Meet Cute Chloe, a 2-year-old terrier who’s looking for her home sweet home.

Here’s what Cute Chloe’s friends at Safe Haven Puppy Rescue have to say about her:

Look at that face! Chloe is a gorgeous 2-year-old terrier who just LOVES to be with her humans, and at 43 pounds, she’s the perfect size to cuddle.

She came to the shelter as a stray, underweight and with a few scars. She put on a few pounds, her scars have healed and she’s learning that humans are actually pretty cool, especially when giving belly rubs. She is wary around other pups so we are looking for a family without any other pups. We believe in time she will be fine with other pups with the proper introductions, but for now she is enjoying the one-on-one attention, and we think she deserves it.

She enjoys a fenced backyard, but honestly, this is the pup you are looking for if you want a TV cuddle buddy. She wants nothing more than to hang out with her human.

Are you and Cute Chloe the perfect match? Learn more about her.


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