ICE Detainer Lodged Against Suspect in Nabra Hassanen Killing

by Dave Emke June 20, 2017 at 9:30 am 16 Comments

The suspect in Sunday’s killing of a South Lakes High School sophomore is under an Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainer.

Carissa Cutrell, a spokesperson for ICE, confirmed that the detainer was lodged Monday against 22-year-old Darwin Martinez Torres of Sterling. Torres is facing a murder charge in the death of 17-year-old Nabra Hassanen, who was attacked on Dranesville Road in Herndon early Sunday morning. Her body was found later that day in a Sterling pond.

Torres is a citizen of El Salvador living in the United States. An ICE detainer is filed to “identify and ultimately remove criminal aliens who are currently in federal, state or local custody,” according to the ICE website.

“ICE lodges detainers on aliens who have been arrested on local criminal charges when the agency has probable cause to believe an alien is removable from the United States,” Cutrell said, adding that Torres had no encounters with ICE prior to this case.

The Fairfax County Police Department believes Torres killed Hassanen after becoming enraged by the group of teens walking from McDonald’s toward the All Dulles Area Muslim Society following a Ramadan service. He chased after the teens, police said, and caught Hassanen. He allegedly struck her with a baseball bat before putting her in his car and taking her to Loudoun County, where police say he killed her.

Torres remains in custody at the Fairfax County Adult Detention Center. He has a court date set for July 19.

  • meh

    This blood is on the hands of those like Delegate Plum that advocate for no borders, screaming xenophobia like a man selling hotdogs at a ball park and the belief that we must rely on the government for protection.

    For shame!

  • Mike M

    Thanks for reporting this. It’s a reality that many seek to suppress.

    • Tom

      Oh really? How so? This was reported in all major news outlets. No one is “suppressing” this news.

      • Mike M

        Are they reporting the illegal status of this creep? If so, credit the President’s new approach with ICE. That is a change. It’s also leadership in the role of the Chief Executive. Thanks for your input, Lib.

        • Will Baker

          It doesn’t say he was an illegal immigrant, and it’s very likely that he isn’t. There is such a thing as the State Department who, from consulates and embassies around the world, issue work/travel/other Visas to people from foreign countries every single day. Now that he has committed a (horrible) crime, he will either be put through the U.S.’s judicial system or deported back to his home country.

          • Mike M

            “It’s very likely he isn’t?”

            You base that upon what?

            If he is here legally it goes to show that we have been far too lax in who we let into our country. This incident points to who is actually walking and driving around out there.

            Check out our expensive school system. We are clearly educating the Third World at $1B annually. I suspect that no one really keep honest figures about how many are here because the issue has become politicized. You cannot swing a dead cat in Herndon without hitting an immigrant in the puss. We pay for it in so many ways. No kidding, last week, I saw a line of kids filing into a school buss. Everyone of them was South Asian. Every one! Isn’t there a point at which we should not be asked to pay to educate the Third World? In truth we cannot afford it.

          • Will Baker

            You’re not very informed, are you… Firstly, I’m assuming he’s a legal immigrant just as you assumed he is an illegal immigrant- except that it is much easier to immigrate to America legally than it is to border jump. Additionally, if he were illegally, that probably would’ve been reported already, along with whether or not he had a criminal record or anything to imply that he was dangerous prior to coming here.

            You’re also quite obviously misunderstanding what makes a country “third world,” and your viewpoint on education spending is rather misinformed. Money is spent on education in this country, and anyone who seeks an education benefits from that. This includes immigrants who, if here legally, should be granted the opportunity to benefit from our (comparatively NOT amazing) education system- that’s usually one of the primary purposes of people immigrated the U.S. You’re just being intentionally ignorant if you think the government allocates specific funds for educating immigrants directly, and even more ignorant if you think that people immigrated to the U.S. don’t deserve a chance to learn. I mean, this is primarily children we’re talking about… Almost sounds as if you’d rather our borders be more like North Korea; just don’t let anyone in!

          • Mike M

            I’m pretty well-informed and that’s not a function of your declaration. In fact, the question is whether he is at all an immigrant or a Salvadoran here legally or illegally.

            Your eagerness to call names interfered with your logic train. If we spend in this County $1B to educate, and if we are increasingly educating people who are newly arrived, we would be well-advised to ask about how much immigration we can afford. That’s my point. I think it was clear. I believe the immigration wave we have faced in the past 10-15 years has been staggering in size and in cost.

          • Will Baker

            Using “libs” in a derogatory manner only furthers the assertion that you are spreading somewhat blind distain for all values considered “liberal.” A few things: 1. No one said I was liberal. If humanitarian views and understanding the importance of immigration to our economy and culture make me liberal, then I guess I am? 2. The cost-effectiveness of immigration and their impact on the U.S. economy is well documented. No data suggests that there should be legitimate concern over how much immigrants are costing us vs. how much they add to our economy. 3. I’m enjoying this political debate, but in the future you should avoid some of the quips that ~to some people~ might imply subtle racism, like “third world squatters.” Also the term ‘third world’ isn’t actually used anymore haha

          • Mike M

            The data is wrong. I told you about that school bus. Have a look at the names of the recent local High School class. We are educating the Third World. One Billion dollars is a lot of money for our jurisdiction. Half of our tax bill!.

          • Will Baker

            Clearly you aren’t listening, or are simply choosing to accept your own opinion as fact over actual data… Because you saw a high volume of foreign children getting on a single school bus, the ONLY conclusion that can be drawn is we are “educating the third world.” First of all, that really doesn’t even make any sense- I already explained it, and it’s not complicated. We fund education because it is essential, and legal immigrants also have the option to partake in U.S. education. I fail to see whats wrong with that… do you suggest we bar immigrants from taking part in public school systems? Secondly, immigration rates in the last 8 years have stayed very consistent on average, with occasional increases as well as decreases. Not even really sure how this became a debate on educational spending, but I really suggest you read the ~actual~ data (i.e. from the Census Bureau) rather than basing your sociopolitical and fiscal assertions on personal observations (i.e. school bus population…) This is no longer an informed discussion, so I will not longer be participating, but thank you for the brief debate

          • Mike M

            Yes. I am suggesting that we take counsel of the obvious and do something about it.
            1) The obvious: We are educating throngs of Third World immigrants at great expense.
            2) What to do:
            a) Sharply curtail immigration.
            b) Consider limiting the cost of the education of immigrants who cannot speak English.

  • Trump

    Should have been deported a year ago.

  • RestonAssurance

    Quick trial under federal courts, the death penalty, and save that ICE detainer. Otherwise we know his type will just come crawling back from ES within a few years only to kill others.

  • Reston Realist

    This guy is human trash

    • Reston Now

      The victim was a sophomore at SLHS, not the suspect.


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