Reston Residents Expand Nordic Knot, Deepen Community Ties

by Fatimah Waseem January 30, 2018 at 2:30 pm 17 Comments

Eric Lundberg, an engineer by training, began dabbling with pretzel recipes in his Reston home. The hobby, which he hoped would build bonding time with his daughter as she went through high school, transformed into something bigger: a locally-owned bakery called Nordic Knot.

His production quickly overwhelmed the countertops of his home, which he had certified for the business. After a temporary stint operating through Lake Anne Brew House, Lundberg has found a permanent production site for his bakery just two doors down from the business that drove his success, the brewhouse.

“This was a complete departure from what I’ve done before,” Lundberg said. “I’ve taken something I enjoy and turned it into a good product.”

The store on 11412 Reston Plaza West operates as a production center since late last year. Lundberg and Melissa Romano, the brewhouse’s co-owner, hope to establish a store in the spring. For now, they’re taking online orders, distributing wholesale and delivering locally.

Their business partnership grew from the moment Lundberg came to Romano with a brown paper bag full of pretzels and a business pitch before the brewhouse opened. Retail sales ran through the brewhouse since it opened in 2016.

“The pretzels were so amazing it was not a hard decision to forward and team up with Eric,” Romano said.

They’re now working on plans to capitalize on the emerging breweries market. Many local breweries lack fully operations kitchens, often leaving a good beer without good food to match, they said. They currently deliver to Black Walnut Brewery in Leesburg, Old Ox Brewery in Ashburn, and local businesses.

“We’re both community-minded individuals and Lake Anne really provides a good canvas for community-oriented businesses,” Romano said.

Nordic Knot also sends out an electric scooter to deliver locally on bike trails in Reston — an effort to embrace the “progressive” and “forward-thinking” feel of the community, Lundberg said.

They hope to open a storefront where customers can walk-in to place orders and take a bite sometime in the spring.

Photos by Studio-M Photos &  Jennifer Heffner Photography

  • Erin

    You can also get Nordic Knot pretzels at the Lake Anne Coffee House & Wine Bar, another family owned, community minded business on Lake Anne Plaza!

    • Melissa Berkemeier Romano

      Everything and Cinnamon Sugar pretzels are available for breakfast every day at Lake Anne Coffee House… We love working with our neighbors and are so thankful for our community at Lake Anne!

  • Kristen

    Love Nordic Knot pretzels! So happy they are opening a storefront. Best of luck!

  • Mike M

    Pretzels and beer? Mmmmn!

  • Chuck Morningwood

    Looks like i’m going to be making a pretzel run soon.

    (BTW, i don’t think you’re supposed to be operating motorized vehicles on the trails.)

    • KimGr

      Rules don’t apply to some people at Lake Anne, don’t you know?

      • Sunny Sally

        Don’t be bitter poor little KimGr! Smile, be happy, after all it’s Beer and Pretzels! 🙂

        • KimGr

          And breaking the law, but whats’s a little thing like the law? Until you get caught just ignore it right?

          • Sunny Sally

            Whew! Why so cranky little KimGr? Don’t ruin your day, the sun is out be happy! <3

          • KimGr

            Yes, sunshine IS the best. Shedding light on all the little law breakers. I do love sunshine and it will be shining bright!

          • Sunny Sally

            Absolutely! It’s the very best, getting into every nook and dark place. Bring it!

          • KimGr

            Be careful. You never know what side is really the right side; do you?

          • Reston1

            You best get out there right now and throw that 5 year old in jail for driving around in her pink plastic jeep!!!

  • Tom H

    Come out Saturday mornings, 9:45am for our Lake Anne run around the lake followed by the breakfast of champions – beverage at Lake Anne Brewhouse and a Nordic Knot!

    • Melissa Berkemeier Romano

      Come on out TONIGHT (Wednesday 1/31, 6:30pm) for a BEER RUN also, hosted by Ragnar, REI, Lake Anne Brew House and Nordic-Knot!

  • 180°

    Thats one heck of a turn around for La Plaza: N-O-R-D-I-C Pretzels. W0W

  • SuperCoop1280

    Those nordic knots pretzels at the Brew House are no joke! We ordered a big one for a dinner party and it was awesome!


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