobblehead fetches 1.5 million, enough to buy a moderate home in this here area 😉


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