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Poll: What do You Think About Wegmans Coming to Town?

by RestonNow.com December 19, 2018 at 4:45 pm 14 Comments

You have probably heard the news by now: Reston is getting its first Wegmans.

The 80,000-square-foot Wegmans will be a part of Brookfield Properties’ $1.4 billion development by the Silver Line’s planned Reston Town Center Metro station.

The nearly 4 million-square-foot mixed-use development dubbed Halley Rise, formerly known as Reston Crescent, will be located on the northwest corner of the intersection of Reston Parkway and Sunrise Valley Drive.

The project includes New housing, offices and public green space.

The developers are now eyeing neighbors for Wegmans in the 250,000 square feet of planned retail space, which could support between 20 to 30 tenants. A bowling alley concept, movie theater, fitness center and restaurants are all under consideration, the Washington Business Journal reported.

The Wegmans could open as soon as 2022, which is when the first phase of the project is slated to be done. The second phase is aiming for completion in 2026.

With the new development beginning construction in 2019, let us know your thoughts about Halley Rise and the new grocery option.

Photos via Halley Rise and Fairfax County and handout via Brookfield Properties

  • Mike M

    I get a little more excited “when LOVE comes to town!”

  • Stormy_Fireriver

    I am so excited about the traffic.

    • 30yearsinreston

      Dont be
      Hudgins and Plum extended bike lanes will handle it
      We have been assured

  • Big Drop

    This is going to be a different Wegmans than the others in the Washington area. It will be 80,000 square feet not 130,000+ like Dulles, Chantilly, Loudoun, Gainesville, Fredericksburg, etc. Literally less than 2/3 the size. The Tyson’s store (Capital One) is similar.

    I love Wegmans but 50,000 square feet can be a real difference. I may still drive to Fairfax…

  • 30yearsinreston

    I prefer the Asian grocery stores in Herndon to overpriced Wegmans

  • fact

    i cannot afford wegmanns. most of my income goes to housing and tolls

    • 30yearsinreston

      Get a free Hudgins house and ride a bike

  • ah

    Gentrification at its finest.

    • dccer

      Gentrifying a parking lot?

      • ah

        The whole town. They tore down Crescent apartments to put up more expensive housing.

        • Conservative Senior

          It’s still there!

  • James Lee

    I hope they have a pharmacy! I hear there is not going to be one in Virginia Beach and Tyson’s.

    I only go to Harris Teeter because of the one stop shopping. Otherwise not much incentive vs baldtucci just downstairs.

  • Bitemore Gfotwo

    No way will I have anything to do with Town Center and its paid parking and over-built, under-used architecture. I shop at Mom’s Organic Market in Herndon. Wegmans doesn’t interest me in the least.

  • Arielle in NoVA

    Free parking? Sure, I’d shop there sometimes. It’s not close enough to be my regular grocery store.

    Paid parking, at all? I’d skip it. Don’t want to encourage more of BP’s BS.


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