Voting for Reston Association Board of Director Elections Begins Today

by Fatimah Waseem March 5, 2018 at 11:30 am 29 Comments

Voting for Reston Association’s elections begins today, launching a month-long voting period that would dramatically alter the nine-board Board of Directors.

A total of thirteen candidates are vying for four open board seats. Paper ballots will be mailed today and online voting will open at 5 p.m. on RA’s website.

All votes must be cast by April 2. Results will be announced on April 10 at 7 p.m. during RA’s annual members’ meeting at 12001 Sunrise Valley Drive.

This year, four candidates — Travis Johnson, Sridhar Ganesan, Tammi Petrine and John Bowman — are running on a slate, a choice they said was driven by shared positions on the Tetra purchase and a plan to increase Reston’s population density.

In mailing distributions, four other candidates — Colin Meade, Aaron Webb, Andy Sigle and current South Lakes District Director Julie Bitzer — are running as the “Alliance for a Better Reston.” In mailing distributions, they say they are committed to “implement[ing] Bob Simon’s original vision” for the community.” The alliance’s endorsements include Eve and Rick Thompson, Cheryl Terio-Simon, Bill and Betsy Keefe and others.

A breakdown of candidates with links to their profile statements is below.

At-Large Candidates (Two seats for a three-year term)

At-Large Candidates (One seat for a one-year term)

South Lakes District Candidates (One seat for a three-year term)

Voter turnout for Reston Associations hovered just under 20 percent of eligible voters last year. With contested elections for every open board seat, RA’s election committee hopes for more voter engagement this year.

Photo by Caren Anton

  • Reston on your Laurels?

    So we have two slates now?? Isn’t there also a Pinkman-Iyer-Wedell alliance?

    • cRAzy

      That would be poison for Pinkman if so.

      • Fact

        I dont buy Drip s gossip piece. Are you a disciple?

    • Will

      Iyer is running a self funded and independent campaign. He mentioned that a few times in the debate and he says that in his flyers. Don’t know about the others.

      • Reston on your Laurels?

        Maybe that changed after the debate. That seems to be the case with some of the people on this second slate. I was against it before I was for it!

        • Will

          I wanted to check and got back a reply

          On Mon, Mar 5, 2018 at 1:10 PM, Ven Iyer, RA Board At-Large Candidate wrote:

          Nope, still running independent/self-funded and will be.


          • Reston on your Laurels?

            So Wedell is supporting Iyer but Iyer is not supporting him back??? Ouch!! Never propose unless you’re certain that person will say yes!

          • Ray Wedell

            Ouch? I have said that based on Ven Iyer’s positions, I will be voting for him. I also said that I do not expect any endorsement back from him, nor do I seek it. People should be looking at each candidate and vote for whom they think is the right person, and not even pay attention to these endorsements, not even mine. “Endorsements” and political games should mean nothing.

            By the way, I now have 17 videos on my Facebook site “Ray Wedell, Reston At Large Candidate.”……. nobody can claim that I am not laying out detailed positions for everyone and anyone to see. If that scares people away, it shouldn’t. I will debate anyone anywhere, anytime, any place on the issues. But everybody: Vote! And vote your minds and your heart….I direct you to the video: “All You Have to Fear…..Is Fear Itself.” #Authenticity

          • Are you

            so you are taking his word for it? i hope you are right.

      • Derrick Watkins

        As am I – running a self-funded campaign. A position that is considered “volunteering” should not require a hefty bank account. Makes me wonder if these other candidates are getting paid by an outside source to run.

    • Are you

      Yes and Bitzer. Bobzein is with Bitzer so that makes 5. Watch your assessments skyrocket. Oh, count John mooney in with that group too. that makes 6, in case someone misses a meeting.

  • Samuel Colbertson

    This year, Reston board members continue to endorse and support their preferred candidates. I suggest this behavior be addressed and stopped as quickly as possible. It must become a part of the (still being debated) Conflict of Interest and Code of Conduct documents.

    A little history:

    • Tetra Troll

      Guess none of the current board has endorsed any of your favorite candidate, heh.

      Jealous much.

      Volunteering to serve on the Board doesn’t mean a member has forfeit their rights to support whomever you wan tin the next several elections.

      • Samuel Colbertson

        I believe it goes beyond “rights.” It’s the ethical behavior of the directors. One would hope they would separate themselves from an ongoing election.

        • Donald

          Directors leading by example, what a thought?

          Carr is all over it.
          Eric Carr for a Better Reston
          Beth I remember your message about that. RA clarified the rules and we are allowed to endorse candidates after all!



          • Reston on your Laurels?

            And Bitzer is now promoting her own slate, and RA VP Bobzien has endorsed her. Maybe he’s behind the whole slate.

          • Donald


            “To know your Enemy, you must become your Enemy.”
            ― Sun Tzu


        • Tetra Troll


          Did they stop caring that the Board have effective leadership right after they got elected?

    • Donald

      Dave Edwards had it right.

      “I believe that the RA Election Committee must meet with the RA Board immediately after the current election is over to present draft changes to the current Standards of Conduct for use in future elections. The Election Committee either should be empowered to rigorously enforce these standards, or it should go out of business. Flagrant or multiple violations of these standards should disqualify a candidate from becoming a member of the Board, and, in the case of sitting Board members should lead to their dismissal from the Board. RA’s legal counsel needs to determine what, if any, changes are required in the RA Bylaws to accomplish this.

      The current elementary school election behavior by candidates and sitting Board members is not necessary in a community election of this type, and it should not be tolerated.

      Dave Edwards, Member
      2010 RA Election Committee”



  • Frank El

    An endorsement from a former director forced to resign because she doesn’t understand the concept of conflict of interest. Yay! The candidates must be so proud of that!

    Run from that endorsement as fast as you can. Times are changing and a new guard is needed.

    • Live work and pay

      “The alliance’s endorsements include Eve and Rick Thompson, Cheryl Terio-Simon, Bill and Betsy Keefe and others.”

      Who are the “others”?

      “Density is good,” Simon said. ”It makes open space possible,” when you use apartments or high-rises to create density vertically. “High-rises are not anti-community,” he said.

      Cultish entourage! Sad.

  • Drip

    Some quick hits at the list from my anonymous opinion: Pinkman appears to stand by his decision to vocally support the Tetra purchase as a good thing for the community; Meade wants to spend other peoples’ money for various family programs, while nice, are not in line with the duties of a homeowners association; similar for Bitzer (another Tetra supporter); Iyer looks reasonable; Ganesan appears to be making pragmatic efforts to remedying poor decisions from the past; Wedell was for Tetra before he was against it, although he does provide unpredictable color to the board if you’re into that sort of thing; Sigle is too much of the old, RA-akin-to-local government, waste money on boondoggle guard; Petrine seems the best of the two in terms of spending other peoples’ money.

    • Mike M

      “although he does provide unpredictable color to the board if you’re into that sort of thing”

      LOL! Thanks for that. You know, sometimes that’s a key ingredient to good change. That’s why Trump made so much more sense than a Clinton or a Bush. Make Reston Great Again ? Well, at least not so nuts as it has been getting.

  • vdiv

    Can we vote to disband the whole fiasco and incorporate Reston?

  • Ray Wedell

    “Alliance for a Better Reston”? and “4 For Reston”???? What is this world coming to? Reminds me of the old Chuck Barris production, “The Gong Show.”

    I suppose that puts the only real independent candidates, who can and will run on the issues and on their own honor and character, and who feel no need to “pool resources”( and who won’t be unduly influenced by any outsiders) in a rather unique position, doesn’t it?

    Thanks to David, John, Ven, and Derrick for having the strength and honor to try to reach the people as you are, who you are. #Authenticity

    • cRAzy

      You haven’t changed, Ray. Same old focus on raving lunatics instead of thoughtful leaders, including yourself.

      • John Higgins

        cRAzy, I respond here only because this is the most convenient place at this time…my comments go to a dozen or so folks we are hearing from. In the case of “cRAzy” I’ve observed insightful comments from time to time. I’ve wondered “Who is this?” What credibility can I give to a name attached to a credential-less screen name? Directed to others: changing names from time to time is too clever by half. That’s especially true of folks who sometimes use their names but other times slip into screen-name-world. Style, structure, syntax and themes are really quite easy to recognize.

        So, my simple request: if this is just fun and credibility is not important, tango on. But if you have something to contribute, identify yourselves. Only then will I listen. (Probably disagree, but I’ll listen.)

        • FbiProfiler

          I bet you cRAzy is Irwin Flashman

          • John Higgins

            I’d take that bet. Mr. Flashman is more the precise, literal type. cRAzy more the casual literary. Ah, but I speculate and that’s exactly what I don’t want to be doing.


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