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Reston Association Board to Give Status Report on Lake House Review

by Dave Emke January 24, 2017 at 11:30 am 9 Comments

Reston Association

Among the items on the agenda for this month’s meeting of the Reston Association Board of Directors is a report on the status of the Lake House review. In addition, the Board’s executive session is scheduled in part for the purpose of discussing “contractual matters related to Tetra/Lake House review.”

Board Vice President Michael Sanio is scheduled to deliver the report during Thursday’s meeting. No details about its contents were made available within the meeting packet.

The Lake House, formerly known as the Tetra building, is located off Baron Cameron Avenue between Lake Newport Tennis and Brown’s Chapel Park. Reston Association passed a referendum to buy the building in May 2015 for $2.6 million. Needed renovations were budgeted for about $259,000; however, that number quickly ballooned to $655,000.

An independent review of that cost was planned, with a local group called Mediaworld Ventures LLC announcing they would do the work for a $1 fee. After months of negotiations over the details, that proposal fell through with finger-pointing from both sides.

Among other items on the agenda for the meeting are the following:

Overview of Elections & Referenda Resolution 3; Campaign Rules & Standards of Conduct

Public Hearing — Addition to Property Request Sunrise Square

RA Position on Reston Transportation Funding Plan

Fairfax County Specimen Tree Designation Request

Capital Improvement Planning — Lake Anne Dock & Dredging Project

The board meeting is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. Thursday at RA’s offices (12001 Sunrise Valley Drive).

  • cRAzy

    Start the music and let the RA Board tap dancing begin! Lots of glitz and no guts comin’ at you.

  • Rational Reston

    The age of Alternative Facts is the age that RA’s been waiting for!

    • Greg

      I can only imagine what’s coming. My head is spinning already.

  • Make Reston great again

    I am voting for Trump to become leader of our community.

    • EliteinReston

      At least then we’d have record crowds at the annual town center holiday parade stretching all the way to Herndon.

  • Greg

    Let’s see we will have a standards of conduct for campaigns but still no code of ethics for the 40+ year old RA?

    • 30yearsinreston

      Ethics ?
      Get a grip this is the RA board !

  • 30yearsinreston

    The cover-up Will continue

    • Greg

      While the cost to do so continues to balloon faster than the cost of purchasing the property.


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