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Democrat Launches Campaign for Hunter Mill District Supervisor’s Seat

by Catherine Douglas Moran December 18, 2018 at 1:00 pm 29 Comments

Parker Messick is running on a platform to “stop big development” to unseat Hunter Mill District Supervisor Cathy Hudgins.

Messick, a Democrat, announced his campaign on Sunday (Dec. 16).

Messick told Reston Now that he wants to stop big development in Reston and Vienna, which “is on track to make Reston look more like Tysons or Arlington.”

“Reston was always meant to be a planned mixed-use community per the vision of Robert E. Simon, Reston’s founder,” Messick wrote in an email. “Despite this vision, developers have desired to build endless new high rises, with even more on the way, if they are allowed to continue.”

He added that while Reston was meant to have some big development, it “was always meant to be relegated to the Reston Town Center.”

Controversial paid parking is another top priority for him. Messick said he would negotiate with Boston Properties, the owners of Reston Town Center, to end the paid parking there.

“I agree with Boston Properties that people should not be able to use their parking for free simply as a way to avoid metro parking, but the approach that has been taken has caused many people to avoid RTC altogether and has harshly hurt the businesses located there,” he said.

Other major issues he wants to address include:

  • alleviating traffic congestion
  • increasing affordable housing
  • allocating available funds to improve the county’s public school system
  • preventing pollution and protecting the environment

He is a recent graduate of Roanoke College, where he studied political science. His website says he has a “background in the facilitation of political campaigns” and “experience engaging with the local community through volunteering and being receptive to the community’s voices.”

Hudgins, who is nearing the end of her fifth term, was first elected to the board in 1999.

The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors will include a few new faces in 2020, with the recent announcement of Chairman Sharon Bulova’s upcoming retirement adding to the list of the supervisors leaving.

The election for the county’s Board of Supervisors will take place on Nov. 5, 2019.

Photo via Parker Messick for Supervisor

  • Scott

    You had me at, unseat Hudgins

  • 30yearsinreston

    Anyone who opposes Hudgins has my vote

    No more free houses in exchange for forced development

    Plum is the next one who should be opposed

    • Barbara Goddard

      Leave Ken Plum out of this !!!!!!!!!!!

      • Greg


        • cant read

          because everything is broken down in KP weekly blogs

  • meh

    increasing affordable housing
    allocating available funds to improve the county’s public school system

    Ah, so increase taxes. That’s where the (D) comes from I guess

  • 30yearsinreston

    The good news is that Bulova is “retiring”

    Not holding my breath

    • Mike M

      I suggest we watch carefully where she lands. I expect no surprises for the cynical crowd.

      • EliteinReston

        She lands with her family. She’s had enough.

        • Mike M

          BS! She is at the trough now and will go into overdrive. You think she was just doing us all a favor?

  • Tom Mccauley

    If Mr. Messick can support and facilitate increased lighting at Hunter’s Woods plaza, and state that extra lighting is not a pollutant or deters from the cultural and environmental ambiance of The Plaza, ie start small, he may get my vote.
    Good luck changing anything in the pipeline. Noble ideal; impossible to sway or impact.

    • 30yearsinreston

      Reston needs lighting so we can dodge the bikes

  • Arielle in NoVA

    Sounds great to me.

  • Chkitout1

    He has my vote!!!

  • johnson

    FINALLY! Thank you.

  • human whisperer

    a smiling candidate over a frowning candidate anyday

  • Gutchecktime

    Let’s see if Mr. Messick opens the flood gates for candidates who’ve been whispering their intentions to run but have been too timid to actually step forward.

  • Mike M

    Frankly, the horse is out of the barn and there ain’t no puttin’ it back. Also, how do you suppose you “increase affordable housing?”

    Still, if she runs I’d be pleased to see her dumped.

  • jvb11

    I commend Parker for running. For a long time I have felt that Reston gets left out by Fairfax County and we need somebody to stand up and fight. If Reston was incorporated it may not be as crucial, but it is. Thank you for your service Ms. Hudgins, but now it is time to pass the torch.

    • 30yearsinreston

      What service for Reston has Hudgins performed ?
      She practically destroyed Reston as a livable community
      The only thing she has accomplished is to set Reston on a path to an urban slum
      Her legacy of failure will follow her

      • James

        It’s laughable that you continue to call Reston an urban slum when property values have increased, the community is neat and tidy, crime is mostly a non-issue, and people are still flocking to live here.

        • 30yearsinreston

          Can you read?
          Your comprehension skills need work

    • Why do you bother?

      I just hope this kid is electable…

  • Rational Reston

    Happy to see competition.

    Sad to see the phrase “the vision of Robert E. Simon”, which is mostly a folly of a vision that is often cherry picked to suit certain views. It’s time we moved on from selected visions of the future from the 60’s.

    • cRAzy

      Why should we move from RES’ vision for Reston? It has suited us well for more than 50 years. In particular, he foresaw Reston PRC at 13 P/A maximum, that would allow 81K people in the PRC where there are now about 62K. It also leaves another 40K under the Comp Plan’s old Reston population cap of 120K (until the county took it out) in the station areas.

      Under the PRC proposal and current plan, we are headed for 91K people in the station areas plus up to 110K+ in the PRC. That’s absurd!

      • JoeInReston

        Because then the debate morphs from whats best for Reston to what would Robert Simon do (WWRSD), allowing politicians to create their own interpretation on what Simon wanted that suit their own interests.

  • EliteinReston

    Define “big development.” 90 jobs? (for our kids). 100? 250? What is wrong with Tysons and Arlington? (They helped lure Amazon, among other things) How do you stop a private company such as Boston Properties from charging for parking on property it owns? Reston IS part of Fairfax County. We’re a reliable block of Democratic votes for the Democrat-led board. #naive

    • Futuristic Gnome

      I think by “stopping big development” he means stopping the trend of exclusively building massive luxury condo towers and businesses that largely cater to the wealthy and ignore the wants and needs of middle to lower income locals struggling with high costs of living and a growing sense of alienation caused by the lack of accessibility to these new developments and their amenities. Boston Properties may own RTC but a county board should be able to at least have some influence on land use policies, unless their priorities are in profits and self interest. This has nothing to do with luring big names and jobs as Reston doesn’t and won’t have any trouble doing that due to its location. Growth and development are inevitable for Reston so we need people who are at least capable of understanding what is needed to make the transition into a more densely populated community a little smoother for all of us. It’s refreshing to see a candidate whose ideas actually acknowledge the issues that metropolitan areas face in the 21st century simply and clearly.

      • Greg

        Charging for parking on private property is not a “land-use policy.”

        And, in fact, the county is considering charging for parking on public lands in what is Reston and Tysons.

        Also, there are plenty of low- and moderate-income for rent or for sale properties in and around Reston. More so in Reston than anywhere else in the county.

        Moreover, every new Reston or Tysons development includes a large block of set-aside social housing.

        There always have been lots of inexpensive housing in Reston. The reverse is not the case and never has been.

        51 homes for sale in Reston right now below $350k.

        137 for rent below $2500.


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