Reston Association Board Dives Deep into 2019 Budget

by Fatimah Waseem October 8, 2018 at 1:30 pm 5 Comments

Reston Association’s Board of Directors took a deep dive into drafting next year’s budget, which could include a roughly $11 increase in member assessments.

The proposed increase, which is currently under consideration, is driven by nearly $229,000 in new expenses, such as a $60,000 reserve study required by state law every five years and nearly $56,000 in health care cost increases for staff.

At a meeting in late September, the board took particular interest in $20,000 allocated for targeted marketing in an effort to reach individuals outside of RA’s membership and boost rentals of facilities. Mike Leone, RA’s director communications and community engagement, said would allow staff to expand their reach and market RA’s rental facilities, including the Lake House.

In previous years, staff used free marketing tools to reach members and non-members. Board members said they wanted to see more information on how targeted marketing was linked to revenue increases and return on investment.

“This board will need to see more granularized targets,” said RA board president Andy Sigle.

RA’s Acting CEO Larry Butler said he directed department heads to examine how to cut costs across different entities within RA.

“They’re very, very small compromises,” Butler said.

New proposed items in this year’s budget include the following:

  • Reserve study: $60,000 of a study required by law every five years
  • Healthcare cost increase: $55,500 for a projected 6.5 percent increase in current healthcare funds
  • POAA software: $43,000 to eliminate proprietary software
  • Dechlorination systems for pools: $20,000 to fulfill a new Fairfax County requirement to address stormwater concerns
  • Billings and collections software: $30,000 to replace an antiquated proprietary system; will utilize a $75,000 in carry-forward funds from this year

Photo via YouTube/Reston Association

  • Greg

    See what I mean by overpaid RA staff? “and nearly $56 million in health care cost increases for staff.”

  • Greg

    “…$60,000 reserve study required by state law every five years.”

    This is not a new requirement. Why is it not budgeted annually or funded from reserves?

  • 32yearsinreston

    1. Ms. Waseem, a bit of a proof read before hitting publish is probably a good idea, clearly there isn’t a $56 million increase is healthcare costs. Otherwise I think you have taken over for Karen well.

    2. If I have to pay $11 more for RA to get software that isn’t total garbage I’m happy to do so.

  • Amy Sue

    “$20,000 for targeted marketing in an effort to reach individuals outside of RA’s membership and boost rentals of facilities…including the Lake House.” Oh, the irony. Also, how about nixing the glossy Reston Magazine that just arrived in my mailbox? There’s an article/advertisement for the new properties that will be part of hte Reston Association. Conveniently, the article includes descriptions, pictures, and phone numbers for the properties. I surely hope those property owners–and not RA members–paid for this article.

  • 30yearsinreston

    Dump a few ‘Directors’ and balance the budget
    Dump that useless glossy PR exercise that is immediately trashed on arrival


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