Photos: Lofts at Reston Station Almost Ready by Wiehle Metro Stop

by Catherine Douglas Moran January 28, 2019 at 1:15 pm 22 Comments

Just a short walk from the Wiehle-Reston East Metro Station, Lofts at Reston Station will debut new one- and two-level condominiums starting around $600,000.

The redevelopment by Pulte Homes consists of 12 two-level townhome-styled condos and 32 one-level condos in an elevator building.

Reston Now previously reported that a representative for Pulte said the 44 new homes could expect an early fall opening.

Now, Lofts at Reston Station anticipates completion this spring. The two-over-two condos are finished and the one-level condos in an elevator building are scheduled to be done in May, Randall Anthony, a sales consultant for the Lofts at Reston Station, told Reston Now.

Construction started last spring on the redevelopment project located at 1825 Michael Faraday Drive, replacing an office building and a parking lot. Plans for this development started back in 2015.

The one-level condos will feature seven different home designs. Each condo will include two bedrooms and two baths, according to the Pulte website.

Meanwhile, the two-level condos will include two different home designs, with both offering up to three bedrooms and two baths each, along with a one-car garage.

The website lists the starting price at $529,990.

Residents of The Lofts will be Reston Association members.

  • Chuck Morningwood

    $530K for 1275 sq ft made from matchsticks. For $80K more, though, you can get 2400 sq ft. Still made out of matchsticks, but it’s almost double the size, if there can be anything called a “concession” on something that costs almost 2/3rds of a million.

    • Scott

      Yes, but that’s not in such a desirable location…near metro, and behind all the towers that will be built at the corner of wiehle and sunset hills 😉

      • Ray Wedell

        But the views of the power lines should be exceptional.

  • John Q Public

    LOL is this serious. Over 1/2 a million to live next to Popeye’s and still be in the bulls-eye to get nicked and dimed on tolls and parking at the clown center. SAD

    • John Higgins

      I know they all seem to look alike, but this development is a mile down Sunrise Valley from our iconic Popeye’s.

      • OneReally

        Its actually off of Sunset. Across from skate quest.

      • SofaGuy

        The Popeye’s will stand forever!

    • Guest

      The townhouses by Toll Brothers that will be built off of Sunrise Valley Drive in Reston will start in the high $800s and most likely will run over $900k after selections with some over $1M. What do you think about that?

      • Ray Wedell

        They will stand proudly vacant at this price point, just as their Sekas neighbors are doing. And this in a market that is in short supply.

        • Guest

          Their Sekas neighbors have sold 12 out of 34. Toll Brothers said they are confident they will be able to sell at those price points. Do you see them leaving them vacant or lowering the price?

          • Ray Wedell

            Think about how pitiful 12 out of 34 is. This is the most supply-constrained market we have ever witnessed, with almost every listing selling within days, including any listing in that price range. I have no idea what Toll Brothers will do, but it is logical that they dig some foundations and then assess demand before going too far. I respect the smart developers that have approval for developments but hold off when they realize that building supply that will not be quickly absorbed is a losing play for everyone. Think Spectrum, and Mr Lerner. None of their grand plans, approved long ago, have even begun construction. Better to just sit on the land for now. Lerner also sat on ten acres in Tyson’s for a long time. Having said that, Toll Brothers makes a glitzier product than what Sekas has, so I expect them to produce homes that will shine compared to their neighbors, and maybe they come out with a spectacular product that sells well immediately. Time will tell, but I shake my head every day when driving down Sunrise Valley and seeing what has gone up so far.

    • Rational Reston

      Wrong. But it is a short walk to the McTacoHut.

  • Mike M

    Are these things moving at that price?

    • Sue Brickman

      One of the two two-level models is sold out.

      • Mike M

        Are you a realtor?

        • Sue Brickman

          No. I just went to the Pulte website to see if things were moving.

          • Mike M

            I can’t believe people would pay that much for that little.

          • Ray Wedell

            Mike, you don’t see the outstanding value here? Don’t forget to add in that non-deductible condo fee. Now compare this to quality existing homes in quality neighborhoods all over town at similar net prices or less, when they hit the market. Tough for me to recommend this Pulte stuff to any potential Reston buyers.

          • Mike M

            I do’t believe Pulte.

        • Erika

          I’m a Realtor and at that development quite frequently. They are indeed selling at that price and higher depending on the options chosen.
          Pulte has another site in Herndon that is also next to a future metro stop. They are selling townhomes, two-over-two condos, and will soon be starting development on a condo building similar to the one being built in Reston.

          • Mike M

            Thanks. I am incredulous!

          • Ray Wedell

            There is an incredible supply shortage, allowing for almost anything to sell quickly. This has been the case for a long time.


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