Monday Morning Notes

by Dave Emke October 9, 2017 at 9:00 am 8 Comments

RA Offices Closed Today — Reston Association offices, including the Nature House and Central Services Facility, are closed today in observance of Columbus Day. [Reston Association]

North Shore Drive Sidewalk Project Planned — The Fairfax County Department of Transportation will host a community meeting about the North Shore Drive sidewalk project Wednesday in the cafeteria of Lake Anne Elementary School (11510 North Shore Drive). Plans are to expand the sidewalk on the south side of North Shore Drive from Sycamore Valley Court to the existing sidewalk east of North Shore Court. [Fairfax County DOT]

Reston’s Tree Canopy Shown Off — Reston has a 49 percent urban tree canopy, RA Environmental Resource Supervisor Patricia Greenberg explains in Reston Association’s latest “Reston Today” video dispatch. In the video, Greenberg explains the benefits of the canopy and how to take care of it. [Reston Association/YouTube]

Why Reston is ‘One Better Than Ashburn’ — A recent Money magazine list named Reston the 29th-best place to live in America … and nearby Ashburn the 30th. A local blogger compared the communities in a tongue-in-cheek fashion and determined just how the magazine came to the conclusion that Reston is “Ashburn plus one.” [Restonian]

  • Artie Pie

    The Reston Canopy is known as the “black hole” the the FFX1 helicopter pilots when trying to search for suspects south of the toll road.

    • jak34209485

      We should cut all the trees down so we can be more easily surveiled by police!

    • Scott

      Just follow the advice of our former Vice President. Buy a shotgun, go on your deck and fire off a round. No one will bother you!

  • Mike M

    Isn’t Reston beautiful? Yes, many parts.
    Reston’s better than Ashburn. Maybe, in many ways.
    Impressive tree canopy? Sure!

    But you may have noticed Reston is being hurried down a certain path . . .

    • Scott

      Reston is almost Arlington.

      Defeat Cathy Hudgins!

      • taylor13

        You wish it was like Arlington.

        • Scott

          Not even a little.

  • lookin4trace

    reston is a dump.


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