Reston Plans Will Keep Fairfax County Planning Commission Busy

 The Fairfax County Planning Commission has few items scheduled for the rest of November, mainly due to Thanksgiving.

But expect a lot of activity in early 2016.

Now is a good chance for a checklist to bring you up to date on what’s in the works for Reston.

Note, these projects are in addition to projects already underway such as JBG’s Reston Heights, Comstock’s BLVD, Bozzuto/Veatch’s residential building off Sunset Hills and Boston Properties’ Signature Site (Block 4) at Reston Town Center.

New Applications Filed

Comstock Partners has filed a Proffer Condition Amendment, Conceptual and Final Development Plan to increase the overall maximum density of Reston Station from 2.5 Floor Area Ratio (FAR) to 3.5. The Application is also seeking an increase off 100 feet in the maximum building height of three of the eight buildings (future buildings 6,7 and 8 from 140 feet to 240 feet).

JBG has filed a rezoning application to rezone 1831 Wiehle Avenue from the I-4 Industrial District Medium Intensity to the Planned Residential Mixed-Use (PRM) district to develop a mixed-use, transit oriented development in the Wiehle-Reston East Transit station area. The rezoning proposes 504 multi-family residential units and up to 61,000 square feet of complementary retail uses.

Tall Oaks Development Company LLC (Jefferson Apartment Group) has filed a planned residential community (PRC) plan to redevelopment the property
with a mixed of residential and retail uses. The proposed redevelopment will
consist of 70 condos in two multifamily buildings with garage parking underneath each building; 42 two-over-two townhomes with a combination of garage and street parking; 44 townhomes; and 7,000 square feet of retail.

Applications Accepted

CESC Commerce Executive Park, L.L.C. has a rezoning/final development plan, concurrent with special exception amendment for 1850 Centennial Park Drive, 11400 Commerce Park Drive, and 11440 Commerce Park
Drive to rezone from Industrial District I-3 (light industrial) to Planned Development Commercial (PDC) to permit the development of approximately 500 new dwelling units, a hotel with approximately 175 rooms, a new trophy office building of approximately 400,000 square feet, and complementary retail/active uses integrated into the ground floor.

Two existing office buildings will be retained (totaling 356,496 square
feet). The Application also includes an option to convert the proposed hotel to multifamily residential, and the proposed new office building to multifamily residential and/or hotel. The Planning Commission public hearing has not been scheduled.

Sekas Homes, LTD has submitted a Rezoning and Final Development Plan application concurrent for property located at 11690 Sunrise Valley Drive (the former American Press Institute building). The application seeks to rezone from Industrial District I-5, Planned Residential Community and Residential Estate to
the Planned Development Housing-12 to construct 37 urban-style townhomes with associated parking and recreational amenities.

The existing office building and surface parking will be removed. Access will be provided via a single full movement access point off of Roland Clarke Place and the development will be served by private streets and alleyways. The Planning Commission public hearing has not been scheduled.

Upcoming Hearings

Bozzuto Development Company, Inc. has submitted a Proffer Condition Amendment, Development Plan Amendment and Planned Residential Community Amendment Plan for the proposed redevelopment of St. John’s Wood apartments to convert 250 multi-family garden apartments in nine-three story buildings to 625 new apartments and thirty-four townhomes at 11500 Olde Tiverton Circle, Reston. The Planning Commission public hearing is slated for Dec. 10, 2015 at 8:15 p.m.

2222 Colts Neck Road LLC has filed a Development Plan Amendment, a Proffered Condition Amendment, and a Planned Residential Community Plan Amendment  for 2222 Colts Neck, the former United Christian Parish property, to revise the
approval of 210 independent living units to allow for 119 of the approved independent living units to be replaced with an assisted
living facility and to make minor amendments to the currently approved project. The Planning Commission public hearing is tentatively scheduled for Feb. 17, 2016.

Chick-fil-A, Inc. has filed a Planned Residential Community plan to redevelop property previously occupied by Burger King, located at 1490 North Point Village Center, Reston. The Application seeks to demolish the existing building and construct a proposed 4,700-square-foot Chick-fil-A fast food restaurant with a drive-thru. A tentative Planning Commission date has been scheduled for March 24, 2016 at 8:15 p.m.

Wiehle Station Venures LLC has filed a rezoning (Planned Residential Mixed – Final Development Plan concurrent with Special Exception Amendment to permit infill development of multifamily residential uses near the Wiehle-Reston East Metro Station (North of Sunrise Valley Drive, east of Association Drive and west of Commerce Park Drive).

The proposed development will replace an existing surface parking lot with 260 dwelling units. The existing office condo building will also be
rezoned PRM as a secondary use to the new residential use. A portion of the property (approximately 1.99 acres) will remain Industrial District I-3 and provide parking for the condo office building. The special exception is to permit commercial off-street parking to serve the office application condo building. Planning Commission public hearing is scheduled for Thursday, May 12,

Photo: Rendering of new Tall Oaks Village Center Area/Credit: Jefferson Apartment Group

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