Reston Real Estate: Is Condo Living Right For You?

by RestonNow.com Sponsor July 24, 2018 at 4:30 pm 16 Comments

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I’ve lived on Lake Anne Plaza for about 16 years now. Rick and I originally purchased our first condo, a 1 bedroom in the high rise, to help out one of our kids who needed a stable place to live while struggling with the transition into fully launched adulthood.

As we painted and prepared the condo for our daughter we were smitten with the property. Later, as we watched the community embrace and support and care about our daughter, our infatuation grew and we knew we’d found a place where we wanted to connect.

It wasn’t long before we sold our single family home and moved into a townhouse in Washington Plaza Cluster — a few years after that we moved into a large condo in the high rise on Lake Anne Plaza.

Throughout our time on Lake Anne we’ve been active in the community. I served for years on the condo board, the landscaping committee, ran the Saturday Craft Market and was active in the Merchant’s Committee. Rick has served on the condo board of directors for the past 10 years.

Whenever I work with clients that are considering condo living I try to explain the unique environment that is created when people live in such close proximity to one another. It puts a little more demand on one’s ability to interact with others in a civil manner.

It’s not that there aren’t all kinds of disagreements and even out and out feelings of hostility — but to give in to those ignoble feelings has much deeper consequences when one lives in community. It’s hard to pass someone in the hall way that you’ve publicly demonized; it divides and tears down the community.

I used to joke that living in the Lake Anne Village Center has taught me a lot about forgiveness — because when you live this close to people your only real choice is to forgive them — otherwise at the end of your first year or so you’d have to lock yourself in your condo.

I think often of hearing Bob Simon saying he wished everyone knew “how nice it was to live in close contact with your fellow humans.” I don’t think Bob was being saccharine when he said that — he was a realist about people’s short-comings, but he understood the great richness that living in community brings into one’s own life; certainly for me a great gift.

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  • Editor wanted

    “Civil manor

    • Eve Thompson

      Damn spell check! Correct spelling wrong word! Grrrr’

      • Yup

        Its hard to win when you look like Martha Stewart.

        • Eve Thompson

          Well- clearly I don’t suffer from Martha’s same level of perfectionism.

          • Lauren Graham

            I’m not sure if Yup’s comment was intended to be an insult, but I wonder if they realize Martha Stewart was a model!

          • Eve Thompson


          • Yup

            Sorry, I meant to say Martha Stewart looks like you.

            As for the model comment, nobody is perfect.

    • Why do you bother?

      Now, that’s a structure I could live in!

  • Guest

    Reston Condominium Living (definition): All the disadvantages of apartment-style living together with all the expenses of home ownership (and maybe all the joy of RELAX too!).

    • Eve Thompson

      Condo living isn’t for everyone but for many it’s a great option. Most high rise construction is quiet, and even in some of the low rise communities like Lakeview and Woodwinds I & II, they have concrete between the decks that make them very quiet. If you’re a person that desires a greater sense of community it might be something to consider.

    • Amy Sue

      Not true. I love my condo. I have my own entrance, front step, and sidewalk and LOVE that someone else is responsible for gardening, maintenance, and major and minor repairs. I’ve been a condo dweller for more than 20 years in an exceptionally well-managed community. I’m a quiet FREAK and rarely hear much noise at all (well, except for the crickets at night!).

      • Eve Thompson

        I agree! It’s a great way to live!

  • Why do you bother?

    Simon must have had a very narrow group of “fellow humans” with whom to interact.

    • Melissa Berkemeier Romano

      Bob Simon embraced diversity and built Reston to embody the very idea. I’m not sure what you mean by your comment, but it doesn’t sound like you have a very clear understanding of the history of our community if you are doubting it’s breadth.

      • Why do you bother?

        Stand down, Melissa. You completely missed my point.

        • YourJokeMissedTheMark

          Not sure how else she could have taken it.


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