Rescue Reston Vows to Protect Hidden Creek Golf Course from Development

by Fatimah Waseem December 6, 2017 at 2:30 pm 8 Comments

Rescue Reston, a grassroots organization that successfully helped prevent the redevelopment of Reston National Golf Course several years ago, is vowing to defend Hidden Creek Country Club after it changed ownership in late October.

In response to overwhelming requests from citizens for advice and support, the group has pledged to defend recreational open space at Hidden Creek Country Club by amending its mission statement.

Community advocates have long feared both Hidden Creek and Reston National Golf Course will transform into residential development as Reston expands.

“Rescue Reston and its supporters are standing between the green space and the developers who want to reduce, repurpose or eliminate green space for yet even more housing. There is precious little green recreational space in Reston to support the greatly increasing density that is already planned for all of Reston,” the group wrote in the statement.

Wheelock Communities purchased the club earlier this week from its previous owner, Fore Golf Partners, which will continue to manage the club.

In an October email announcing $300,000 in upgrades to the club, Wheelock, which owns properties in Texas and across the East Coast has listed several potential options for development, including additional public amenities, environmental benefits and new housing choices.

  • Donald

    Good to see Rescue Reston is getting involved and putting a stake in the ground.

    Where is the RA board on this matter? Again, their silence on matters like this is “deafening”.


    • OneReally

      Perhaps they sent a letter to all parties involved and now are waiting a response. They usually wait 11 months to see if they get something.

      • Donald

        Yes, so true. 🙁


    • 40yearsinreston

      They are busy scheduling bookings for the Lake House
      That has priority

      • Greg

        That’s a Sisyphean task.

  • Joyce W

    Thank God for Reston Rescue!

    • OneReally

      Agreed! If we truly care (I know we do) we need to ensure RR has the cash and support it needs.

      Break out the yellow shirts again!!!

  • Rick Morgan

    someone was out taking 20″ deep core samples for “development” suitability on the Golf course today.


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