Bike Lanes and Re-striping Slated for South Lakes Drive This Summer

by Fatimah Waseem June 15, 2018 at 1:30 pm 15 Comments

State officials have modified a proposal to re-stripe South Lakes Drive between Reston Parkway and Sunrise Valley Drive as a two-lane road with buffered bike lanes.

Based on community feedback and updated traffic analysis, the Virginia Department of Transportation will maintain four travel lanes between Reston Parkway and Colts Neck Road; between Soapstone Drive and Ridge Heights Road; and Twin Branches Road and Sunrise Valley Drive.

Striping modifications on South Lakes Drive were reduced to between Colts Neck Road and Soapstone Drive, as well as between Ridge Heights and Twin Branches Road.

The on-street bike route will only be connected between the Colts Neck Road bike lanes with the bike lanes on Twin Branches Road. A signed detour will be placed via the Soapstone Drive bike lanes and the new Ridge Heights bike lanes.

“The compromise solution will create a safer east-west bike route and address many of the road safety concerns. It is not expected to negatively affect traffic,” state officials wrote in a statement.

County and state officials held a meeting on March 19 to discuss the proposal, along with other paving and re-striping changes in the Hunter Mill District.

Traffic lights on Colts Neck Road, Soapstone Drive and Twin Branches Road are expected to “create breaks in traffic which will aid left turns,” according to Robin Geiger, head of communications for the Fairfax County Department of Transportation.

The project will be implemented in late June and early July. A more precise starting date was not available.

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  • 30yearsinreston

    Woonfers are a blight
    The first crack in the bike lane onslaught

  • PondViewer

    This whole bike lane issue is ridiculous. It is imposing on 96% of the populace.

    • 30yearsinreston

      Hudgins knows best

    • Eric Mitchell

      This message coming from someone who obviously exercises by riding the bike lanes all of the time I’m sure. Share your Strava profile with me and I’ll share mine with you.

  • RestonProgress

    Still the bare beginnings of real progress to make Reston roads safe for bikers, but heading in the right direction. Fewer cars on the road better for all.

    • Mike M

      Um, encouraging bikers to mingle with traffic is fundamentally unsafe. White stripes on the surface of the road will not protect you. So, progress is fewer cars? Really? When did declare that, my king? How do you feel about horse and buggy?

      • Biker Sherlock

        I’m guessing you’ve never ridden a bicycle on South Lakes Drive (or anywhere else?). Those white lines will give cyclists the legally required 3 feet of distance between you and the passing cars. Currently few drivers seem to care or be aware of that legal requirement. This will help

        • Mike M

          If they are on their cell phones, and some will be, those three feet can be gobbled up quick. Accidents happen – and not by plan. When cars hit bikes, bad stuff happens.

    • PondViewer

      Few care – Fewer cars! Are you nuts!

  • Why do you bother?

    “The on-street bike route will only connected between the Colts Neck Road bike lanes ”

    For pete’s sake – how hard is it to proofread?????

    • The Constitutionalist


  • John Farrell

    This plan is idiotic and will create confusion and merging problems as the second lane appears and disappears as folks travel South Lakes Drive. There will be more accidents on this road as cars sideswipe each other in the merge areas.

    And the spandex crowd’s not even required to use the bike lanes.

    So all that has been accomplished is to make it more dangerous and time consuming to travel around South Reston for the 99.5% of people who aren’t using a bike.

  • 30yearsinreston

    When are bike lanes coming to the Toll Road ?

  • OneReally

    Just need more of those useless Capital bike shares now.

  • Scott

    reston now….story idea. Maybe some research on bike ridership trends
    As Reston adds 10s of thousands of people and reduces traffic capacity for bikes, bike ridership is down dramatically across the country.



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