Aquatics Center Upgrade at Reston Community Center To Be Discussed Monday

by Dave Emke April 12, 2017 at 10:15 am 6 Comments

The next step in Reston Community Center’s proposed aquatics center upgrade comes Monday.

The finance committee of RCC’s Board of Governors will meet to discuss the final report from Hughes Group Architects regarding the possible renovation of the Terry L. Smith Aquatics Center. The proposal calls for using the existing footprint of the aquatics center for a six-lane, 25-yard lap pool with an attached family pool, as well as a separate warm-water therapy pool. Leila Gordon, RCC executive director, said she believes the project could cost up to $4 million.

Gordon said there are minor changes from the proposal made by Hughes Group at an early March public meeting, including the addition of “a bit more” deck space and widening of the lap pool to make a full turn on the outside lane.

Tax rates would not be affected by the project, Gordon emphasized. The projected costs “haven’t changed significantly” from the original estimate, she said, but those numbers are still being honed.

“Cost projections are being further refined at this point to include estimates for contingencies, general contractor cost and overhead/Architecture & Engineering,” she said. “But we are all cognizant that we don’t know what we will find once the current pool is demolished.”

Gordon said she expects core programs and services, as well as other critical capital projects, to occur as planned through FY19. However, she said the board will likely defer the establishment of two new programming areas being considered for FY19 — Therapeutic Recreation and Digital Media, Film and Video — until they have a more concrete figure on what the aquatics centers project will cost.

Scheduled replacement of the seats and projection screen at CenterStage may also be deferred, Gordon said.

“That totals $150,000 in the current profile of Capital Improvement/Maintenance Plan projects,” she said.

At the meeting, the committee will consider the presentation from Hughes Group, as well as the budget ramifications of the project. They are expected to make a recommendation to the full board regarding the project and the FY19 budget outline. The project could not be finalized until September at the earliest, Gordon said.

“Hughes Group will include a possible timeline in its presentation on Monday. As with all hypothetical timelines, it would be subject to significant change and shifts if conditions warrant as we move along in our process,” she said. “Currently, our desire is to time the beginning of a construction period with the opening of the summer pools in Reston in summer of 2018.”

Monday’s meeting is scheduled for a 6:30 p.m. start at Reston Community Center’s Hunters Woods location, 2310 Colts Neck Road. Anyone who wishes to attend is asked to RSVP to [email protected]. Anyone who is unable to attend but would like to submit written comments can do so to the same email address, being sure to include their full name and address with the statement.

  • Umust B Kidding

    This is RCC BS.

    1. The actual price of the pool improvement will be $5-$6 million, not $4 million. The good news is that this increase isn’t as horrendous as the four-fold increase in Tetra renovation costs.

    2. Your STD#5 tax rate will go up, but probably not a whole lot–maybe to $.05/$100 valuation. In addition to the readily predictable cost overrun above, property value–commercial and residential–appreciation is just not increasing as much as is needed to keep the current rate. Just you wait, that will be RCC’s excuse.

    So have a nice day!

  • Jenny Gibbers

    I dont think seniors can afford higher prices for their pool pass/es – its already difficult enough to find affordable housing in this area.

    Are the social engineers really qualified to meet the needs of the community or will they forever be bogged down in group think? Just wondering.

    Same plays all over. Just five years ago we were in a deep recession. Nuff said.

  • Amy Sue

    It’s about time Reston thought about a decent rec center. It’s crazy that with all of the fees and taxes we pay in Reston, we do not have a community-funded location for swimming and exercise. Herndon has a wonderful recreation center and residents don’t have to pay annual association dues or special tax district levies.

    And off topic since I’m here….The Lake House. It’s insane that it is part of our association but is not open for Reston residents to use unless we pay additional fees to rent it. Just crazy and poor management.

    BTW, does anyone know how often the Reston Association goes through a regular, independent (if there is such a thing) audit?

    • Edward Calvert

      An independent annual or bi annual audit is always a good thing when fraud is suspect (or gross negligence and malfeasance). A quality CPA firm can be a good choice for a third party.

      Independent audits are the highest level of assurance that can be provided. There are lower level reviews that are cheaper but less thorough.

      If the RA doesn’t already conduct scheduled audits, an audit can easily be voted into the by- laws.

      • Jenny Gibbers

        There is no audit if the paper work is “lost”.

        Unless you suspect its a criminal act all you can do is believe.

        Time & energies. Just give me whats in your wallet. Thanks, https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1cafd58f358aa8f4bf15430a4687bc0b1e1a58439e3fcd8e01f7388bf13075a8.jpg

        • Edward Calvert

          If a forensic audit produced nothing, white collar crimes like obstruction and conspiracy can be hard to prove. But certainly negligence in that case is easy to prove. Total ignorance by leadership is an easy case for a quick termination.


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