Planning and Zoning Committee to Vote on Reston Crescent and Reston Gateway

by RestonNow.com May 21, 2018 at 3:45 pm 19 Comments

Reston’s Planning and Zoning Committee will vote on three major projects at its 7 p.m. meeting tonight in the North County Government Center.

Votes are scheduled for Reston Crescent, a 26-acre property where nearly 4.2 million square feet of development is planned Reston Gateway, a mixed-use project north of the future Reston Town Center Metro Station, and the replacement of the fire station at 1820 Wiehle Avenue.

The agenda of tonight’s meeting is linked hereThe committee’s next meeting will take place on June 18 at 7:30 p.m. in the North County Government Center.

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  • Anonymous Person

    Is it really 4.2 sq ft?

    • Greg


      • Anonymous Person

        Oh ok, thanks. Looks like there’s a typo.

    • OneReally

      I’ve heard of high density, but WoW!

  • Anonymous Person

    Is Reston Crescent going where the fire station is? Or are they discussing a third item that’s supposed to replace the fire station on Wiehle? I don’t understand.

    • Dick

      the fire station is a separate agenda item

      • Anonymous Person

        Oh, I see it now. It looks like there was a missing comma.


    This new development is great, but there better be real thought & planning into making it truly walkable for everyone who lives/shops here, or we will have more pedestrian deaths like the one yesterday.

    • The Constitutionalist

      It doesn’t matter what happens, unless there are extremely radical changes, there will always be pedestrian deaths.

      What have we had in Reston, two in two years?

      • Donald

        Dominion, Bluenont Way, Sunset, Reston PKWY are all 4 lane roads, quickly turning into highways. Try crossing these roads and you put your life in jeopardy.

        The county’s negligence in not considering pedestrians is beyond belief. This area is touted as an inviting, walkable — pedestrian-friendly. NOT!!


        • The Constitutionalist

          Everything you do puts your life in jeopardy, Donald. This tragedy is just fresh in everyone’s minds and like people do, are quick to blame without facts, that the government didn’t do more to protect them.

          Pay no mind that this actually could’ve been avoided had the pedestrian in mention used the crosswalk, regardless of right-of-way and that the police haven’t announced literally anything, so all of this is just made up until we know otherwise.

          This is a walking friendly community. To have one pedestrian fatality a year puts us somewhere between 18% and 32% safer than the ‘safest’ pedestrian friendly city, Colorado Springs, depending on the numbers used and when.

          • Donald

            In principle, you’re correct. In reality, it ain’t happening.

            The county envisions the Reston Town Center, the Gateway, and the Town Center North to be ”…a walkable community connected to surrounding communities…” Allowing freeways to bisect this dream is absurd.

            Even Bob Simon, a developer, envisioned the need to utilize pedestrian tunnels and flyovers as critical success factors.


          • INWDC

            This area will continue to grow, and the people coming in to these new developments will expect a certain level of walkability that currently is not available. That’s what has been sold to them and that’s how they’ll vote. It’ll be a slow change but I do think the new wave of residents coming into Reston will expect/demand a community that is more inline with Robert Simon’s vision than what the cheap development from the past 10 years has delivered.

        • Donald is right

          Agree. Because I walked and biked all of these places over the past five years and things have progressively become worse.

          One of the biggest dangers here being the most courteous driver: he/she suddenly stops at the sight of a biker/pedestrian and gets stuck in a dangerous holding pattern. While traffic is rushing past the parked vehicle becomes a target whereas biker/pedestrian is sending ave marias not to become road kill.

          At a minimum we should ask developers for proffers to build overpasses and sky walks.

          • INWDC

            “At a minimum we should ask developers for proffers to build overpasses and sky walks.” This. It costs the developers nothing by comparison and it leads to better planning and a multi-modal community. It’s a no-brainer but developers aren’t known for vision.

          • restonista

            A very dangerous situation indeed! Happens multiple times per day on WOD at Wiehle. It’s shocking there aren’t many car/car or car/pedestrian/biker accidents here.

            Also, has anyone tried to walk around N. Shore? Many pedestrians without access to continuous sidewalks and some areas without sidewalks at all. These pedestrians now using the new bike lane for walking which is another dangerous situation.

  • tattler

    There are a lot of a snarky comments about the editor’s content, writing style, editing, etc. I typical chuckle and chalk it up to the normal, occasional human error. But as time goes on, I’m beginning to believe that the editor is just plain lazy and incompetent. This site has potential due to everything that’s going on around Reston. Can’t be more than an hour worth of work that goes into this site’s content each day. Most of the content is borrowed from others or sponsered; some of it is recycled; and none of it appears to be thoroughly investigated and/or prepared. A simple walk down the RTC yesterday would have noticed a new store coming soon (Lululemon Athletica) and another store closing (Busara). Haven’t seen anything about those items on this site. Sad

    • OneReally

      Sister please don’t state the obvious here!!! 😉

      We need more diversity articles.

    • RVA_101

      Busara is closing?? god I have to go there and eat their drunken noodles one last time


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