Pet of the Week: Jack

Meet Jack, an adult grey and white Domestic Short Hair male available for adoption locally.

Here is what his friends at Little Buddies Adoption and Humane Society have to say about him:

Can you believe that a cat as cute as Jack has been with us for over THREE YEARS? We’re not sure why, because he is so nice, doesn’t mind other cats, and even has a tiny heart on his nose. Who could resist?!

Jack is a true rags to riches story, because he was originally found as a stray in West Virginia. He was cold, hungry and needed some medical attention for a couple issues. We’re glad he came into our care so we could patch him up and get him happy and healthy again!

Jack — aka Jack Jack aka One-Eye Jack — has numerous hobbies that occupy his time. He likes to lounge in his cat tree, lounge in his window perch, lounge in the sunny patch that moves across the carpet and lounge on your bed. When the mood strikes, he likes playing with his laser toy, but his favorite thing is to.. you guessed it: lounge.

This sweet cat is very people-oriented, and will love to sleep in bed with you. He even comes when you call his name! Seriously, what could be better than being greeted by this handsome fellow when you get home from work or errands, and then having him follow you around lounging all day?

Jack is 4 years old and in really good shape, especially given his mysterious past and the shape he was in when he first arrived to us. He has a minor heart condition that is well-managed with medication, which Jack takes like a champ mixed with his food or in a pill pocket. An easy-to-medicate cat? What a dream. The pills are very reasonably priced, too (just $6 for a two month supply) so that’s not too much to ask to keep Jack in tip-top shape, right?

Are you and Jack a match?

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