Bikeshare Marks First Anniversary in Fairfax County, More Locations on the Way

by Fatimah Waseem October 27, 2017 at 1:30 pm 18 Comments

Fairfax County is celebrating the first year anniversary of Capital Bikeshare this month as more stations in Reston are on the horizon.

County officials laud the program as a success. According to the Capital Bikeshare’s website, more than 1,000 people have signed up to become members and more than 27,150 miles have been travelled overall. More than 10,000 trips have also been taken with the bikes.

Adam Lind, the county’s bicycle program coordinator, said the county sees the program as a success so far, especially compared to counties like Montgomery County in Maryland and Fairfax County overall.

“Memberships and trips taken have continued to increase and we expect this to continue as we expand bikeshare to new areas of Reston and the county,” Lind said.

Currently, there are 15 stations installed in Reston. Within the next few months, a new station will be on the way near the intersection of Sunset Hills Road and the Washington & Old Dominion Trail. A dozen additional stations are planned for next year in 2019, 11 of which will be funded by a federal grant and pone of which will be funded by a development. Ten of these stations are planned on the south of Toll Road, he said.

Funding is also available for expanding Bikeshare to the west of both sides of the Toll Road within phase two of the Silver Line extension.

The most popular stations are at the Wiehle-Reston East Metro Station and the Reston Town Center Transit station is the 2nd most busy. The county expects bikeshare to continue to grow as more bike infrastructure is built in the community.

  • OneReally

    “Memberships and trips taken have continued to increase and we expect
    this to continue as we expand bikeshare to new areas of Reston and the
    county,” Lind said.”

    Numbers please!

    I would like to know our ROI.

    One of our intersections of the neighborhood is dangerous (multiple accidents a week) and FCDOT concluded it needs a light, but its not funded.

    BUT we can throw money at this project. Makes no sense.

    • Tom Wyland

      Actually Capital Bikeshare’s data is all public for the trip start, end, duration, etc. Can you name any transportation system that has a positive ROI? There isn’t one.

      • LC

        Thank you! I’ve been so curious who actually uses this. I get it in big tourist destination areas (NYC, DC, Miami) but I can’t figure out why anyone in Reston would use it.

        • MakeRestonBetter

          I see a number of people using them to get from Wiehle Station to the work areas around Reston Town Center each morning and reverse that in the afternoon. I’m not sure what mode people used before Cabi arrived, but now they can get a jolt of fresh air to start their day and a little bit of exercise to boot.

      • OneReally

        So your telling me that FCDOT (via TAP) gave them a grant of zero dollars?


        “Adam Lind, the Fairfax County Department of Transportation’s bicycle
        program coordinator, says FCDOT is working toward using a previously
        received federal TAP (Transportation Alternatives Program) grant to add 10 additional stations to Reston. Those will be on top of the 12 already installed and the three more that have been previously scheduled for implementation.”

    • MakeRestonBetter

      There are several intersections and areas in Reston that are dangerous to pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists. But those are up to VDOT to fix (although if you keep raising the flag on them through my.vdot.virginia.gov they might respond more quickly). Bike share is considered part of the transit system as a “last mile” solution, so it’s not as easy as just switching money from one place to another. That’s transit funding.

  • Mike M

    I have noticed that many of the rack are 2/3 empty at night. Are the bikes “walking?”

    • Tom Wyland

      The stations are for those picking up bikes and those dropping them off. So they aren’t supposed to be full.

      • Mike M

        Shouldn’t they be nearly restored at night or are people taking them home? Every rack I passed last night was 1/3 full. They all seemed to be full at the beginning of the program.

        • Tom Wyland

          I don’t think they are designed to be full ever. If so, someone can’t return a bike there (at the end of their trip). I’ve seen them re-balance bikes (between stations) in cities where the ones near apartments fill up at night and the ones near office buildings fill up in the AM, etc.

          If you have a bikeshare membership you get unlimited 30-minute rides. So you get charged overage fees if you don’t dock the bike (at any dock) in 30 minutes (or take it home). Most people get where they are going in 30 minutes and the station locations are designed that way.

          • Mike M

            More than I knew. Thanks.

          • MakeRestonBetter

            The ones that looked full at the beginning were all close to the station, which made sense as that was the logical ‘pick up’ place. They’ve gradually spread out and balanced better as patterns of use have emerged. Also, when they first opened there weren’t as many stations as there are now (for example, Lake Anne was later). As Tom said, they’re designed in a way that makes you need/want to dock them in 30 minutes. Not only does the cost start adding up but they’re really not comfortable for longer rides!

          • Willie Reston

            Wow, Mike M couldn’t imagine a scenario which is totally logical and, in fact, intended. Even a kindergartener could have sussed that out. Very, very low IQ. Sad!

          • Mike M

            Why so bitter, Willie?

    • LisaR

      Shocking that “MikeM” would have a whiny comment about this. We’ve come to expect his type of troll.

      • Mike M

        So, Lisa, does the County really need a bike program coordinator? I don;t think so. Does that make me a “troll.” How old are you?

  • RoadApples

    Curious question: Is this a private enterprise or government subsidy or a combo?

    • Greg

      Capital Bikeshare is a private company, but almost all of it is publically funded:

      “The Board of Supervisors approved a $1.7 million plan today to bring the Capital Bikeshare system to Reston and Tysons this fall.”


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