After Fiery Debate, No Action Taken By RA Board on Future Hook Road Project

by Dave Emke March 24, 2017 at 2:45 pm 39 Comments

Ray Wedell/RA YouTube

Discussion got heated Thursday night at Reston Association Headquarters during talk about a potential future project at Hook Road Recreation Area.

The park was selected by RA’s Parks & Recreation Advisory Committee for “full-facility enhancement” after multiple facilities were evaluated last year. The idea is to take a facility that has pieces of replacement work in the plans in the capital reserve study and, instead, doing comprehensive work to upgrade the facility all at once.

The Hook Road park was chosen by PRAC as a “pilot” project for the full-facility enhancement plan, said RA capital improvements director Garrett Skinner, because it has a number of amenities all in one place and hasn’t been substantially upgraded for more than 40 years.

“For the capital department, this is also a great pilot to really use and demonstrate all of the new policies and procedures we’re putting into place for project management, for communications, for engagement with not only these departments within the Association, but all of the committees and work groups as well,” he said.

Director Ray Wedell, who said he lived near the park for seven years, took exception to the plan to upgrade the facility. During an animated speech, he said it is “an excellent field as it sits” and “what Reston should represent.”

“For the life of me, I have no idea what you people are going to propose to change it,” he said. “[People who live near the park] are quite content with how it is right now.”

The plan as proposed by staff was to advertise a public information session for next month to determine what the community would like to see changed at the park. Concerns about parking and restroom facilities are among those floated in the plan. CEO Cate Fulkerson and Skinner, though, said the community would have the final say through its input on what — if anything — would be done.

“The capital department isn’t going into this project suggesting any solutions, any removal of anything or the addition of anything,” Skinner said. “The question will be up to the community: ‘Do you want anything at all and, if so, what?’ We can [then] determine going forward what that could look like.”

Hook Road Recreation Area has about $122,000 in as-is maintenance expenditures scheduled through 2020, Fulkerson said.

“We can stop [this proposal] now, it’s entirely up to you,” she said. “But according to the reserve study, I’m supposed to be doing stuff at this facility between 2016 and 2020.”

Hook Road public meeting notification area/RA YouTubeThe proposal called for 430 residences in the area of the park to be notified of the public meeting. Wedell said that would be far too many people.

“I don’t know why we’re looking at 430 houses; it’s just going to dilute it,” he said while pointing at a map of the area. “There’s 12 houses right here [on Hook Road] and a few apartments and townhouses right along Fairway Drive. … None of these [other] people are going to care.”

Other directors including Sherri Hebert said a budget cap needs to be set on the project before it is brought before the community or any work group for input. She cited the Pony Barn project as reason her concern.

“I would just like to know what we think our ultimate budget is, and what we’re willing to spend,” Hebert said. “We don’t want the community coming in, kind of like the Pony Barn — we had $30,000 and now we’re at $300 [thousand]-something because the community was asked what they’d like to see without leveling expectations.”

Wedell, raising his voice at times, remained adamant that there is no need to upgrade the facility beyond regular maintenance.

“We don’t need this to be a huge study simply because it’s on the list of things to do,” he said. “I know I’m right about this. … We should be looking at ways to cut costs, not add costs.”

Ultimately, the board decided to take no action on the proposal. Fulkerson said she and staff would “regroup and figure out how to move forward.”

Meeting screencaps via RA/YouTube

  • Greg

    Once again, time to fire this overpaid incompetent buffoon Cate Fulkerson. It’s her job, not that of a study, to run the association and determine what “stuff” is needed.

    “But according to the reserve study, I’m supposed to be doing stuff at this facility between 2016 and 2020.”

  • Bernie Supporter

    Not mentioned in the article: How Cate Fulkerson may have CONSPIRED with SJW “compromisers” by deciding whether or not to give a single group of Restonians permission to have direct talks with Bozzutto through her to give them legitimacy. Thank heavens that Arlene Krieger, candidate for the North Point District seat, was there — and exposed this little conspiracy. And DOUBLE THANKS to board member, Ray Wendell, who took Cate publically to task for even considering it — and for reiterating that the board has voted 9-0 against SJW, and how the new Buzzotto plan STILL doesn’t meet our Master Plan. He spoke for about 10 minutes on the subject. To see the exchange yourself click on the “during talk” link in this story. Ms. Krieger brings it up around 30 minutes into the meeting, and Mr. Wendell addresses the issue about 10 minutes later. Man, was he masterful. Last night, he protected SJW — AND Hook Road.

    I have warned people before that the ONLY candidate in the North Point District race who is willing to fight — not compromise — on SJW redevelopment is Arlene Krieger. Read between the lines to guess who wanted to negotiate with the developer all on his own, and sell North Point down the river. Hint: He’s only lived in Reston for about a year and has no real investment in who we are, what we value, or why we live here.

    • YouTalkTooMuch

      Based on the verbosity of your reply I would guess that “Bernie” is in fact Ray Wedell.

      • Bernie Supporter

        Hey, I’m moving up in the world. Last week,, a couple of geniuses said that I was Arlene Krieger. You guys get more and more brilliant with every post. 🙂

        • Mike M

          I have someone absolutely convinced he knows who I am. The OCD b-tard takes the time to cut and paste many, many of my comments under that name. Others who know this person pile on even mentioning family members. Unreal!

          • Jenny Gibbers

            Mike, you have so many enemies just about everyone has been playing jokes on you, dont fool yourself.

            Some of your opinion pieces are 100% ok but much more of your stuff is way way off the charts and also, indecent.

        • cRAzy

          I’m not sure I’d call being identified as Wedell as “moving up in the world.” Just sayin’

          • Bernie Supporter


    • cRAzy

      OMG! Such utter nonsense–and written by the candidate herself under a pseudonym.

      And, just so you know, Krieger and Wedell are thick as thieves. Do you really want both of these loud mouths on the RA Board at the same time????

      • Bernie Supporter

        I do. they may be loud but what they say makes sense.

        • Drip

          Wedell was one of the most verbose, ardent supporters of the Tetra fiasco during the biased referendum. So Wedell may indeed be loud, but he doesn’t always make sense.

          • Bernie Supporter

            Well he made sense to me regarding the Hook Road Recreation Area. If you hire a firm to come up with new designs, they are not going to tell you that you just need to update a few things.

            I guess he also made sense to Mike Sano, since about an hour into the tape or so, he also wants to know what it would cost just to get the area up to code. You and I disagree. I can live with that.

          • Jenny Gibbers

            W was lied to and so was the rest of the community. That is why W is so pitta-ed off.

            The names are out there and surprisingly this snake pit is still alive and well. Their poison is all over this community and it makes me sick.

            You should be too. Vote for the best candidate to get rid off the whole snake den, even on the off-chance that new candidate may not seem proper.

            We need to get back to RA the way we know it and the way it was right.

  • John Farrell

    No new capital projects should be undertaken by RA until Sanio, Thompson & Bitner and RA staff are gone.

    They have demonstrated a near total lack of integrity and competence.

  • Reston2000

    We just heard about the 15 recommendations given to RA by the Stoneturn group after the Tetra fiasco..so why are we moving forward on another big project before these recommendations are implemented?? Stop the madness! Institute a moratorium on big projects until they shore up these processes! aye yi yi!!

    • Jenny Gibbers

      Further, we dont even have the new hands on deck yet. The pace at which things are proceeding is lunatic and incoherent.

      I propose mandatory drug testing for all decision makers at RA HQ. Paid for by the violators with fines and suspensions ranging to _________ .

  • Rational Reston

    In that first picture, Mr. Wedell is doing a great Morton Downey Jr. impression.

  • Tammi Petrine

    Is there any RA rule violation that RA’s election committee can enforce for candidates using fake names/avatars/pseudonyms who post negative attacks on other candidates? Negative campaigning is CLEARLY not allowed. What IS penalty for negative campaigning? If you doubt, Krieger is capable and anxious to do this, check out the RA candidate forum video at 21:30 minutes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6wsaQX7JJgw

    Krieger is even cautioned by RA election official not to do this at the end of her speech at 24:15. In the forum, she proclaims that St. John Woods is dead as a door-nail. It is not; it is in fact on the Reston P & Z’s agenda for Monday evening 3/27/17 at 7:30PM. It is also already on the FFX Co. Planning Commission public hearing is now scheduled for May 25, 2017. (date subject to change)

    As some of us have learned over time, not everything (or almost anything) can be solved with slap-dash/ quick-draw comments. Krieger employs this methodology exclusively and is uber confident in her often uninformed opinion – a very dangerous habit (See SJW comment above) especially when RA is in need of serious reform and a slowing down of process to allow board members to have time to read, learn and investigate, consult constituents, etc.

    Contrast this approach to the comments of Bernie Supporter in this comment section. Even go back to video of 3/23/17 RA BOD video and see that no one set up a link between Bozuto and anyone else through RA. And NO, Arlene Krieger is not the only RA candidate defending SJW. Both Mooney and Krieger are fighting it.

    We have an election in play NOW. John Mooney is thoughtful and experienced in how to deal with complex issues and is not prone to talking first and thinking later.

    • Bernie Supporter

      Oh, now you’ve confused me. Am I Krieger again? Yesterday I was Wendell.

      Krieger. Wendell. Krieger. Wendell. Mother. Daughter. Mother. Daughter. Seems we’re not in Reston at all. We’re in Chinatown. 🙂

      As for you. you’re frequently wrong but never uncertain. God, I love you.

      • Bernie Supporter


        You were right. I just checked out the video tape in this article (the link is “during talk”) and there IS no link set up between Bozzutto and anyone else through RA. BUT….take another look at that video.

        Specifically at the 33 minute mark. Cate actually CONFIRMS that she was approached ‘”by people” to set up that exact link. She said she hadn’t had the chance yet to discuss it with her staff.

        Are YOU saying one of those people was Mooney???? And if you are, does that mean you APPROVE of dealing with “complex issues” before the board by going behind its back???? Is that the thoughtful, experience you’re talking about. Man, I hope that’s NOT what you support.

        I said it before and I’ll say it again. The ONLY candidate in the North Point District race who is willing to fight — not compromise — on SJW redevelopment is Arlene Krieger. Open your eyes, Tammy.

        • Tammi Petrine

          BS, your red herrings won’t work. Mooney is not involved with any bogus RA link with Bozzuto or anyone else. All are fictions that you perpetuate for your own confused reasons. “SJW is dead as a doornail.” says Arlene Krieger. Except when it’s NOT. Your anger and extremism are destructive for our community. Readers get it. Their understanding is my only concern as they vote for the person best suited to work with others for the best for our beloved Reston. Anger and slap dash or strong and steady. Their choice.

          • Bernie Supporter

            Something stinks here, and its not a red herring. Everyone with two ears and two eyes can watch the link in the current article and watch for themselves as Cate ADMITS she was approached by people to set up private conversations with Bozzutto. This is no fiction. These are now documented facts.

            I find it extremely disheartening that you are so desperately trying to deflect away from what was said in this meeting by ranting at me, and posting old video links, when all a Reston Now reader needs to do is watch the video themselves. It makes me think that either you KNOW who went to Cate, or strongly SUSPECT it. And based on your all out attack on Arlene Krieger, I think I’ve hit a nerve here. Was your knight in tarnished armor part of this incredible betrayal of the board? Sooner or later what happened WILL come out. Just as what happened with Tetra WILL come out. Readers get that, too. Methinks you’re the lady who doth protest too much.

          • cRAzy

            BS–While I’ve stayed out of this until now, you really do show your ignorance of RA and its role in SJW (or most anything else) when you emphasize its role. RA’s role in whatever happens at SJW is limited to enforcing the covenants–a task principally assigned to the DRB. In short, the DRB can control color and other design aspects, but it can’t really control how much is built at SJW. In really horrific cases, the RA Board might interject at the County level–but, in the few cases where it has, it does so meekly and without commitment–whether or not someone has talked to Cate.

            The story of what will happen with SJW is primarily one that will be influenced by RP&Z–a Hudgins’ appointed advisory committee which is usually guided by the Reston Master Plan–and the County’s Planning Commission whose recommendation will then be ratified by the Board with little or no discussion.

          • Bernie Supporter

            OMG. You’ve stayed out of this until now????? LOL. I’ve got a billion of your posts in my inbox that would argue that claim.

            I love when geniuses like you call people ignorant. Makes me wonder how little power you think our board has, or how it possibly stopped the last Bozzutto plan from moving forward (despite the fact that the DRB had already approved it).

            This “meek” board said NO to this developer violating our Master Plan and Deed the last time around, and just the other day reaffirmed that “meek” NO, in no uncertain terms.

            If you have so little faith in our Board, then I have very little faith in any comments you make about the Board, and any recommendations you make. That’s why we need fighters, not compromisers, on the board. For heaven’s sake, develop a little backbone.

          • cRAzy

            Actually, it was your opponent’s (John Mooney, in case you’ve forgotten) analysis of all the legal and policy failings of the Bozzuto plan that led it to fail. Not RA at all–nor its multi-$100K land use attorney.

          • Bernie Supporter

            Haven’t forgotten anything, Crazy. You’re talking about the detailed analysis that John Mooney took credit for, which was written on the shoulders of the original research of others. Arlene Krieger even called out those others — by name — during the Krieger/Mooney debate. But Reston doesn’t have to take my word for it. Tammy was kind enough to post the video of that debate right here, in this thread… so people who haven’t voted yet can conveniently pull it up and see and hear for themselves.

          • Donald

            Absolutely agree. St. Johns Wood is happening. Will it look different from the original plan, yes. But it is going through. Just as JBG’s Fairway ultimately went through. Just as Tall Oaks went through.


          • Tammi Petrine

            Oh, poor BS. Please DO look at the video. Cate specifically states twice that she has done NOTHING to facilitate a Bozzuto link. Someone asking for something does not equate to him/her getting it – except in your confused world. Your posts jump to crazy conclusions and innuendo, a la swiftboating. I know you don’t want anyone to look at the “old video” & Krieger’s sad statements about SJW being dead. But she owns that, just as you own all of your incomprehensible posts deflecting insults onto me and others vs. listening carefully and actually comprehending.and helping.

          • Bernie Supporter

            Tammy, try checking your EARS when next you look at the video. Cate specifically states that she hasn’t spoken to her staff about setting this link up YET. Her answer wasn’t NO. Her answer wasn’t of course you CAN’T speak to the developer on your own. Her answer wasn’t that the request wasn’t completely INAPPROPRIATE.

            And Krieger’s “sad” video comments about SJW plan being dead couldn’t be more true. Just look at the NEW plan Bozzutte submitted. (And why submit a “new” plan if the last plan isn’t dead, genius?) What we have now is watered down version of a dead plan — and it STILL doesn’t meet our Master Plan. More important, our Board just RECONFIRMED its unanimous decision to stick by their decision.

          • Bernie Supporter

            Oh… and your comment about “Asking for something does not equate to him getting it” Yeah, that makes me think you know EXACTLY who asked for what. And I also believe if that if it was Arlene Krieger who tried to go behind the Board’s back, you’d be crucifying her right now.

            Now matter how you try to deflect away from this issue of a complete betrayal of the board, its not going to work. You want people to believe YOU rather than their own eyes and ears. Darling, you must be living in La La Land.

  • Bernie Supporter

    And why IS that map of “affected” people so big? And how much is this going to cost us if its $50,000 just to take a look at Hook Road? My guess is that we have another Tetra-sized scandal coming our way. Wonder where the conflict of interest is this time.

  • Donald
  • Donald

    I’ll do my best to avoid diving into the abyss below. But, I will share I will vote for an individual that appears to be capable of building trust and confidence, demonstrates professionalism, and is capable of avoiding the divisiveness so prevalent right now.

    As of now, my vote is for: none of the above.

    I hope that changes.


    • Bernie Supporter

      OK. Donald, I swear I am NOT saying this to be argumentative … although I guess in a tiny way it is. (Very tiny.) But I just don’t see you as a guy who would wait until now to cast your vote. In fact, I’d guess that you probably voted on day one.

      (P.S. I seriously hope you take this as the compliment it was intended to be, and nothing else.) 🙂

      Oh, last thought: For all those who you haven’t voted yet, please do. Regardless of your preferred candidate, if you don’t vote now, don’t complain later. You haven’t earned the right. (Although I doubt this message applies to anyone who regularly posts on Reston Now.)

      • Donald


        Compliment appreciated, and no, I have not voted. Not impressed by any of the candidates so far, so I’m still waiting for any and all information to help me decide.

        Thus far, not a lot of unbiased data to work with. Ultimately, I still may choose NONE.

        Please accept this, as it’s my prerogative.


        • Bernie Supporter

          Donald, while I’m surprised, I absolutely take you at your word.


          • Donald


            I was not aware I needed your approval or acceptance, but, duly appreciated.


          • Bernie Supporter

            Well, you have it anyway. So there. 🙂

  • Nope

    I agree with Wedell that it does not need upgrading, it is fine the way it is.

    I do not agree that only a few people on Hook and Fairway are going to care what happens. I live in the “notification area” – within walking distance of the park but not on Hook or Fairway and I care A LOT what they do because my family uses that park all the time.


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