You Said It: Metro’s Silver Line So Far

by Karen Goff August 18, 2014 at 9:30 am 2,021 6 Comments

The first Metro car rolls into Wiehle-Reston East/Credit: Jennifer Heffner, Vita Images

Reston Now asked readers last week how Metro’s Silver Line is working for them.

As of Sunday evening 345 people answered our poll. Here is what they had to say:

  • 161 voters (48 percent) said it has improved their life
  • 94 voters (27 percent) said it has had no impact
  • 64 voters (18.5 percent) said it made their commute more complicated
  • 21 voters (6 percent) said none of the above

Plenty of readers chimed in with their thoughts on the new Metro line, the first line addition since 1991.

Here is what some of them had to say:

Lightcommuter: I commute just 15 minutes to Tysons but still thought leaving the car at home would be nice. That short trip by metro took 1 hr (with bus) and cost $8, compared to my free parking at the office. I haven’t used the silver line since. But it does seem to be lightening traffic – will see if that continues after school starts back up.

Jon: I ride with Daily commuters and we have nicknamed this line “The Silver Long”. It’s awful for commuters. Thankfully they still run the Crystal City/Pentagon Express bus. It only takes 25 minutes.

RestoncommuterFor me, it has added time and money to my commute to downtown. I used to take the bus to West Falls Church then Metro to Foggy Bottom. Now I pay the same bus fare to take me further west to get onto the Reston station which extends the metro trip which adds time and money. Bummer, it probably helps people west of Reston, but not for the residents who were already taking public transit.

JJSKI: Pros — Previously drove to Vienna station from South Lakes, so I’ve shaved about 10 minutes off each way. Cons — Paying more to commute by bus/rail. 551 and RIBS2 are never on schedule in the afternoon.

Steve: The only complaint I have is with the Metro and Fairfax Connector employees who are parking their official vehicles in the Kiss&Ride lot instead of the main garage. By taking five or more spaces a day away from people dropping off and picking up commuters, these employees are creating needless traffic congestion in the Kiss & Ride lot.

    Freeway1: Who rides FROM the Silver Line? Meaning who lives close enough to walk there? Not many really and not for years yet. What a waste of tax payer money. Also, why is it above ground? Its the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen and has made Rt. 7 as wide a I-495 defeating the purpose of making Tyson’s “walkable.” No logic went into this project at all.

    To see more comments or take the poll, read the original story on Reston Now.

    Photo: Jennifer Heffner, Vita Images

    • Donna Lannes-robuck

      I have taken the silver line..to the Nats game and to Tysons and I live in Reston. I have been waiting for this to come to my community. It was so convenient and easy. However…I have two concerns….up keep….already the darn escalator was broken. How many times is this going to happen? Moreover…the biggest concern…is safety…on our way back from the NATS game on Thursday…we witnessed 3 rowdy teenagers…who were acting like fools…yelling the “N” word…jumping from car to car trying to intimidate the people that were riding the metro. They were jumping up and down and swinging on the bars..it was crazy. I ask where is security..we were frightened..these boys were looking for trouble and to damage somethings or someone…never saw a security guard or police man. This was a late game..check your videos..we got in around 12:30am. There is also lack of lighting in our neighborhoods…so we will now drive instead of walk like we want to because of security issues. Get it together..people..the metro is here..please make sure we are protected from the crime a metro can bring to our community.

      • Frogger

        Welcome to “gritty” urban living!

      • Metro Passenger

        You suburbanites really need to get out of your Reston bubble.

        • Donna Lannes-robuck

          i guess we will need to get out our bullet proof vests on.and carry our mace. I guess that is the only thing I don’t like about the metro, that it will carry ignorant jackasses like you out to our nice neighborhoods.

    • Noelle

      I’m surprised to see so much bad feedback. I LOVE the Silver Line. I have taken it to go to Nats games, the museums downtown, and to get dinner in Arlington just in the past few weeks. I used to have to drive to East Falls Church or Vienna to take it. It’s a quick 5 minute drive from my house and a stress-less ride to the city.

    • Laura

      I used to ride metro every day. I took the 950/980 to west falls church and then the orange line to l’enfant plaza and then a shuttle to work. Unfortunately the silver line has somehow added 15 min to my commute and now costs the same as driving (which can get me there in almost half the time). I just don’t have 1:45-2 hrs to waste commuting each way, especially when it doesn’t save me money (even when I take into account the wear on my car – without the toll road). Parking at the station makes it much more expensive than driving and still takes longer door to door. The shortest time I was ever able to do it in was 1:30 when I hit everything just right – which is how long it took using metro before the silverline. I’ve been driving for the past week. Disgruntled.


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