RA President Proposes Pulling Bocce Plan

Outdoor Bocce Court/Credit: Joy of BoccePut the bocce balls down for now. The Reston Association may once again consider dropping the already-approved proposed court for Cabots Point Park and starting over.

Last December, the RA Board approved a 12-by-60-foot court in the grassy area of the neighborhood park. But the plan was voted upon by the board with little notice or a public hearing, which has had some residents, particularly of Cabots Point, South Bay and Cedar Cove clusters, crying foul ever since.

RA President Ken Knueven has a motion on the agenda for Thursday’s RA Board meeting. The motion has two parts:

Motion 1: Move to rescind the December 12, 2013 motion of the Board authorizing the construction of a bocce court at the Cabots Point Recreation area located at the corner of South Lakes Drive and Cabots Point Lane and direct staff to determine member desire and possible alternate locations for bocce facilities.

Motion 2: Move to direct staff to draft a new policy resolution that will prescribe a standard process for the Association to use when considering new facilities at established recreation areas.

Knueven said he made the suggestion after the September board meeting, where nearly two dozen RA members spoke out against the project.

A similar proposal about starting over was made by RA CEO Cate Fulkerson in July, but after remarks from South Lakes Director Richard Chew — who initiated the plan for the bocce court last year — Fulkerson’s proposal was not considered.

However, soon after, RA said it established a new development review process that will better involve residents before projects are approved.

The complaints at the September meeting ranged from concern about traffic, trash and noise to irritation over lack of notification about the project. Members have been expressing concern about the court, which would be paid for by the nonprofit Friends of Reston, since June.

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