Advisory Group Seeks Feedback on Street Grid Near Transit

by Karen Goff January 14, 2016 at 12:30 pm 4 Comments

Wiehle-Reston East Metro areaNow that Reston is becoming a transit-oriented community, how should the streets surrounding the Metro stations be organized?

That is the subject of a Feb. 1 meeting of the Reston Network Analysis Group.

The meeting is at 7 p.m. at Lake Anne Elementary School, 11510 North Shore Dr.

The Reston Master Plan calls for an urban-style layout of streets near Silver Line stations at Wiehle-Reston East and Reston Town Center (which will open in 2020). County officials have organized the Reston Network Analysis Advisory Group to get feedback from citizens about about the plans for the street grid.

Residents can also comment online on the Reston Network Analysis page.

See more about the committee’s analysis in the presentation below.

  • Greg

    Better late than never, I suppose. There were many hundreds of millions of dollars of noted, needed access improvements made during the design phases. They were ignored and here we are.

  • Guest

    Now that the station is completed and the traffic is all mucked up…NOW they want our opinions? Sheesh…The design, ingress/egress, and subsequent traffic patterns at the Kiss N Ride there are among the worse that I have experienced at a metro stop.

    • Karen Goff

      I think they are mainly concerned with Reston Town Center station, but opinions on the mess at Wiehle can’t hurt.

  • Guest

    This 58 page presentation tells us next to nothing about the networks within the station areas. Some of the viewgraphs are incomplete, for example, those on levels of service at Town Center and Wiehle intersections appear to be pretty good. They may be, but they are horrendous during the peak periods, which is why we need a better network. Mostly this shows that the model is a more or less realistic representation of the real world. Lots of data, very little information.


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