Reston DRB Gives OK to More Aspects of Tall Oaks Village Center Redevelopment

by Dave Emke October 23, 2017 at 2:45 pm 6 Comments

During its meeting last week (video), Reston’s Design Review Board gave its stamp of approval to plans for exercise equipment, playground equipment, site lighting, site signage and more for the future mixed-use redevelopment of Tall Oaks Village Center.

The commercial design of the property was also approved, with an alteration requiring faux windows in the retail tower be made of a reflective surface. In the design presented to the DRB last week, the faux windows had been proposed to consist of recessed EIFS.

The lone affected party to speak during the meeting was Mary Elyn McNichols, co-owner of Tall Oaks Assisted Living. While giving her overall approval to the plan, McNichols requested that some amount of exterior seating around the development’s stores be made handicapped-accessible.

In the landscape plan, the developers were asked by the DRB to find more locations to plant trees where possible.

One place were developers said they have already increased plants and trees is between the development’s 2-over-2 townhouses and the assisted-living facility, which was done at the facility’s request to create more of a buffer. The exercise station plans for the development were also designed after discussion with the assisted-living facility, developers said.

In addition to the development’s landscape plan, the garage doors and lighting were tabled for a future meeting, along with sliding doors and windows.

The redevelopment will include approximately 5,800 square feet of office, 8,500 square feet of retail and 156 residential units.

The village center was bought in December 2014 by McLean-based developer Jefferson Apartment Group. Plans to redevelop the property into a mixed-use community were approved by the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors in July 2016.

Located on a dead-end of North Shore Drive off Wiehle Avenue, Tall Oaks Village Center struggled for many years before the redevelopment proposal arose. Its longtime anchor tenant, Giant Foods, closed in 2007 and further vacancies followed quickly afterward. The 70,000-square foot center was 86 percent empty by the time the redevelopment was approved.

  • Winslow Wacker

    The vacancy rate in Reston is already hovering at 15-16% and they want to build MORE office space? The concern for overbuilding for rental units is becoming saturated for residential…Don’t get me wrong – Tall Oaks has needed a makeover for a decade….is this the solution though?

    • Greg

      The Tall Oaks units are not rentals, are they?

    • TheKingJAK

      They could’ve easily anchored another grocer in there, but the developers are controlling everything.

      • I’d Rather Post As A Guest

        You mean it still hasn’t occurred to you that no one wants to “anchor” ( your words) a grocery store at Tall Oaks, given its sorry history? Name a major grocer who wants to go back to that location? That possibility is a Dead Horse so stop beating it!

    • Guest

      Don’t be too quick to seize on the notion that the rental multi-family market in Reston is somehow super-saturated, because it really isn’t. “Patient money” and careful investors/financiers/developers will all be rewarded in the long run.

      • Winslow Wacker

        Praying it works! Thanks for your gracious comment.


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