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New Plans for 36-acre Reston Crescent Project Scale Back Residential Component

by Fatimah Waseem March 30, 2018 at 2:00 pm 29 Comments

Plans for the future Reston Crescent development, a 36-acre plot of land in the northwestern corner of the intersection of Reston Parkway and Sunrise Valley Drive, are moving forward.

The proposal by Brookfield Properties, the New York-based developer behind the 4.3 million square foot project, scale back the residential component of the major mixed use project. Roughly 45 percent is dedicated to residential use, down from 66 percent planned in February of last year.

Wegmans has signed a letter of intent for the project, but Andrew Brent, a spokesperson for Brookfield, said no updates on the grocer’s plans were available. Eight blocks are planned on the site, which will include 1.7 million square feet of residential, 1.9 million square feet of office space, a 125,000-square-foot hotel and a 250,000 square feet for assisted living.

Brookfield also plans more to include than double the amount of retail it pitched in July from 125,000 to 380,000 square feet. The plan will also include more open spaces and urban parks, including a 0.3-acre neighborhood park, a 0.3-acre dog park and other areas.

If approved, the plan would add new streets in an effort create grid-like pattern in the road network — a transition taking place in other major mixed use developments near future Metro stations.

The developer plans to dedicate 15 percent of all residential units for affordable or workforce housing.

Other proffers were also noted in the plans:

  • $2,090 per residential unit to the Reston Road Fund
  • $11,749 per student generated, based on a formula of 0.11 students per residential unit
  • Six public park spaces
  • LEED certification for residential buildings
  • LEED Silver certification for new office buildings

Fairfax County accepted the final development plan for the project on Feb. 5. A presentation was given to the Reston Planning & Zoning Committee in late January.

Renderings for illustrative purposes via handout/Brookfield Properties

  • SuperCoop1280

    A Wegman’s there would so awesome! I loath the South Lakes Safeway and still drive to HT instead.

    • Greg

      All of the Safeways help. They are rapidly approaching the disgusting conditions of the original Hunters Woods Safeway and the one on Elden Street in Herndon where Fresh World now stands.

    • 30yearsinreston

      Over priced yuppy grocers

      • George

        You really complain about everything on this site.

      • meyerweb

        If you think they’re overpriced, then you haven’t actually shopped there.

        • 30yearsinreston

          I shopped at wegmans when it first opened near AOL in 2005

  • Donald

    So, as we see this area looking like downtown Bethesda, let’s revisit the latest communications among the Reston Association board, Terry Maynard and CPR, and the County Staff:

    RA Point 1 — Amend the Reston Master Plan to add back a population cap.

    RA Point 2 — Provide a statement that the Reston Village Centers are planned to reflect land uses that are there today and that redevelopment should only be considered in the context of a future amendment to the Comprehensive Plan.
    We like what’s written now

    RA Point 3 — Similar to the Tysons Plan, initiate an amendment to the Reston Plan that requires periodic Plan updates.
    Good idea, we’re already doing it.

    RA Point 4— Request that the Reston Network Advisory Group fully review the current Reston Transportation Network Analysis assumptions and methodology, addressing questions raised by the Reston community.
    Uhh, NO

    RA Point 5 — Implement a collaborative mechanism for a continued dialogue to establish a realistic and detailed plan to increase the number and capacity of recreational facilities within Reston.
    Sure, we like talking – just talking though…

    RA Point 6 — Initiate an amendment to the Reston Plan to add assertive statements that infrastructure capacity must be increased at the same time as new development occurs.
    Hey, we all agreed to the existing guidelines, geez, so back off

    RA Point 7— Direct staff to collaborate with public schools staff and the Reston community to establish a realistic plan for the provision of increased school capacity in Reston.
    Back off, we already are. You’ll be the first to know, ok…

    RA Point 8 — Initiate an amendment to the Reston Master Plan to remove the road connection between American Dream Way and Isaac Newton Square.

    RA Point 9 – Initiate an amendment to the Reston Plan to change the high density multi-family land use map category from 50+ du/ac (i.e. unlimited) to the maximum necessary to accommodate the two properties shown with this designation.
    We’ll think about it

    Terry Maynard and CPR – Affordable Housing
    No, you guys were kidding right?

    Terry Maynard and CPR — Land Use Designations and Residential Land Use Categories
    Maybe, for 2 properties, but otherwise NO.

    Terry Maynard and CPR – Guidelines for Village Center Redevelopment
    Again, NO

    Terry Maynard and CPR – Implementation – Monitoring, Regulation, Partnerships and Phasing
    Geez, we’re already doing it, take it or leave it, and back off

    Terry Maynard and CPR – Phasing Transportation and Public Facilities Development
    Like we said, we’re doing it, ok

    Terry Maynard and CPR – Parks, Recreation and Cultural Facilities
    Like we told your RA board buddies, happy to talk, just talk though

    Terry Maynard and CPR – Reston Neighborhoods
    Absolutely NOT

    Terry Maynard and CPR – Mapped Road Across Hidden Creek Country Club
    As we told your RA buds, NO WAY


    • Why do you bother?

      I love this, Donald.

    • cRAzy

      The Cliff Notes version. Thanks.

  • Greg

    Yay! Fewer residential units is very good since there will be fewer “workforce” housing units.

    • 30yearsinreston

      Hudgens will stop it unless she gets an increase

      • Guest

        We can always build way more apartments down by the Hunters Woods Safeway…who knows, maybe we can even build enough work force housing there to give the Safeway and the other stores some real business…I was there today this morning and again just after lunch hour and aside from the employees and folks restocking shelves it was like a ghost town.

  • Greg

    Paging an editor. Any editor, please.

    • Why do you bother?

      I keep volunteering…

  • Arielle in NoVA

    Great place for another food store, but eastbound traffic at that intersection is already backed up for many blocks just about every evening rush. What are their plans to improve that rather than making it worse with the additional businesses and residents?

    • 30yearsinreston

      None are required, so there will be none
      If you think this is bad, go to Temporay Rd at rush hours

  • Brooke

    This is an absolute failure of human spaces design, horribly inconsistent with any survivable future development, and a disgrace to the intent of the area. BXP and Brookfield can not be welcomed in Reston.

    • Peanut

      The development looks pretty sound. Though I agree with you that Town Center Parkway needs to extend below the toll road to really make this development/surrounding sustainable. But this is exactly what the area needs.

  • meyerweb

    Reston traffic will end up being worse then Tysons is today. But the developers will get rich, and the Supervisors campaigns will be fully funded against challengers. Let’s hear it for legalized bribery

  • Dale

    Approved by Fairfax County

    Virginia Code § 24.2-233 states that “Upon petition, a circuit court may remove from office any elected officer or officer who has been appointed to fill an elective office, residing within the jurisdiction of the court.”[2]

    Recall reasons
    Code § 24.2-233 states acceptable reasons for recall when it has “material adverse effect upon the conduct of the office” include:[2]

    Neglect of duty
    Misuse of office
    Incompetence in the performance

    Petition requirements
    The petition for recall must be signed by at least 10% of the number of people who voted in the last election for the office being recalled.[2] The petition must also detail the reasons for removal.[4]

  • James

    It will only take you 3 hours to get into in the parking lot to buy groceries because of Reston traffic gridlock. Where are the roads to handle this? Nobody using the Metro to go grocery shopping.


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