Silver Line Phase 2 Construction is Nearly 76 Percent Complete

by Fatimah Waseem January 18, 2018 at 2:00 pm 14 Comments

Silver Line Phase 2 Construction at Reston Town Center (Photo via Capital Rail Constructors)Construction of Phase 2 of the Silver Line extension into Loudoun County is nearly 76 percent complete, according to a quarterly update by Capital Rail Constructors.

At a Wednesday meeting, the lead contractor on the project told the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority that the project is on track. By 2020, officials hope to open the second phase of the line, which brings 23 miles of track past Dulles Airport and into Loudoun County.

Precasting work at the Reston Town Center Station will be completed by February. Mechanical, electrical and plumbing outfitting will continue through the fall of this year while roofing will finish by June.

Concrete work has been completed at the North Pavilion and precasting is almost finished. The breakdown of pedestrian bridges, provided by Capital Rail Constructors, is below:

Metal decking at the Herndon Station is complete as work on mechanics, roofing, skylights, elevators and the track continues. The concrete structure and utility work surrounding the South Pavilion has also been completed.

Most workers involved in the project — 58 percent — are from Virginia while 26 percent are from Maryland.

Photos via handout by Capital Rail Constructors

  • Guest

    It’s still a long, long walk to Reston Town Center, or anything else that really matters (even the “anything else” hasn’t been built yet). Do we get anything besides kiss ‘n rides, any long term parking? Someone please?

    • 40yearsinreston

      parking is available @RTC for a small fee

    • Greg

      You’re right. Big mistake. The RTC station should be farther east @ Reston Parkway and built atop a deck over all lanes of the W&OD, DTR, and airport access road.

    • Willie Reston

      Isn’t it the plan to build up around the stations? Are you familiar with what Arlington looked like pre-Orange Line?
      That said, they should have put the Silver Line underground through Tyson’s and directly under RTC. Yes, I know it would have cost more. Instead, they half-as.sed it and now they have stations that are virtual islands set apart from their supposed destinations.

      • Guest

        “The Pavilions To Nowhere”
        I can hardly wait not to go there!

      • Greg

        Burying it through Tysons not only would have cost less up front, but there would have been far less disruption to the businesses along Leesburg Pike. Moreover, the long-term maintenance savings would have continued for decades. Instead we now have a hideous eyesore and “pavillions” to nowhere.

        Shame on you, TIm Kaine, for killing the tunnels.

    • vdiv

      We’ll get bike share 🙂

  • Mike M

    So, when you have a failed enterprise, the thing to do is add a new branch to it.

  • Guest652

    “95 Million Dollar Project” …. its a $2.7 Billion project. $95 million was the latest cost increase.

  • Jist sane

    I cannot see any marble, this definitely not a Ken Plum approved design.

  • Dishin it out

    I’m a long term Reston resident and I LOVE the new Weihle station. It’s super convenient, and guarantees my commute into DC will be a set time. No longer do I have to guess if it’s going to take 30 minutes or 2 .5 hours to get to a wizards or caps game. As for the costs, I remember a certain toll road that was supposed to stop payments after it was paid for. For a long time NOVA has paid for all of Virginia’s transportation projects. Now I’m supposed to get upset about something that makes my life better and everyone is paying for ? As for the walk to RTC, it’s good exercise. 🙂

    • cRAzy

      I don’t know what “set time” you think it will take, but there is a scheduled time and then there is reality hamstrung by failed trains, broken tracks, etc.

      You might want to walk to WDC if you want a “set time.” Long, but set.

      • The Constitutionalist

        Right over your head.

    • 40yearsinreston

      Ask Mr speaker, the one on the transportation committee in Richmond, and Ms Hudgens why we are still paying


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