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Reston Real Estate: Reston’s Newest Neighborhood

by RestonNow.com Sponsor January 15, 2019 at 3:30 pm 6 Comments

This is a sponsored post from Eve Thompson of Reston Real Estate. For a more complete picture of home sales in your neighborhood, contact her on Reston Real Estate.

I’ve been working with a buyer that wants new construction which has taken me into Reston’s newest neighborhoods. It’s been fascinating to explore these areas — seeing the new bump up against the old and start to get of sense of what could emerge.

Reston’s most recent round of residential construction outside of Reston Town Center was 2005/2006 when the Mercer Building and Carlton House were built. All of the construction since that time has been luxury apartments.

The Sekas Homes project, called Sunrise Square has a prime location within half a mile of the current and future Metro stops. The project includes a 10 unit condo building and 34 townhouses.

The condo’s which are nearly sold out are light and roomy with beautiful finishes, many of them have views of Reston National golf course. The condos also come with enormous temperature controlled storage rooms located in the basement of the building which makes them great for empty nesters that haven’t quite purged off all of their old life possessions; or anyone with hobbies and gear!

The garage townhouses come with a range of options but the baseline models include:

  • Outdoor living on two levels with a main level deck and rooftop terrace overlooking Reston
  • 9′ ceilings throughout
  • 3-4 bedrooms and 4.5 baths
  • Gourmet kitchen with high-end appliances
  • Access to all of Reston’s amenities

For those worried about the vertical nature of townhouse living there is a floorplan that includes an optional elevator. Other options include outdoor fireplace for the rooftop terrace.

Sekas Homes is an award winning custom home builder with a reputation for beautiful high quality projects. They’re known for their green building methods and have won awards from the city of Vienna and Fairfax County.

Residents of this new neighborhood are full dues paying members of the Reston Association and have access to all of Reston’s amenities.

  • The Nature in Reston

    Tell Sekas to join Rescue Reston in stopping developers from paving over Reston National Golf Course, the nature and wildlife habitat. Their buyers may not have a view if Hudgins and the developers have their way.

    • Annie Garnett

      What’s a shame is that the RA Board under the leadership of Hebert and Ganesan with hench man Carr, dismantled Reston’s best chance of stopping that when they orchestrated the resignation of CEO Fulkerson. Her strategic use of resources like land use attorney John McVey, who successfully fought off the first battle of for the golf course was smart and informed. She understood Reston’s need to have a seat at the County table as opposed to these well intended folks who think they can just say “NO”. Their obsession over the acquisition, wait for it…open space, in the form of Tetris drove them to work at gutting the Reston Association; and for what? A pretend reduction in the RA dues that had to be made up this year.

      Way to go Sheri, Shridar, Eric and those of you in the background. Lovaas, Farrell, Abbott. Petrine, and Flashman. Way to make Reston Great Again!

      • Greg

        Please. In addition to being rid of Fulkerson’s outrageous compensation, the million-dollar legal bills are also gone.

        Good riddance to them, and thanks to the RA board for making it happen.

        And, it’s “Tetra.”

        • Sam In Reston

          Ha! You’ll probably be saying good-bye to that golf course as well! Oh and how’d you like the RA dues increase? It felt like a two year increase to me, oh, right because they dropped the dues the year before!

          • Greg

            I don’t pay “dues.” RA is not a country club.

          • Sam In Reston

            Whatever Buddy, if that makes you feel better. Call them whatever you want but do the math, those dopes didn’t save you a dime.


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