New Residential Mid-rise Building Proposed for Reston Corner

by Fatimah Waseem December 6, 2017 at 11:30 am 32 Comments

A 145-unit residential building could come to Reston Corner on the southwest corner of Reston Parkway and Sunrise Valley Drive.

Atlantic Realty Companies has submitted plans to the county to redevelop about 4.3 acres of the nearly 10-acre site known as Reston Corner, a process that would require the county to rezone land from light and industrial uses to residential use.

The site is within half a mile of the Reston Town Center Metro Station Platform, a location that allows residential uses of up to 30 units per acre if appropriate. The county’s Department of Planning and Zoning is reviewing the proposal, which was filed on Nov. 6 and is in the early phases of the county’s review process. A technical staff report has not yet been completed.

Surface parking spaces for existing office building at Reston Corner currently occupy the area where residential development is planned. The proposal includes up to 1,200 square feet of retail and 12 percent of the multi-family units will be set aside for workforce housing.

In the proposal, the developer wrote the building will provide an attractive, elegant element to Reston.

“The proposed addition of mid-rise residential development to the property will help provide an attractive and appropriate transition from the more intense development of the Transit Station Mixed Use area to the low-rise residential development to the south of the Property and will help provide additional residential uses in an area accessible to the Reston Town Center Metro station,” the proposal said.

The maximum height will be seven floors. The parking garage, have a maximum of four levels and will be screened by the residential building. Offices will continue to use the parking garage. An entrance plaza at the back of the residential building will include 22 surface parking spaces. Roughly 40 percent of the property is set aside as open space.

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  • CE

    Reston Corner on the southwest corner of Reston Parkway and Sunrise Valley Drive.
    That’s the location of RA HQs.

    • Donald

      I believe you are correct.

      Given the RA board’s silence on development matters like this, I’m curious how they will sell the community on the need to spend money on a move, a new lease, etc.


      • 40yearsinreston

        The major projects Director will need at least 5 additional managers to assist him in this move

        • OneReally

          With admins.

          Then thereโ€™s the deputy PMs.

      • Greg

        The RA should move and consolidate into the central services facility. For one, it’s central, for another, it’s just undergoing an expensive renovation fit for all of Fulkerson’s dysfunctional IT apparatus.

        Or, pick a used six-week-a-year pool facility and make that into the RA HQ (with a pool if need be).

    • Greg

      Maybe the RA will be able to get out of it’s expensive lease that “expert” from “high-functioning” Microsoft, Ken, negotiated?

      • Donald


        I believe the prior president, Robyn Smyers and the prior CEO, Milton Mathews, were responsible for the lease. This was after the HQ purchase referendum failed.



        • John Higgins

          Actually, Donald, the referendum passed under the leadership of Rick Beyer. But the amount authorized would not buy all that RA leadership wanted, so a subsequent board went shopping and found the current Hqs building to lease.

        • Greg

          I believe the (or another) HQ purchase referendum passed, no?

      • Bah

        If RA HQ has to move, it should ONLY be to the Tetra Bldg.

    • jak3409820398

      From the article, they state that the work will just be in areas currently used for surface parking. The existing buildings (including the space for RA) will remain.

      • Donald

        Good catch (it pays to read slowly).

        I’ll be curious to see how this plays out with the existing properties. The developer is attempting to stuff quite a bit into that corner.


      • Mike M

        So, I guess they will be biking to work now.

        • Tom Wyland

          That’s a negative?

          • Mike M

            In our Northern Virginia reality it is not feasible. I try to stay within the bounds of reality.

            So we need more buildings and more bikes and fewer cars? Sorry. I don;t agree. You seem to have a notion of righteousness in mind that might blind you from certain stark realities.

          • Tom Wyland

            Driving is very convenient, I agree. The perception of feasibility for some shouldn’t limit the choices of others.

            I don’t agree with a new building at this location, though. The nice tree buffer will likely be eliminated. It’s a fairly long walk to transit that involves crossing a 4-lane road. There are already buildings at the location that could be made more enticing for businesses to lease.

  • OneReally

    Finally a Mid-rise comes to Reston. Tired of all of these high risers. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Greg

      Notice how there is no image of this proposed mid-rise? All we see are the metro bridges. Could it mean more ugliness on the way?

      • Reston Resident

        You can count on it. The buildings approved across from the current Metro station look like they came out of East Berlin.

        • OneReally

          In 30 years someone will say “What the h3ll were these people thinking?”

          Kinda of like when you walk into that house that hasn’t updated the kitchen since the 60’s.

        • Reston Realist

          Why do you continue to use my posting name??

        • vdiv

          Brutalism is a cornerstone of Reston’s architecture, the buildings are quite apt ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • OneReally

        Ugh! I thought they were the mid-rise. ๐Ÿ™‚

        You can count on more ugliness.

        “You want the ugliness you can’t handle the ugliness!” in my best Jack voice…

    • vdiv

      Mid-rise is considered 4 to 12 stories, or up to three times taller than the existing buildings.

      • Why do you bother?

        Article says max 7 stories.

        • OneReally

          12% of which has to be section 8 housing. That almost one floor of people that are sucking from the county hose.

          • John Higgins

            The article says “workforce housing”. As I have come to learn, that does not mean subsidized, merely affordable by those with income around the average for the region.

          • Greg

            It’s not subsidized in the form of direct or indirect transfer payments. The subsidies come in the form of proffers from the developers, higher sales prices or rents paid by others, and higher taxes on the remaining units and community at large.

            In all cases, it’s market manipulation by government.

  • 40yearsinreston

    Developer gold rush is on!

    • Mike M

      Free fire zone. Don’t worry about the civilians.

  • North Reston

    I wish you hombres a lot of workforce housing and remember, we are going to redo all the clay courts – with your money!



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