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Rowing Fitness Studio Team Talks Plans, Parking for New RTC Spot

by Catherine Douglas Moran February 12, 2019 at 1:45 pm 5 Comments

A new rowing-focused studio in D.C. is eyeing Reston Town Center for its next location.

DC Row’s General Manager Brittany Brunch told Reston Now that the low-impact, full-body workout DC Row offers will be an appealing option for people working high-stress jobs, in addition to people already focused on exercise. “Northern Virginia generally has a pretty high fitness index,” Brunch said.

Like Reston residents, Reston Town Center has been established for a while, Jordan Newsome, one of the studio’s executives, told Reston Now. “We want to bring something new to them so that they come back out a little bit more [to Reston Town  Center].”

While Newsome and Brunch wouldn’t reveal the Reston location, they did say that locals can expect a pop-up near Reston Town Center before the grand opening.

The Reston location will offer similar classes to the ones currently at the D.C. location (790 Maine Avenue SW). Reston’s DC Row will cater to specialized groups, such as opportunities for corporate businesses to enjoy happy hours and gift bags after the classes and more time slots during the day for moms and pregnant women.

Like the D.C. spot, Brunch and Newsome said they want to get local kids involved. “Rowing is a collegiate sport,” Newsome said. “There are a lot of scholarships that go untouched every year.”

The controversial paid parking at Reston Town Center doesn’t have Newsome too worried.

“We are no stranger to paid parking,” Newsome said as he looked out of the window toward Main Avenue SW “The experience that we offer makes people want to come back, and they kind of seek out a way to get back. For as far as parking in Reston goes, I think it shouldn’t have too much of an effect on our business.”

Brunch added that DC Row is looking into subsidizing parking for customers at the Reston Town Center location.

No matter where DC Row goes, one principle stands out: “We really want to be apart of the community,” Newsome said.

  • Big Drop

    They have no fundamental understanding of what they may be getting into. Not just parking meters or a garage gate but a time consuming (3-4 minutes), intimidating and worthless app that may also be an intrusion on the privacy of those who use it. Then the question of why a suburban environment should have any paid parking since everything nearby is free. Should I mention there are now 13 vacant stores at Town Center, that every block has at least one vacancy?

    This is not Maine Avenue. We are a suburban location that Boston Properties uses retail and associated paid parking to negotiate leasing cost for it’s offices. I am guessing they want to throw in free paid parking as part of a lease deal. But not free parking to those who shop, dine and live-who give the character to where they are trying to lease space.

    With condo prices in some buildings reverting to mid 2000 selling prices and multiple empty store fronts Boston Properties, I believe, are risking everything they have built here.

    Someone in Boston has no understanding of this market, of our home town.

  • Why do you bother?

    YOU may not be a stranger to paid parking, Ms. Newsome, but your potential customers aren’t having it.

    • 30yearsinreston

      RTC is not DC
      Not even close

  • Mike M

    Narrow offering. Paid parking. Fail!
    Where do these people get loans? Must be government.

  • disqus_acUDoElSoK

    I highly doubt you are a potential customer or are half the people consistently complaining about the parking. It is free for two hours AND free ALL DAY on the weekends and after 5pm during the weekdays. I mean really. Do you not use an app for anything else? Pentagon City and Pentagon Row has been doing this for years. Cooper’s Hawk in Reston is mediocre at best and well, their parking situation isn’t ideal either.


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