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Tall Oaks Redevelopment Goes Before Reston’s DRB Again Tonight

by Dave Emke August 15, 2017 at 11:30 am 16 Comments

The redevelopment of Tall Oaks Village Center will once again go before Reston’s Design Review Board during its meeting tonight.

In July, the DRB deferred voting on approval of the site plan for the project that will see Tall Oaks transformed into a mostly residential neighborhood. Plans call for 156 homes (a mix of townhomes, 2-over-2 townhomes and multifamily buildings), community space, 8,500 square foot of retail and about 6,000 square feet of office space.

In the presentation developers Jefferson Apartment Group and architects KTGY will present to the DRB (download), additional elevation maps are provided for the Board to consider. In addition, more detailed information about the common areas, tree buffer along North Shore Drive and more will be provided as requested by the DRB in July.

Among other topics on the agenda:

  • Plans for a new building for Martin Luther King Jr. Christian Church (11400 North Shore Drive) will go before the DRB.
  • The Board will consider a request for extension of the Colvin Run Stream Restoration project.

The DRB meeting will begin at 7 p.m. tonight at Reston Association headquarters (12001 Sunrise Valley Drive).

Images via KTGY

  • Arielle in NoVA

    I sure hope it doesn’t loom over North Shore Drive/Wiehle Avenue like the monstrosity that got built too close to Sunrise Valley Drive and Reston Parkway over at the International Center! 🙁

    • Greg

      What were they thinking with the uneven Lincoln Logs?

      • TheKingJAK

        Lol, I thought they had to do with the settling of the concrete. Please tell me they aren’t permanent.

        • vdiv

          No worries, not permanent. It will probably collapse on its own in 30-40 years unless they knock it down earlier to build skyscrapers.

        • Greg

          Apparently they are semi permanent:

          “A five-level above-ground parking garage. The garage you see currently under construction will have decorative exterior elements that include “tall natural wood beams that echo the vertical designs of Reston’s first buildings at Lake Anne,” JBG says.”


          • 30yearsinreston


          • Arielle in NoVA

            They look haphazard, ridiculous, and very out of place so close to the road.

          • Mike M

            The password is . . . “presumptuous.”

          • Arielle in NoVA

            that too

          • I’d Rather Post As A Guest

            Architects and designers are so full of baloney at times, especially when attempting to impose their fine aesthetic sense upon the rest of us. I once worked for a construction company which routinely had knock-down drag-out battles with architects who would fill their project documents with floral language and five-dollar words. We mocked them mercilessly, what fun that was! And every one of them had it coming…they had it coming to them LOL

          • Mike M

            Yep, and they totally ignore the true context of where their “self-expression” will sit for the next several decades.

        • Greg

          See page 57 of this document for the “preferred alternative.”


        • Arielle in NoVA

          we wish 🙁

    • Mike M

      Yeah, there is probably no better example in Reston of the developer’s greed and the local government’s unwillingness to moderate their behavior. What marginal benefit do they really gain for the small amount of extra space? They have developed right to the very edge of Sunrise to the extent that the sidewalk is even gone. People are walking in the median strip as they do in the Third World. It is dangerous. How is it that they can close off that strip of land to the public? Isn’t it owned by the state or county? Who enabled them to behave in this way.

      • Greg

        No room for bike lanes!!

  • vdiv

    Townhomes are ok (do we really need more?), but piling people on top of one another in 2-over-2s is a bad idea.


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