County Wants More Money From LADP to Park Authority

by Karen Goff January 12, 2015 at 9:30 am 4 Comments

How much money Lake Anne Development Partners should proffer to the Fairfax County Park Authority is one of several sticking points as the county planning commission works towards recommending for approval the massive redevelopment project.

After a public hearing on Thursday, the planning commission said it will revisit the issue at the Jan. 22 meeting.

LADP, a division of Republic Land Development, was chosen by the county in the summer of 2013 to redevelop the county’s 16-acre Crescent Apartments site as well as areas adjacent to Lake Anne Plaza’s Historic District.

LADP’s plans for the area include 1,037 residential units, including replacement of the 181 affordable units at Crescent; 60,000 square feet of retail; a 15,800-square-foot grocery store; and 78,000 square feet of office space. The project will also have a 1.1-acre central park, an outdoor amphitheater, a bike share station and 12 public art works, according to the staff report.

The standard county rubric for fair share contributions to the Park Authority is $893 per resident. That means LADP should make a contribution of about $1.4 million, the county’s staff report said.

However, LADP says its fair share should be $100,000, paid in four installments.

“It is the staff’s opinion that what LADP is providing enhances the quality [of the area], but does not provide active amenities such as basketball courts or athletic fields,” a county representative said. “Their proffer is 7 percent of the recommended contribution.”

Lynne Strobel, the attorney representing LADP at Thursday’s hearing, said the developer’s application “is providing significant and costly improvements to Washington Plaza. Those are not unlike parks; they are public areas that serve the community.”

Strobel said the improvements to Washington Plaza total $1.2 million, so an alternative formula for LADP’s contribution should be used.

“The application of the typical formula that equals $1.4 million is neither fair nor justified,” she said.

Other issues that need to be worked out:

  • How Village Road will be vacated during the time it is realigned to provide better exposure and sight lines through to Lake Anne.
  • Square footage requirements for Land Units A and D. The county is concerned it will not reach its true mixed use goal.
  • The planned grocery store. LADP wants to market it for one year; the county thinks it should be a three-year project.
  • The county wants an $265,000 elevated walkway from the parking garage to the grocery store. LADP says it would provide minimum return on investment.
  • LEED certification for the grocery store building. Strobel said it would be difficult to get certification for the grocery store, but if a grocery store ends up not being built  they are willing to comply.

See the entire report on Fairfax County’s website.

In December, the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors approved comprehensive plan changes for Lake Anne-area revitalization.

Rendering of housing to be built in Lake Anne redevelopment/Courtesy of LADP

  • John Farrell

    Money profferred to FCPA will be difficult to spend in Reston as FCPA has very little land within Reston’s boundaries.

    Those funds should go to RA instead.

  • Reston Resident

    Is this the sort of extortion tactic that will bring this redevelopment to a grinding halt?

    • GB

      I doubt it. This has come too far to be stopped (the Arlington streetcar was a fluke). I’m sure there will be compromises on both sides and things will continue more or less as planned.

      What about contributions for FCPS? 1,000 residential units are going to come with some kids. Let’s try to avoid the over school crowding issue Arlington is now facing from developing residential areas without making corresponding developments to schools. Lake Anne is a great elementary school let’s keep it that way with proper funding.

      • Reston Resident

        Agreed on the FCPS comment and let’s hope you are right about this being too far along. Either way let’s plan for growth.


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