Reston, VA

Meet Charming Chad, a 10-pound terrier mix with a big personality!

Here’s what his friends at Safe Haven Puppy Rescue had to say about him:

Charming Chad is just that — so charming! He is all of 10 pounds with a HUGE personality. He is 2 years old and just a love. He is with one of our wonderful fosters in Northern Virginia, and they say he has been a delight and gets along well with her two pups and kids. He seems to be house-trained and fully vaccinated.

He has been a joy to have with us, but he is ready to go to his forever family. We’re confident he will make his adopters a terrific companion. This charming guy is a nice blend of friendly affection and normal playfulness and will bring lots of love to any home.

Are you and Charming Chad the perfect match?


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