RA President Proposes Pulling Bocce Plan

by Karen Goff October 22, 2014 at 9:30 am 37 Comments

Outdoor Bocce Court/Credit: Joy of BoccePut the bocce balls down for now. The Reston Association may once again consider dropping the already-approved proposed court for Cabots Point Park and starting over.

Last December, the RA Board approved a 12-by-60-foot court in the grassy area of the neighborhood park. But the plan was voted upon by the board with little notice or a public hearing, which has had some residents, particularly of Cabots Point, South Bay and Cedar Cove clusters, crying foul ever since.

RA President Ken Knueven has a motion on the agenda for Thursday’s RA Board meeting. The motion has two parts:

Motion 1: Move to rescind the December 12, 2013 motion of the Board authorizing the construction of a bocce court at the Cabots Point Recreation area located at the corner of South Lakes Drive and Cabots Point Lane and direct staff to determine member desire and possible alternate locations for bocce facilities.

Motion 2: Move to direct staff to draft a new policy resolution that will prescribe a standard process for the Association to use when considering new facilities at established recreation areas.

Knueven said he made the suggestion after the September board meeting, where nearly two dozen RA members spoke out against the project.

A similar proposal about starting over was made by RA CEO Cate Fulkerson in July, but after remarks from South Lakes Director Richard Chew — who initiated the plan for the bocce court last year — Fulkerson’s proposal was not considered.

However, soon after, RA said it established a new development review process that will better involve residents before projects are approved.

The complaints at the September meeting ranged from concern about traffic, trash and noise to irritation over lack of notification about the project. Members have been expressing concern about the court, which would be paid for by the nonprofit Friends of Reston, since June.

  • Rob

    NO!!!!! The horror….. The horror…

    • John Lovaas

      Sad. A modest, low-cost recreational amenity is lost to the community apparently because RA bungled the process of working it through iwith neighborhood residents.

      • Adrian Havill

        Find another venue. There are lots of them.

        • Heh

          How about a combination bocce court, homeless shelter, and drug rehab clinic in John Lovaas back yard?

  • OpenReston

    Kill it already..

  • Adrian Havill

    Toddlers and two pound bocce balls don’t mix.

    • ?

      Um yeah that’s why the parents of toddlers keep them off the bocce court.

      • Adrian Havill

        Too small for both plus no parking.

    • Chuck Morningwood

      Why? Because Bocce balls are a choking hazard?

      • Adrian Havill

        More like a head hazard.

        • ?

          The old geezers who play bocce couldn’t get the ball that high – not even to head height on a toddler.

  • ?

    Still a mystery to me why this generates such emotion…

    • Mike M

      George III of England said the same thing about his taxes on the colonists.

      You see, some folks don’t sit well with any government, quasi- or otherwise, who presumes to do with public resources whatever they want without any meaningful Democratic process. This case is such a case. And the fact that it is such an exotic imposition with such a narrow constituency, it’s all that much more noxious. It shows plainly that some people think the government is supposed to provide anything and everything for them. It’s how our country got into MASSSIVE debt with no plans to do anything but grow it bigger. In the end this mentality will be the end of us. Think of all the horrors that ALWAYS befall weak countries in the past few Millennia. Your descendants will experience them all so that we could give free stuff (subsidies are free stuff) to certain people who we’ve presumed are unable to provide for themselves.

      • Rob

        Perhaps they’ll build a sandbox in which you can go pound instead.

        • Mike M

          Excellent rebuttal. Precisely the sort of rebuttal I would have expected from someone like you.

          • Rob

            You’re so awesome – you know me and what to expect from me without *actually* knowing me! Pure genius – bravo! But since you asked…

            We empower elected officials to run our governments. *That* is the democratic process. If you don’t like their decisions, don’t vote for them next time they are up for election. You can call them up and say “I don’t like your decision here” or send them a message saying “I don’t like your decision here”. Don’t sit here and blather on about how a 12×60 box filled with clay, sand, and oyster shell compares in any way, shape, or form to how “our country got into MASSSIVE debt” or how “this mentality will be the end of us”. It’s Wingnuts such as yourself and their obsessive dedication to a singular and flawed ideology that are the real problem in our society. If you don’t like the elected officials, the decisions they make and the policies they set, and you can’t get them replaced, either leave or accept the fact that the majority wants something you don’t.

            No one, ever, jumped and up and down and claimed they were ENTITLED to a Bocce court – I’ve not seen one person make that claim on this website. What I *have* seen is people run amok trying to compare this to a Totalitarian power play by Reston Association. I’ve seen some of the worst examples of NIMBY ever, with people citing the “environmental impact” or “the loss of green space” – again, of a 12×60 box – as cause for stopping this. And then there’s the whole “no parking” issue, which frankly is absurd. There’s no parking at Hook Road for youth soccer and baseball games, and they seem to get along just fine.

            I actually hope they cancel this project, because now that I am aware of it I’m going to start using that space for what it was intended – open green space where my kids baseball team can do pitching drills and batting practice. There aren’t enough athletic fields in Reston because of this very same mindset, but hey this is why we have open space, right? Sorry about the windows, folks, we’re just enjoying the green space here.

          • Mike M

            And in the meantime we shouldn’t express our opinions when we disagree? Do we elect fiats for a term?

            I know your ilk. You respond to reasoned opinion with garbage.

          • Rob

            When you post a “reasoned opinion” I’ll go out and find some garbage just for you. Until then…. WAITING.

          • Mike M

            You have yet to address my initial argument. Just name calling. As usual.

          • Rob

            I addressed your initial argument in the way it deserved. You compared King George III and the American Revolution to Reston Association and their handling of installing a minor recreational facility. You also added in the whole bit about entitlements, handouts, massive debt, and this being the end of us all – again, in a post about a 12×60 box full of sand, clay, and oyster shells. I lampooned your initial post and pointed out the absolute idiocy of it, which is what it deserved. You didn’t like being called out and now you’re the one who is boo-hooing.

            Unlike you and your 876 RestonNow posts (and counting), I am not a professional troll with overtones of arrogance, delusions of self-import and just a touch a bully thrown in for good measure. Rather, I’m just a guy who calls BS when he sees it. Would you like to guess what I see in your posts? It’s pretty clear to “people of my ilk”.

          • Mike M

            The Redcoats are coming! The Redcoats are coming! But, hey, they only want to take our land and money and due process. No biggie. Go back to sleep.

          • Mike M

            876 posts are not Reston Now. Again, you have no idea what you are looking at and have no concern for facts.

            PS: I will say here what I want to say and I think I get quite a bit of support for a left wing locality.

          • HP

            Get over yourself buddy.

          • Mike M

            And if I refuse?

          • Rob

            You’re right, you like to troll over at WTOP and Federal News Radio as well – and you love to call people names. See, *we* all know your “ilk”. You’re the vocal minority – you don’t get your way and you run around calling people “Libtards”, “Wankers”, “Foolish”, “Stupid”, etc. I’ve read some of your posts – you’re a Professional Internet Troll. Your “ilk” uses the Internet to shout when every other forum has turned their backs and walked away. You thrive on stirring the pot knowing that the social mechanisms that exist outside the internet to keep “ilk” like you have no play here. You put people into categories you feel are demeaning in an attempt to belittle them and devalue what they have to say. You’re an iBully, and when you get called on it you simply become dismissive (that kind of ignorance is called arrogance the last time I checked).

            Please, post as much as you like, say as much as you like. But when someone points out how inane you sound don’t be surprised. In the meantime, I’ll just wait for you to find a way to compare the Convention of Kanagawa with RA’s $8 assessment increase.

          • Mike M

            I hope you are getting an education. You seem to need it. If you read what I write, you will understand my beliefs pretty clearly.
            You have yet to refute any of the points I made. Instead you go ad hominem. Typical.

          • Knotso Much

            With all due respect, the RA didn’t notify the affected clusters until after the decision was made and and pushed through the DRB. They then refused to hear any appeal and and refused acknowledge property owners whose houses and clusters bordered the park as affected parties. It would be nice if the elected officials and association would have a dialog with the constituents. It would also be nice if they would reveal why a 12 x 60 box is laid out by marking a space for it that was three times the size approved by the DRB.

        • Adrian Havill

          Actually, there is a sandbox. For the toddlers. Will assume you’ve never been there.

      • John Farrell

        There’s a rational argument here? It reads more like the tinfoil hat ravings of a teahadists.

        If its a complaint about adequacy of notice, it is specious and without basis in fact.

        Any RA member can get on the e-mail list to receive the documents for upcoming RA Board and BPC meetings. They used to be posted on the RA website and may still be.

        Anyone claiming not to know about this proposal before its adoption hasn’t been paying attention to the ample notice given.

        • Mike M

          Oh boy! Another guy who calls names at people with whom he disagrees. You are wrong if you think my participation in the expenditure of RA funds and granting of assets should be contingent upon me signing up to an e-mail list and monitoring the RA website. I don’t think that’s consistent with even the RA rules. See Knotso’s comment below. I object to the lack of process. I object to the commitment of resources. Is that OK with you?

          • John Farrell

            Actually the comment references the argument, not the person making the argument.

            The RA Board’s actions to authorize the Friends of Reston to pay to build the bocce court is entirely consistent with RA rules. That would be obvious to anyone who read the RA docs, which are available on line.

          • Mike M

            “It reads more like the tinfoil hat ravings of a teahadists.”

            I don’t agree with your argument or your namecalling. Anyone can see that. I also think it’s not acceptable for RA to take actions that involve transfer of resources without more proactive and public notice.

  • HP

    Nix it completely already. Money can be better spent elsewhere.

  • John Farrell

    Get out the torches and pikes.

    Toddlers and baseballs don’t mix either.

    Yet we have tot lots adjacent to baseball fields all over our fair city and there have been significant absence of reports of head trauma to multiple tykes. And a struck baseball travels at a much faster speed than any bocce ball.

    So it only takes two handfuls of naysayers to stop any future enhancements to RA recreational opportunities.

    Thanks for making that clear, Ken.

  • Jon Johnston

    Obama’s delusions are a menace to all of mankind.

  • Open Reston

    It was never really discussed with the neighborhood, I understand their resistance to the parking situation, loss of open space. And the budget allowed was suspect, too low to cover maintenance over a period of time, misleading. And who plays bocce? sorry that part is snarky, it’s just not my game.

  • Chuck Morningwood

    How long do you think it will take RA to outlaw Croquet on public spaces?


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