Herndon Big Lots To Close Its Doors Oct. 15; Lotte Plaza Market To Take Its Place

by Dave Emke September 26, 2017 at 11:30 am 34 Comments

Local Big Lots fans will soon have farther to travel to get to their favorite discount store.

The location at 490 Elden St. in the Herndon Centre plaza will close Oct. 15, a Big Lots media representative confirmed to Reston Now. Signage now in place outside the store informs customers that after that date, they can visit locations in Sterling (300 Enterprise St.) and Fairfax (11181 Lee Highway).

Lotte Plaza Market will be taking over the 26,000-square-foot Big Lots space in the spring, Herndon spokesperson Anne Papa Curtis confirmed to Reston Now. We first reported in July that the market, described on its website as “the premier source for Asian groceries in Maryland and Virginia,” would be opening in the plaza in early 2018.

In the interim, a large percentage of the west side of the plaza will be vacant, following the closing of Kmart earlier this year. The 84,000-square-foot former department store space is expected to be broken up among several new businesses, Herndon Mayor Lisa Merkel said at the time of its closing.

Herndon Centre is owned by A.J. Dwoskin & Associates Inc.

  • Mike M

    Third World grocer comes to Herndon? Makes sense.

    • Why do you bother?


      • Mike M

        You and your DH! 😉
        I hope it doesn’t fall off!

        • The Constitutionalist

          The only way he knows there’s anything up there is by making sure it’s still rattling around – like a maraca, but with only one grain of rice left.

    • Lotte is huge but wish it was an Aldi or Lidl. Even an urban format Walmart, like in Tysons, would be nice. The Sterling Big Lots is cramped and dirty.

      • Mike M

        Those stores aim at European markets.

          • Isaac Sohn

            There will be a lidle opening up in Chantilly right near costco, red Robin etc

          • Mike M

            You aren’t hearing me. Lotte is aimed at the large recent immigrant market. Lidl and Aldi are aimed at those of us with European ancestry. That is a big part of why they didn’t open in Hernduras. Lotte will.

          • True though I haven’t been in a Lidl yet. Nothing wrong with having diverse selections.

          • Mike M

            Say, isn’t the a famous Iroquoian saying. Perhaps their last one. “Nothing wrong with diversity.

            By the way, are lower standards a “diversity?”

          • Adrian Havill


          • John Mutineer

            Wow, Mike, don’t bother trying to mask your racism at all. Please, by all means, stay in your own lily white… apartment and don’t come to our town. We won’t miss you. Love, Herndon.

          • Mike M

            You don’t like what I said, so I am a racist. But only you can see it between the lines? How about you up your game, snowflake? You afraid to answer my questions? Are they forbidden questions?

            PS: If you think you speak for all Herndon, you are dead wrong.

          • John Mutineer

            No, there’s no causation involved. If the arrival of an asian market prompts you to make not one, not two, but, what, six or seven race/ethnicity-based negative posts, well, to paraphrase Foxworthy, ya might be a racist. You post suggests a preference for all things white, and using that charming term absent a ‘melting’ kinda confirms it. I do not think I speak for Herndon, which reflects, I think, diversity of a different sort (education levels, belief in Christian principles, tolerance, and neighborliness). I’ll pray for you.

          • Mike M

            Oh thanks! You pray for me while calling me a racist because I point out some facts. ” [S]ix or seven race/ethnicity-based negative posts.” Where would those be?

          • John Mutineer

            1) hernduras 2) diversity destroys civilizations 3) asian market = third world 4) Aldi/Lidl for “Europeans” that’s why none in Herndon 5) “concern” about percentage of south Asians that comprise one section of Herndon. Maybe you’re not a racist but the majority of your posts here and elsewhere are antagonistic. Maybe you’re just a troll.

          • Mike M

            John, Andrew, RVA, how about you address my facts instead of hiding behind namecalling (Troll, antagonist).

            1) Hernduras was a term someone else used to point out the fact that Herndon has become home to a massive influx of immigrants from Latin America. How is that negative? Are you a bigot?
            2) Diversity can destroy civilizations. Especially when a given civilization becomes the sump for one or two other impoverished and troubled areas. The native Americans were inundated and their civilization was destroyed. Rome was inundated and destroyed. Mind you, “diversity” is often used by snowflakes disingenuously. What they really mean is inundate the current population with one or two others and they actually believe it is a righteous thing.
            3) Lotte caters to Third World tastes? Negative? Why? Are you a bigot?
            4) Firms invest where they think they can make money. Lotte is going to Herndon. Fact. Negative?
            5) My point about that neighborhood is that is not at all diverse. Fact.

          • John Mutineer

            Keep deflecting. It’s absolutely clear to everyone here what kind of person you are, Mike M. I’m still praying for you.

          • Mike M

            Deflecting? I think I was on point item-by-item. Keep praying for me. It will make you feel morally superior on the cheap.

          • John Mutineer

            There’s two types of people who read an article and think and comment about race and ethnicities. The first type is liberal progressives. The other is alt-right neo-Nazi acolytes of Richard Spencer or his fellow traveler alt-light. Everybody knows which one you are. But if it makes you feel clever to play innocent, then keep on keepin’ on. God bless.

          • Mike M

            I am glad you live in such a simple black-and-white world. I have never heard of Richard Spencer. I found it too rich that you see my point-by-point response and accuse me of “deflecting.” Then you promptly deflect into an odd witch’s brew of ad hominem attack and prayer.

          • noodmik

            Nothing wrong with having a homogeneous selection either it seems… Giant, Safeway, Harris Teeter, Shopper’s Food Madhouse, Food Lion, Wegmans, WholeFoods… Lidl is not diverse. It is just less expensive.

      • Questor70

        Yes, it would be a perfect location for either of those stores.

      • noodmik

        And you think that Lotte in the same space will be any less cramped? Not going to comment on the cleanliness of Lotte stores (hopefully the lack thereof will cause fewer of you all to shop there).

    • IllegallyLivingInReston

      OH boy I cannot wait to learn why this is a problem

      • Mike M

        I said it makes sense. Sooooo . . . ?

        • IllegallyLivingInReston

          For the uninformed, walk through how Herndon is third world

  • JoeInReston

    Sorry the Herndon Centre plaza will always be the Kmart shopping center, even without Kmart!

  • TheKingJAK

    An Asian supermarket next to a Chinese buffet. Hmmm…

    • Mike M

      Undertaker across the street . . .

  • I’d Rather Post As A Guest

    Sometimes, Mike M., I think that your comments come straight from one of those Russian trolls that plague Facebook and Twitter, I think we need to check your own identity papers, maybe we should deport YOU…(just a suggestion, LOL) Keep plugging away, though, you do keep our fellow Restonians on their toes!

    • Mike M

      And why would you think I am a Russian troll?
      I do engage them on other sites where they are obvious despite (or because of) such screen names as “Mrs. Perkins” and “Journalist.”


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