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Most-Read Reston Stories of 2017 (#16-20)

by Fatimah Waseem December 26, 2017 at 9:00 am 4 Comments

We’re counting down the top 20 most-read articles of 2017 this week. Kicking off the list today is #16-20.

20. The rebranding of World of Beer brought in 7,498 page views. Signage was removed from Reston Town Center restaurant, ushering in a new full menu of American craft fare and drinks.

19. Paid parking at Reston Town Center continued to garner attention and fervor. A story about Jackson’s Mighty Fine Food and Lucky Lounge being granted a preliminary injunction against the ParkRTC system was a popular post with 7,433 page views.

18. An investigation about an attempted sexual assault near Tall Oaks also drew attention. Police said a man came out of the woods, approved a 22-year-old woman and attempted to remove her clothes. The article had 7,423 page views.

17. Wegmans’ announcement that it has signed a letter of intent to put an urban-format store near the future Reston Town Center Metro station gained 7,289 views. According to the Washington Business Journal, the store will be built in the future Reston Crescent development, a 36-acre plot of land in the northwest corner of the intersection of Reston Parkway and Sunrise Valley Drive.

16. Continuing the theme of things coming and going in the area, the closure of the Kmart on Elden Street in Herndon was a popular post with 7,214 page views. The 84,000-square foot store was purchased in August by Florida-based real estate-investment firm Sterling Organization at a cost of $7 million.

Look out for the #11-15 on the countdown tomorrow.

  • Mike M

    Psst! Wasif. It seems you have already revealed the most highly viewed story at #20. This process would be more suspenseful if you called the most viewed #1.

    • Adrian Havill

      Why do you need to bring up the author’s Muslim heritage? Besides, Wasif is a boy’s name. My opinion: You denigrate whenever you can and whenever you think you can get away with it. Sick, and yes I know that the name is commonly used to denigrate Muslims.You really need to crawl back into the sewer.

      • Mike M

        Adrian, check yourself. I said nothing about heritage. Why do you need to put words in people’s mouths so you can pretend righteousness?

  • drunk

    Kinda got the count down going backwards huh?


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