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Reston Association Tackles Wind Storm Damage at Glade Tennis Courts

by RestonNow.com April 19, 2018 at 12:00 pm 8 Comments

Reston Association’s Central Services Facility staff have removed trees at Glade Tennis Courts (11550 Glade Drive) in order to prevent future damage.

During a March windstorm, two large pine trees fell onto the tennis court, damaging the clay court, court lights and perimeter fencing, according to Ali Khatibi, the manager of the Central Services Facility.

After inspections, arborists determined standing and pine trees posed a threat to public safety. Trees were removed from the court.

On March 2, RA estimated windstorm cleanup could take at least one month. Arborists continue to remove trees from pathways.

“We appreciate your patience during this process,” Khatibi said in a Reston Today video. 


Photo via Reston Association/YouTube

  • Mike M

    The Gods are speaking to Reston’s tennis mafia.

    • Lithium

      Your point?

      • Why do you bother?

        You must be new here. He rarely has a point.

        • Mike M

          Check the record. Here’s my point: I generally have a point. You, ironically had no valid point- just an inaccurate and hateful snip.

      • Mike M

        Sorry. I’ll clarify. The Gods are like trying to communicate in generally strong terms to the Reston tennis-for-me-at-everyone-else’s expense clique.

        I hope that clears things up. Admittedly, my first comment was nearly impossible to comprehend.

  • Why do you bother?

    “arborists determined standing and pine trees”

    Standing and pine trees? What’s a standing tree?

    • Mike M

      OK, so, some trees are standing – like straight up and down. Some are lying down, like on their sides. Then there are PINE trees. So, you know, it’s like black cars and Ford cars. You got it, you got it. Hand guns and firearms. You got it, you got it. Squares and quadrilaterals. You got it, you got it. Mountain goats and mammals!

      A better questions is WHAT has happened to Reston Now? First grammar, then logical breakdown. I have the opinion that it’s out of control. I’ve taken to simply marveling at it.

  • Peter Clemenza

    Anyone wanna come out and hit? Otherwise leave the racket, take the cannoli…


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