BREAKING: Several Injured in Crash on Wiehle

by Karen Goff February 17, 2015 at 8:09 pm 3,863 18 Comments

Fairfax County Police Several people were injured in a two-car accident at Wiehle Avenue and Fairway Drive on Tuesday evening, Fairfax County Police said.

Fairfax County Police said one car flipped over and several people had to be extricated from the cars by rescue crews from the accident that occurred about 6:30 p.m.

One person suffered life-threatening injuries and was taken away in the rescue helicopter, says police public information officer Shelley Broderick. At least one other was transported by ambulance, police said.

It is unknown whether the crash was related to the weather. That intersection is on the side of Wiehle where traffic flows downhill.

Wiehle was partially closed as of 7:45 p.m. for accident investigation.

  • jennifer

    I hope everyone is ok and make a healthy recovery. My prayers go out to the victims.

  • Ming the Merciless

    Wiehle and Fairway is not on the downward slope of a hill. It is on the crest of a hill.

    • Karen Goff

      what i meant was traffic goes on the downhill side of the street not the uphill side.

      • Ming the Merciless

        I don’t understand what you mean by that either. At the intersection, Wiehle is flat.

        • PayItForward

          Seriously, are you really that disrespectful when speaking as well?

          • Ming the Merciless

            (shrug) I asked for clarification of a statement that makes no sense to me. How can traffic on a two-way street be only on the “downhill side of the street”? Traffic goes uphill and downhill depending on which way you are going. But the intersection of Wiehle and Fairway is not on a hill, so “uphill side” or “downhill side” doesn’t enter into it.

            Any “disrespect” is entirely a product of your imagination. And anyway — buzz off, insect, I’m not talking to you.

  • lisa

    I have no clue what happened in this accident, but that is a terrible stretch of road. I’m surprised there aren’t more accidents there, honestly. There needs to be a guard rail in the center. Oncoming traffic regularly crosses the yellow line.
    I hope this person pulls through.

    • Ming the Merciless

      Unworkable. There would be no turning left onto Fairway from Wiehle, or left onto Wiehle from Fairway, with such a guard rail.

      There would be far fewer problems if people would just slow down.

      • t2girlPaige

        And even FEWER problems if people DIDNT TEXT AND DRIVE OR TALK ON PHONES AND DRIVE ….. and learn how to drive.

  • Chris

    There was one driver in each car and neither flipped (saw it happen.) Head-on accident right after that hump where everyone blows their tires out against the curb at Inlet Ct.. Quick response from EMS. Hope they are both ok.

  • selene

    The bump needs to be leveled out, the road needs to be widened by 2 feet, and there needs to be a median. This road is seriously dangerous. And people need to slow down, it’s not a highway. It says 35 for a reason.

  • Lake dweller

    I live there too and this is becoming a regular occurrence. You can see where cars jump the curb on often between both North Shore Dr. (Loop road) intersections. Probably just a matter of time before a pedestrian or cyclist is hit on the sidewalk. Traffic calming measures might help, but the road should really be widened, which would be an engineering challenge
    . How do we start that conversation with VDOT?

    • Mike M

      With lots of money and some political clout. I believe Ken Plum is at some Diversity event for the next six weeks.

  • Max

    Turning onto Fairway Drive from Wiehle Is dangerous. You can’t see cars coming up the hill or down the hill. We call it the Jesus corner. You say thank you Jesus I made it!

  • Lake Anne Resident

    The stretch of Wiehle where this accident occurred is on the approach/exit to the Lake Anne dam. I have been witness to too many accidents, including fatalities on this stretch of road – many due to excessive speed/driver error. Not only is the speed limit as stated in another post, there is a caution sign (20mph), yellow striped markings, flashing caution lights, etc. – that people choose to ignore warnings, drive with impunity, ignorance, or defiance, or whatever, is a hard lesson learned. Addition of a median or center guard rail is not really a viable physical solution. Changing driver behavior is not easy, but really the only solution. Rush hour traffic on Wiehle has increased dramatically since opening of the Silver Line Metro such that it is almost impossible to safely negotiate left turns in & out of Inlet Court and Fairway intersections with Wiehle. Many years ago, I taught my children the UPS “right turn” model, even if it means take a few extra minutes or going the extra distance to avoid dangerous left turn situations. I had the location of the school bus stop changed so children would not be standing in harms’ way. They got many a “responsible driver” lecture before they were allowed to have keys to the family car.

    My heart and well wishes goes out to those who were injured last night and to the first responders who came to their aid so quickly. Let this be a lesson learned for all of us… please please, for your own safety and well-being as well as that of others… SLOW DOWN and respect speed limits & warning signage. You don’t save any time by exceeding the speed limit… but you can save lives, including your own.

  • Slow it down

    It is probably time for a traffic light there. (Queue all the commuters whinging and whining “it will slow me down!”) And yes, people on Whiele need to SLOW DOWN. A side bar to this is the excessive speed of drivers down Fairway. It is 25 mph. FFxPD needs to set up some speed traps all over North Shore, Fairway and Whiele.

  • Chuck Morningwood

    Two words: traffic light. And set it so that it spends a lot of time red on Wiehle.

  • Mike M

    I’ve been turning the corner to Fairway every day for about two months now. Tis an accident waiting to happen. Also, the sidewalk is so close to the road on the west side of Wiehle that one false move will spin a pedestrian in place – or much much worse.


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