Report: Leidos Considering Leaving Town Center for Reston Metro Plaza

by RestonNow.com March 31, 2017 at 11:30 am 31 Comments

Defense contractor Leidos is considering leaving its current headquarters in Reston Town Center (11951 Freedom Drive) for a new home, the Washington Business Journal reports.

Citing sources close to the company, the WBJ says the expansion in workforce brought about by the company’s merger with Lockheed Martin last year has it reevaluating its space needs. Leidos employees about 33,000 people worldwide, according to information it provides to investors.

According to the WBJ report, Comstock Properties’ 1900 Reston Metro Plaza is among the properties being considered as a potential new headquarters for Leidos. Still seeking an anchor tenant, the site was considered by Nestlé before that company chose Arlington for its U.S. headquarters. The Helmut Jahn-designed building, adjacent to the Wiehle-Reston East Metro station, is currently in its final stages of construction.

WBJ says Boston Properties, owner of Leidos’ current home, has proposed new headquarters space for the firm as well.

  • jmsullivan

    Word is that Serco will be leaving early next year as well. Area looking increasingly blighted…

    • Scott

      No parking hassles outside RTC

      • JGriff

        Reston Metro Plaza charges $130 a month to park

        • Big Drop

          No app.

          • Beatle Baily

            your ISP now has permission to collect your browsing habits and sell them to anyone without your permission, and you can’t opt out, thanks Trump

          • Jenny Gibbers

            As if they didnt already.

            Where is he now? Kite surfing? Swimming with the polar bears? Breakfast with Angela?

          • Mike M

            I don’t know how it relates to this story, but as a Trump voter, I was very disappointed in this development. But I believe this had bi-partisan support in Congress.

          • bb

            Strictly party line voting, No bi-partisan support, check the FACTS. Folks complained and complained about the data collection and sale of data on the parking app, they are free to park elsewhere, not free to choose their ISP.

          • Brinn

            “Local citizen who voted for the leopards-eating-faces party quoted as saying ‘But I didn’t think the leopards would eat MY face!'”

        • Did I do the math right? Parking at RTC for the month of April would be $480 ($24/day for 20 weekdays). Or it would be $200 ($10/hour) for a standard 8-9 hour work day. Seems that $130 is a bargain.

          • meyerweb

            Do you really work 12 hours per day.

            I suspect businesses don’t pay the same $2 per hour any way.

          • wtf

            retail employees park for free

          • meyerweb

            What about the office buildings?

    • RTCWorker

      Serco has signed a lease elsewhere. They will be gone next year. It’s a ghost town now.

  • Big Drop

    The 97% occupancy rate will be threatened with more move outs. Four vacant retail stores with CBRE signs in the windows including a restaurant empty since last September (Cosi), 27 condos and rentals available in the two Midtown highrises, 33 condos and rentals available in the Savoy and Market Street and now the possibility of several high profile office tenants who might leave. Incredible upcoming competition for the Signature apartments which are under construction including twin high rises next to Oracle (approximately 400 units) along with Reston Metro Plaza (900 units total) and Reston Station (450). RTC West may be the most significant challenge of all with its new restaurants and free parking literally directtly across from the Metro.

    Somebody-sombody!-at Boston Properties must realize the thousands of critical social media posts, now almost everyday negative publicity in the press and on television along with law suits (real: Jackson’s) and threatened (Reston Merchants Association) simply are not worth winning an argument.

  • Jenny Gibbers

    Leidos picked an elite destination, close to the toll road with good access to metro and other nearby venues. I think the locals will be pleased even tho it will be a bit more crowded during core business hours.


    • Greg

      It’s a done deal?

    • meyerweb

      A little bit? Sunset Hills will be a parking lot during rush hour.

      • Why do you bother?

        An even worse parking lot…

        Fixed that for ya.

        • meyerweb


      • Mike M

        I just had a great idea! Charge for parking on the congested roads at rush hour! Call it a “traffic diet!”

        • Burt

          I don’t think that would be a good idea. I also don’t know how practical it would be. Would we have parking meters? If that was the case then I would think an attendandent would have to be hired. Maybe two or 3? Who pays for it? Also just because it’s congested dosnt mean there aren’t moving cars so that could be dangerous for the parking attendant. Would they have to be paid extra? Like “hazard pay”? Do our taxes raise because of this? So many questions!

      • Jenny Gibbers

        Just going by the law of probabilities, if the place is close to metro chances are people will take metro. Otherwise it should be an easy escape onto the toll road.

        I guess the smart crowd avoids core working hours, and for that reason pick a smart boss. Just based on local IQ Leidos has the smartest bosses so things should be very ok if all goes thru.


  • No advantage for Leidos too want to be in the Town Center …and lots of good options coming. BP might offer free parking though.

  • New Reston

    Excellent. Go for it Leidos!

  • RVA_101

    Disappointing, but maybe they’ll still pick an urban, pedestrian friendly place and not some hellish suburban office park with ”glorious, bountiful parking” like most of you flagellate yourselves to the idea. Most of you do realize Reston was founded on principles of urban, dense development with Metro in the future, right? You get that right? Parking is not urban

    • K Kriebel

      Reston is a suburb, right? Not Washington D.C., right?

    • Richard703

      Metro in the future? In 1964 when Reston was founded Metro was only vaguely in mind for D.C. It would be another 10 years before the first 1 mile segment was opened. Dense is a relative word and I doubt that the density being built today was ever envisioned in 1964. Density, defined by Reston’s principles, was envisioned to preserve nature and prevent urban sprawl not to create and even denser urban environment. You get that, right?

      • Guest

        Not Metro specifically. The Dulles Access road was built with a broad median to fit in light rail from Washington to the airport. It was a different time, the W&OD was still running.

        All arcology style construction is designed to preserve green space no matter its core density.


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