County Board Approves Nearly 10 Million Square Feet of Development in Reston

by Fatimah Waseem August 1, 2018 at 10:15 am 36 Comments

In a streak of votes on development proposals in Reston Tuesday evening, the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved three projects totaling nearly 10 million square feet of development and up to 3,731 residential units at full development capacity.

The first approval by CoreSite brings nearly 943,000 square feet of space for data centers to Sunrise Technology Policy, a 21-acre office parking with four existing buildings.

David Gill, the applicant’s legal representative, said the project represents a significant investment in Fairfax County and would help serve current and future enterprises in Reston. Gill said CoreSite intentionally chose Reston instead of Loudoun County to serve as the premier data center provider for this reason.

Hunter Mill District Supervisor Cathy Hudgins said the data center would also significantly reduce trip generation. “In some sense, that’s a good news piece,” she said.

Approvals for two other mixed-use projects, Reston Gateway and Reston Crescent, would open the door to a new phase of development in and around Reston Town Center. The board unanimously approved Brookfield Partners’ Reston Crescent proposal, which brings up to 1,721 residential units, 1.5 million square feet of office space, 380,00 square feet of retail and a 200-room hotel. The project is located on Sunrise Valley Drive between Edmund Halley Dive and Reston Parkway and will be the future home of a two-story Wegmans.

On the north side of the Reston Town Center Metro Station, Boston Properties’ Reston Gateway project, which brings 4.8 million square feet of development across 28 acres. The plan includes 2.2 million square feet of office, up to 2,010 residential units, a hotel, 93,900 square feet of retail and restaurant space.

The plan for Reston Gateway piqued concerns by Rob Whitfield, a Reston resident of 20 years, who said an immediate and detailed transportation plan was necessary for Reston Town Center, which he said is already congested during peak traffic hours.

Hudgins said that while projects on the drawing table are largely unfunded, each developer is offering transportation funding that will help fund future improvements that she said are necessary. Hudgins also noted that the arrival of the Silver Line over the next two years would reduce the number of drivers on the road.

“This is a large transition as we see it,” she said. 

Whitfield was the only individual to testify during the public hearings on all three projects Tuesday evening.

  • Cubsfan6116

    Reston Crescent is south of the Toll Road. The Wegmans is in Reston Crescent. Reston Gateway is north of the toll road and owned by Boston Properties (and is essentially an extension of RTC). It would be very helpful if you could take a moment and clarify all of this in the above article.

    All of this said, if development has to occur somewhere, I’d much rather it be concentrated around the Metro Stations (as these are). Hopefully that will mean more Metro riders and fewer new drivers. Plus, the Wegmans will be a nice benefit for us in South Reston who currently have to go to the other side of the town center for anything other than Safeway or Giant.

    • 30yearsinreston

      Development does not have to go in Reston. That is fallacy perpetrated by developers who are reacting to the laissez faire attitude of Hudgins and Bulova
      If you want more choices for grocery stores I suggest you go East and look in Herndon

      • Cubsfan6116

        I meant somewhere in Reston, but its true that development doesn’t have to happen in Reston. Something about a 2.5B$ Metrorail extension makes me thing that won’t be the case. Either way, these proposals replace an empty dirt patch and parking lots. Seems like a better use of space.

        As for CoreSite, I wish it wasn’t on Sunrise Valley Drive, but you might want to look into data centers…location is critical.

        Herndon is west of Reston, so going east won’t get me there. And I don’t need MORE grocery stores, just better ones would be nice. The Safeways are always understaffed with broken self-check-outs. If they want to invest in their stores and get them on a level competitive with Harris-Teeter and Wegmans and Trader Joes, etc., that’d be fine too. But that won’t happen without some pressure. South Reston is a wonderful place to live. That said, our shopping centers are lacking and outdated, and many of our office buildings are 40+ years old and half empty. Sorry not sorry I’m excited about some improvements, new stores, and new offices.

        • 30yearsinreston
          • Tammi Petrine

            If there is good news about CoreSite, it is that is reduces traffic from current uses to almost nothing! The other advantage is that it brings in a ton of tax revenue to the County – I think $2M/month! Let’s use that Reston produced income to finance Reston-centric infrastructure like Town Center Underpass, etc.

          • 30yearsinreston

            Loudon BOS are a lot smarter and forward thinking than the useless crew we have in Fairfax
            Drain the swamp by starting with Hudgins recall

        • Richard

          Going East will definitely get you to Herndon. Just sayin’.

          • Walter Hadlock

            You are so wrong. Herndon is West of Reston. It sits between Reston and the Loudoun County/Fairfax County line.

          • Richard

            You must be one of those flat Earthers. Keep going East and you will get to Herndon.

    • Reston Now


    • meyerweb

      Cubs fan do you understand ANYTHING about commuting patterns? Metro is OK, barely, if you commute towards the city. It’s totally useless for the hundreds of thousands who cimmite from NoVA to Montgomery County and vice versa, or from Reston to Springfield, or most other suburb to suburb commutes. Metro was built for commuting patterns that no longer exist for many commuters. The majority of those living or working in all these new buildings will drive. And the roads can’t even handle today’s traffic,, much less tomorrow’s

      • Cubsfan6116

        Let’s see – top job centers for people in Northern Virginia are (in no particular order): Washington, Arlington, Tysons, and Reston – all on the Silver Line! But since it doesn’t end it Reston but goes to Loudoun County – one of the fastest growing and wealthiest places in the region, it should do a decent job in grabbing a whole lot of those people who clog up the intersection of 28 and 267 every morning and afternoon. Where do you think they’re going anyway? Either way, there are still a ton of jobs in DC and Arlington, so I think the Metro routes are still logical.

        I’ll give you that it’s not a great option for people in Springfield (though a heck of a lot of people board trains to other places at Franconia)…so maybe we should continue Maryland’s purple line down through Tysons and around to Springfield and Alexandria so all those people working along the Beltway have better options…

        As for how they get places, if we don’t build rail and other mass transit options, almost EVERYONE will drive and jobs will be so spread out that transit will be completely infeasible. Maybe the Silver Line will encourage some people commuting from Montgomery County to Reston to move to Falls Church or Reston or Herndon or Loudoun and take the train. It certainly wouldn’t be an option otherwise.

        • what

          Most highly functional subway systems around the world do in fact have a ‘belt’ line that circles the CBD – Paris, London, Tokyo, Berlin, etc etc

      • Why do you bother?

        Not to mention that not all work locations are Metro accessible.

    • Why do you bother?

      Those people all have to shop, see doctors, visit friends, etc. Even if they use Metro to commute to work, they’ll drive for everything else.

  • 30yearsinreston

    More BS from Hudgins
    The arrival of the Silver Line has caused more congestion and will not lessen it
    Any fool can see the results of her policies
    The result of the developer ‘offerings’ can be seen by residents being asked to fork out for infrastructure and the increase in property taxes to support the additional density
    This is just the beginning of the transition to a urban high rise slum which will further accelerate with the demise of the golf courses

    She obviously thinks that Reston residents are fools as she plays them for suckers For those who vote for her and Bulova this must be a wake up call
    Time to send FCBOS a message by initiating a Hudgins recall and show her she is wrong

    • Ken Bum

      Eh, too much credit. Doubt she thinks of Reston residents at all. Only developers and big biz.

    • Peanut

      These developments will be great for Reston. Lots of exciting stuff coming – not sure why you’re so down on it. Any added reasons to avoid going into DC, Arlington, Tysons, or elsewhere when we have everything here is good in my book. Plus with the metro it’s not like any of those other destinations are really so bad.

      • meyerweb

        Which developer do you work for, Peanut ? When all this is done Reston traffic will make Tysons Corner seem rural

      • Why do you bother?

        Don’t leave your house much do you?

        • Peanut

          I won’t have to go very far once this all gets completed, since everything you need will be nearby.

          • Why do you bother?

            If you and a half-million of my other friends are driving to the same place I am – whether it’s a mile or 10 – that road is going to be gridlock. Distance is irrelevant – if you’re driving, you’re part of the clump.

  • Why do you bother?

    Continuing to promote Metro as a viable option is a joke. Even when it was running relatively smoothly (if I can remember that far back), it was overcrowded, HVAC rarely worked properly, and it’s expensive.

    You couldn’t pay me enough to take a job that requires me to commute via Metro.

    • UrbanNotSuburban

      No one rides it anymore, it’s too crowded.

      • Why do you bother?


  • Chuck Morningwood

    BOHICA, Reston.

    Who here knows how to run a political campaign? I am serious about running solely on an Anti-Development issue.

  • meyerweb

    As long as developers can legally buy politicians, Fairfax will approve every development proposal they see.

    • 30yearsinreston

      As long as Hudgins is in power, they will be multistorey highrises without infrastructure improvements

      • meyerweb

        It’s not just Hudgins. They all get the bulk of their campaign funding from developers, and they won’t bite the hand that feeds them. The board’s real constituents are those who donate the most, not those who vote.

  • cRAzy

    So just how big is this?

    –The 3,371 new housing units will add about about 14% to the number of homes in Reston.
    –The number of new housing units will add about 13% (~8.000) to Reston’s estimated 62,000 population.
    –The opportunity for new office (not all) jobs will be increased by about 19% or 12,300 jobs. And there will be some increase in other jobs too.

    Just in a days work by the Board. And, oh yes, where is all the infrastructure that needs to go with this? Nowhere.

    • Noval

      Exactly. No new roads but tens of thousands of new trips on our local roads every day. A recipe for gridlock.

      • Susan Miller

        who is paying for the new schools ?

    • JoeInReston

      No new roads are needed because public transportation is recommended. For any given trip, you walk to your bus stop, wait for the bus, take the bus to the subway, with all the additional delays that come with that as the bus takes a circular route to its destination periodically stopping to pick up and drop off passengers. Then you wait on the subway platform for the next train, possibly up to 24 minutes on the weekends due to track maintenance. When the subway reaches its destination, you then wait for another bus to take you where you ultimately want to go. Whats the problem here?

      As for schools and other such infrastructure, as any intelligent city planner will tell you, you must first develop wildly without any concern for consequences. The unmet infrastructure shortage can then be used as leverage to procure state funding. This is called “smart growth”.

    • Stuart Gibson

      At last week’s meeting, it was revealed that development in the transit corridor alone will add 44,000 dwelling units to Reston, more than doubling Reston’s population. Of course, developers will be bringing more land and roads with them as they “fully develop” Reston — NOT!

  • County Board is hitting the jackpot. Lots of housing and no kids but lots of taxes. Not much in roads etc. So this will all be a money maker for the county and benefit the entire county…. So we know why they like it.

  • what

    For all the folks who don’t commute to/from Reston on 267, this development will to add to the traffic woes. Reston Pwky / West Ox / FFx Pkwy are pretty bad at peak hours, and will get worse.


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