Shadowood Manager Responds to Residents’ Complaints

by Karen Goff February 19, 2016 at 4:20 pm 7 Comments

Shadowood CondosThe property manager of Shadowood Condominiums has prepared an item-by-item response to concerned condo owners, who have been passing around a list of 30 issues as the board election at Reston’s largest condo neighborhood approaches.

The residents’ complaints range from secrecy among the condo board to crime to poor upkeep, among others. See the full list in this previous Reston Now article.

Theresa Zivanovic, Shadowood’s General Manger, says she also shares some of the concerns as she is a resident of the complex.

However, she said the list of complaints contains a number of “statements that are just factually wrong.”

Read the full letter from management below.

Response to Shadowood Residents

  • Blue Helmet

    This is not something that can be dealt with locally, this should really go to the UN.

  • Greg

    What is WRONG with Shadowood? Airing the condo’s filthy laundry in public does no good and only harms property values (for Shadowood and neighboring properties).

    Shadowood is the dregs of Reston, with very dated and unappealing curb appeal. It’s not getting any better — the brand new manager will soon see the place for what it is and move on to a better and safer job.

    Kick the stealing crooks off the board, turn them into the cops and get competent board officers.

    And a new low for Shadowood property values? http://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-detail/2210-Castle-Rock-Sq-Apt-1B_Reston_VA_20191_M58199-38204?cid=EML_HA_RD_SS2_Image_Cat1

  • Alan Krishnan

    There are factual inconsistencies between the General Manager’s response above and the minutes of the Association, which have been widely circulated by a former Board Member trying to get back on the Board he resigned from on 12/31/2014 and worked as a paid consultant in 2015. The animosity between him and the Board is scary.

    This is one of the best examples that good intentions seldom yield results.

    • Greg

      So, that former board member was paid as a consultant to Shadowood? Isn’t that one of the gripes the owners have? How much was he paid to consult? Isn’t that sort of dealing illegal or a conflict of interest or both?

      What is the animosity?

      And how is it that he now wants to get back on the board that he’s been off for a bit over a year?

      • Alan Krishnan

        The former Board member sued the HOA, under the old Board. When the new Board was constituted, and he was elected, they worked it out and he was paid off 🙂 Due to infighting, he and two other Board members resigned in December 2014. Two of them were appointed back in 2015 (crony system at its peak) and this one was hired as a consultant to advise the Board on how to procure a surveillance system, and perhaps a few other projects. He was paid a LOT and reportedly over charged and did not deliver. So the Board terminated the contract towards the end of 2015 and this former Board member decided he has to fight the Board and so is now running for election as Director, as his arch enemy in the Board is retiring and not seeking reelection.

        Most of them have good intentions most of the time, but constant focus on destroying the previous Board has destroyed this team which is ineffective, pays tens of thousands to Attorneys to fight the previous Board President, and hires 3-4 consultants to do work that the Board is supposed to be doing.

        Are you an owner in this community? Be sure to attend the annual meeting on March 7th. Sparks will fly and hopefully we can help maintain peace and focus on the community.

  • Greg

    Did that manager read the review posted in the past week? Not good, Therese Zivanovic


    Cheyenne Love

    in the last week

    I moved here not knowing the area well, its not that bad if you stay to yourself. The biggest problem this place has is it’s own Condo Association. For some reason they will not hire professional people to manage the property. Maybe the position doesn’t pay enough for a professional person to want to work there. But, from my limited experience the staff in the office are always angry, they make rude under handed unprofessional comments to the residents in the news letters they send out, you will be towed if you back your car into your parking space, there is no way to get a guest parking pass after 3:30pm M-Thr and if it is on Fri-Sat-Sun you are out of luck and have to tell your guest to leave by 11pm so they do not get towed, nothing the association plans ever gets done on the property because there is such a high turn over in the office. The property managers they hire never really understand that part of their job is customer service to the residents. Just in general they do not want to work with you, arent nice, they have no suggestions, they enforce really petty regulations that were created in the 1960’s for reasons that made sense then and make no sense now. They charge a 200-300 dollar move in fee even if you are renting(which I have no idea what it covers since you are moving in yourself and taking everything up stairs and such, the property literally does nothing to earn this move in fee), require a 300k renters insurance policy to get your parking pass. They have very high expectations of their residents, but give the residents very low quality management and service in return. Not sure what the management expects when 80% of the residents are on section 8 and government assistance, but what I expect is for everyone no matter what their situation to be treated fairly and in a nice manner. I can say the maintence staff are very nice. My neighbors have been quiet and friendly. Just hate ever having to go into the office. They take take take and take some more. Just a heads up for those considering this place. They do not care if you get towed and will not reimburse a resident if you are wrongly towed also. The property managers are not there for the residents, they are there for the owners that do not even live on the property. It reminds me of the nasty people you have to deal with in a tow truck company’s office. Just mad and angery and unhelpful and could give a hoot less about you. I gave 2 stars because the maintence staff have been nice and my neighbors have never been an issue.

  • Greg

    We heard that Therese Zivanovic was fired from Shadowood for stealing money. Details, please!


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