Reston, VA

Meet Hank, Reston’s latest Pet of the Week. Hank is a quiet and gentle 11-year-old who will love sitting on your lap.

Here’s what Hank’s friends at Fancy Cats Rescue Team had to say about him:

Hank is a quiet guy with the biggest heart. He would love to sit in your lap — if you help him up! Or he’s content with sitting in his comfy bed, near you, so he can be a part of the action. At 11 years old and super gentle, Hank loves being brushed and occasionally gets interested in shiny feather toys.

With a proper intro, Hank could live with another mellow cat, that minds their P’s and Q’s.

P.S. He’s a litter box champ! He’s just looking for a calm and quiet home with nice people who will dote on him in his golden years. He would benefit from a wet diet for his aging kidneys.

Are you and Hank the perfect match?


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