Wednesday Morning Notes

by Dave Emke October 18, 2017 at 9:00 am 8 Comments

Opioid Roundtable Planned — The discussion, scheduled for the Fairfax County Government Center at 2 p.m. Saturday, will be hosted by Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-Va.) and Sharon Bulova, chair of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors. The event is open to the public. [Fairfax County Fire and Rescue]

Reston Woman Pleads Guilty to Role in Gang-Related Killing — Cindy Blanco Hernandez, 19, entered pleas to abduction and gang participation Tuesday as part of a deal with prosecutors. She was among 10 members and associates of the gang MS-13 charged after the January killing of 15-year-old Damaris A. Reyes Rivas. She may face up to 30 years in prison when she is sentenced in May. [Washington Post]

Herndon Adds Parking Enforcement Position — The part-time officer was hired Oct. 3 and will work 30 hours a week, which has at least one resident worried about “end[ing] up like Reston Town Center.” [Connection Newspapers]

Silver Line Phase 2 Hits Two-Thirds Point — More than 5 million hours have been spent on the $2.78 billion project so far, according to updates expected to be presented today to the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Board. [WTOP]

  • Mike M

    I’d like all the Reston snowflakes to read the details of the MS-13 murder of a 15 year old girl. There are many news stories that detail the taunting, torture, and gang-approved murder. There is even video! It seems that the victim’s mom brought the girl here to escape MS-13. But due to our incredibly lax immigration policies, that very sick part of El Salvador was already here! What is not clear: Was the Reston murderer here legally? Did she attend the unofficially segregated South Lakes High with our daughters at our expense? It is not clear if the victim was also an accomplice in a previous murder.

    You see Donald Trump was the only candidate of about a dozen to question the downsides of our lax immigration policies. No one else would even talk about them. There are MANY big downsides. I just read an article in a left-leaning business rag that puzzled over why wages in the US are down. It was as though it is a mystery. It is no mystery that immigration has come to inundation status and employers love it. Immigrants will work for much less as their expectations are much lower. And many of their expenses are covered by the government. So, the shareholder in me benefits. Those natives who must work for a living? Well, you’ve been sold out.

    Lax immigration policies are very costly to most of us. I know Donald called out such behavior as the murder of this 15 year-old, but that doesn’t mean it never happened. READ THE DETAILS!

    • Willie Reston

      You’d have to be incredibly naïve to be of the mindset that lax immigration policies are the sole reason for stagnant/reduced wages. I’m not saying it doesn’t play a role, but there are many other very large forces that factor into it.

      • Willie Reston

        I should add, of course Trump glommed onto immigration because it’s a big scary-sounding boogeyman for low information/low intelligence voters and it should hardly be a surprise that it worked so well for him.

        • Mike M

          Again with the ad hominem.

      • Mike M

        You really have added nothing but calling me naive. How about you get specific. I did. You never do.

        • Willie Reston

          I said “You’d have to be naïve” but meant it in the sense of “One would have to be naïve”. I wasn’t attacking you specifically but I’m glad you have enough self-awareness to recognize your own naivety.

          • Mike M

            You again have added nothing to the discussion other than to say people are naive . Silly Willie.

      • Why do you bother?

        Have you met Mike?


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