Renewal of Permit to Expand Church Parking Lot Up for DRB Approval

by Dave Emke March 21, 2017 at 11:30 am 2 Comments

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints parking lot

At its meeting tonight, the Design Review Board will consider the renewal of a permit to expand the parking lot at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (1515 Poplar Grove Drive).

The church, located near the intersection of Fairfax County Parkway and Lake Newport Road, was given permission by DRB in 2014 to expand the lot. The work was not completed immediately afterward, however, which has resulted in the expiration of the church’s permit.

Church of Jesus Christ LDS/Google MapsResidents of Birchfield Woods Cluster on Poplar Grove Drive have continued to express their opposition to the project, which would add 39 parking spaces to the southern end of church property. Residents are concerned about, among other issues, an increase in noise and a loss of trees that create a “buffer zone” between the church and the community. That will have an adverse effect on their property values, they say.

“The only way into and out of the Cluster is via the entrance off of Lake Newport Road, [and] that entrance is the first impression potential buyers receive of our community,” said Marcelo Borda, vice president of the cluster association, in a letter shared with Reston Now. “The planned parking lot expansion proposed by the Church directly, negatively impacts that first impression.”

Other agenda items for tonight’s DRB meeting include site grading for the Glade Drive sidewalk project, the site lighting and landscape plan for the IntegraCare facility at 2222 Colts Neck Road, and a tear-down project on Ring Road.

The DRB meeting will begin tonight at 7 p.m. at RA Headquarters (12001 Sunrise Valley Drive).

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  • Bernie Supporter

    If you are against this, better turn out in force — though it may do you no good. The DRB has a history of listening to what residents say (and sometimes not even listening, but being patronizing) and then doing whatever it wants, anyway. Their hearings sometimes take on appearance of just being a formality to allow residents “to vent” … and their decisions not at all reflective of community concerns. Since these members may be different than those that were in that 2014 decision, you may want to ask if any of them if they belong to this church — and, if so, to recuse themselves from voting. This is only a shot in the dark. I’m not aware of any member’s affiliation with any church. (That would just be snooping.)

    • 30yearsinreston

      They are only concerned with their defined aesthetics, the color of lights and other frippery like the type of tree replacement
      The Elephant in the room, the multibstorey high rises turning Reston into another Tysons or Ballston , are not in their remit
      We should face reality and abolish this farce


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