Reston Association Board To Consider PRC Zoning Amendment Motion Thursday

by Fatimah Waseem October 24, 2017 at 1:30 pm 13 Comments

During its meeting Thursday, the Reston Association Board of Directors will consider what they heard during Monday’s county meeting on a proposed zoning ordinance amendment for Reston’s Planned Residential Community (PRC) District and discuss its options.

According to the agenda for Thursday’s meeting, the Board will hear a presentation from land-use attorney John McBride and Larry Butler, RA’s senior director of parks, recreation and community resources. The Board will be asked to consider the following motion:

Move to direct RA staff, in coordination with Land Use Counsel, to work with Fairfax County staff, including testifying at Fairfax County’s public hearings, to amend the proposed Comprehensive Plan Guidelines for Building Repurposing to only allow for the conversion of office to residential uses in buildings located within one half mile of the Reston Metro Stations.

The plan from the county’s Department of Planning and Zoning would bump the overall limit of people per acre from 13 to as much as 16. The current density rests at 11.9 people per acre. Changes would not apply to Transit Station Areas (TSA), which are located along the central east-wise spine of Reston.

The zoning change could also open up Reston’s village centers to possible major residential development. The proposal allows the Board of Supervisors to approve developments above 50 residential units per acre within the district’s TSAs — so long as the projects comply with the area’s master plan that guides development.

The planned discussion follows a spirited public meeting Monday where hundreds of residents voiced strong opposition to the proposal.

In addition, the Board will discuss several budget items during the meeting.

Directors will consider approving nearly $295,000 in improvements to North Hills Tennis Court (1325 North Village Road). Changes include resurfacing clay courts, adding bathroom access and replacing lighting, fencing and a water fountain. Residents voiced support for the upgrades at a community input session in mid-October. The Board says putting the projects back into the budget will not impact the 2018 Repair & Replacement Reserve Fund (RRRF) appropriation or the annual assessment rate.

The Board will consider a move to add $104,000 to remove trees from Butler Pond. The project is necessary in order to comply with a state law that prohibits woody vegetation on dams to prevent dam failure, according to the board’s agenda packet. The project would increase the annual assessment for next year by 49 cents.

Additionally, the Board will vote on a move to fund $60,000 for a business process audit, which would increase the annual assessment rate by $2.85.

The Board will also hold a public hearing on the budget during the meeting.

At its Thursday meeing, the Board will also consider the appointments of members to the Hook Road Working Group. The Hook Road Recreation Area is slated for comprehensive upgrades as part of a pilot project that aims to improve facilities at once instead of completing upgrades over time and as needed. The working group is tasked with making a proposal to the Board on the project’s scope by early next year.

A meeting on the project is planned for Thursday, Nov. 2, at The Lake House (11450 Baron Cameron Ave.). Two other meetings took place this month.

The names of individuals under consideration have not been made available.

Other issues on the agenda for the Thursday’s meeting include:

  • The appointment of Charlie Hoffman to the Design Review Board as a lay member, to fill a vacant seat through March 2019. Hoffman also serves on the covenants committee.
  • The appointment of Mike Martin to the elections committee through October 2020.

The board will meet at 6:30 p.m. Thursday at RA headquarters (12001 Sunrise Valley Drive). The meeting will also be streamed on Reston Association’s YouTube channel.

  • SuperCoop1280

    RA needs to step up and lobby the County hard. Hudgins is clearly not willing to represent the people. This is a great leadership moment. Something that could possibly get Tetra off our minds.

    • off our minds

      ,, , exactly the opposite in fact

    • Greg

      Good luck with Tetra…

    • Chkitout1

      The Democrats sold Reston out to the developers.

      • Arlene Krieger

        Without question but I’ve known this for a long time. I am an indivisible Democrat concerned with important elections. But locally I am mostly fed up with Fairfax county and the Hunter Mill democrats of which I continue to be a member to try and change it from within. And there are many , many Dems who are doing the same thing. The question is will we allow this to continue? We need tp pick other candidates to run against the Fairfax County Dem pick.

  • Clay Champ or

    one tennis player overheard another commenting about how well the South Reston clay courts were maintained this year. natural jealousy and mimetic desires spurned a call for justice and now the community is held hostage over a 300K upgrade to return North Reston clay to show case status.

    my question to the lead on this: why dont you regularily sweep the courts after each match? the community thanks you

    • Mike M

      RA needs to get out of the tennis business.

      • The Constitutionalist

        But think about the public good.

  • One LibIknow

    No on the 60K for business process audit. Jesus, these people love to waste money.

    • John Higgins

      I feel as if my checkbook is at the end of a bungee cord. We hear that RA has a considerable amount of excess cash (approximately how much has not been revealed) part of which is going to pay off the Lake House loan. At the same time, two new items appear on the radar that will be paid through increased assessments. I see the utility of the audit but wonder why the excess cash isn’t the first source of funding. More interesting is the shell game for tree removal. The plan is to use capital reserve money put aside for other purposes and to replace it over the next ten years through increased assessment. I’m guessing the pea is not under any of the shells.

      • The Constitutionalist

        “The plan is to use capital reserve money put aside for other purposes and to replace it over the next ten years through increased assessment.”

        The perfect plan.

      • One LibIknow

        Its really terrible. I thought Fulkerson had some special designation (probably paid for by us and earned at a resort location) that makes her an expert in business process as needed to run an HOA. The entire thing is out of control. New board seems a little better, then you read something like this. SPEND SPEND SPEND

    • Donald

      The board wants this, talk to them about it.



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