Metro Alert: Orange and Silver Line Delays Expected This Weekend

by RestonNow.com August 6, 2018 at 3:30 pm 8 Comments

As major track improvements continue on Metro, riders of the Orange, Silver and Blue Lines should expect delays this weekend.

On Saturday (August 11) and Sunday (August 12), Farragut West, McPherson Square and Metro Center’s lower level will be closed. Orange and Silver Line trains will run every 12 to 15 minutes outside the shutdown area. All Orange and Silver Line trains will end at Foggy Bottom.

Blue Line trains will run between Franconia-Springfield and Arlington Cemetery only. All other stations will be open. Shuttle buses will replace trains between Foggy Bottom and Federal Triangle stations.

A “Unite the Right” rally and counterdemonstrations planned for Sunday afternoon near the White House could also make the commute more challenging. According to a statement, Metro will “be prepared to add trains as needed to address crowding if necessary.” Access to some stations due to overcrowding on the platform may be restricted by Metro Transit Police.

Photo by Mike Heffner

  • ismetroonfiretoday.com

    It might be easier to start listing the weekends when metro isn’t experience delays.

  • vdiv

    Make the Metro great again? Sell it to the Chinese. It takes them less time to build a whole new system than the WMATA to replace an arcing insulator.

  • Why do you bother?

    As though we don’t expect delays all the time anyway…

  • 30yearsinreston

    Another Hudgins failure
    She did nothing about maintenance

    • JoeInReston

      Not sure how much blame Hudgins should get on the fraud committed by a contractor or the maintenance issues, largely driven by poor government funding.

      • Umust B Kidding

        No, totally driven by poor contract management and greed.

        • Teamsters #1

          Remember one thing here, we did not ask for money – we asked for RESPECT. And also, we did not strike.

          Back to you, youngblood.

        • JoeInReston

          Contractor lied, what should Metro have done differently?


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